Geranyl, also known as geranyl acetate, is a terpene found in cannabis that emits a pleasantly fruity, floral scent. Studies indicate that geranyl boasts a number of therapeutic properties, such as antimicrobial action. Geranyl is present in high levels in cannabis cultivar Zkittlez, known for its fruit-forward aroma.

“The geranyl in this Zkittlez bud makes it smell super fruity.”

“Geranyl acetate is found in some cannabis cultivars, and also in geraniums, carrots, and coriander.”

What is geranyl?

Geranyl is a terpene found in cannabis and essential oils derived from plants including lemongrass, geraniums, carrot, coriander, sassafras, and citronella. The sweet fragrance of geranyl has been described as evocative of roses or summer fruit. 

Like all terpenes present in cannabis, geranyl contributes a unique odor and flavor profile to the plant. There’s also evidence that geranyl offers an array of therapeutic properties.

How is geranyl used?

Like many terpenes, geranyl has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diverse complaints including digestive problems and swelling. Western research is now catching up and exploring some of the therapeutic uses of geranyl. Emerging evidence suggests that it may exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

With its appealing scent profile, geranyl is commonly used as a perfume or cologne enhancer and in personal care products.

What are the benefits of geranyl? 

Like all cannabis compounds, the benefits of geranyl lie in its potential therapeutic applications. Research is still nascent and has largely been focused on in vitro and preclinical studies. Nonetheless, findings thus far suggest medicinal uses for a range of different conditions. 

Geranyl acetate may represent a powerful anticancer agent. A 2018 study demonstrated the antitumor effects of geranyl and geraniol, a similar terpene, on colon cancer cells. The two terpenes attacked cancer cells and induced cancer cell death using a range of mechanisms.

When delivered in high doses, geranyl appears to also relieve pain in animal models, suggesting that it possesses analgesic properties
Several studies have found that essential oil containing geranyl as a major constituent was successful in treating diverse types of yeast, bacteria, and fungal infections. Geranyl also appears to work synergistically when teamed with other antifungal medication, helping to stave off infection.