Dab mat

A dab mat (Courtesy of Dr. Dabber)

A mat made of non-stick material (often silicone) that is placed underneath a rig when dabbing. It is designed to keep the rig in place and protects the surface the rig is on. It also provides a place to manipulate sticky concentrates and rest dab tools. 

“I just bought a dab mat with my favorite cartoon.”

“My dab mat kept my rig from breaking.”

What is a dab mat?

Dab mats are designed to protect the rig and the surface on which it rests. Glass rigs have the tendency to slide around on a table, and a dab mat will help make sure it doesn’t break. 

Dab mats will also protect your surface from collecting oil and resin when dabbing. They also offer a safe place to put hot objects, such as a torch, dab tool, or carb cap. 

How to clean a dab mat

Dab mats are very easy to clean, as most are made of nonstick material. Soap and water is usually all it takes to get it clean. Isopropyl alcohol is useful if you are trying to remove a lot of sticky concentrates.