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Guaiol, also known as champacol, is a lesser-known cannabis terpene that tends to appear only in trace amounts according to lab testing. It is known to carry a sharp woody aroma similar to pine. It can also be found in the hard, oily timber of the evergreen guaiacum plant found in the Caribbean, as well as in coniferous varieties like cypress pines.

“It’s easier to find a strain higher in pinene than guaiol.”

What is guaiol?

Guaiol is a cannabis terpene that tends to occur in only trace amounts compared to more dominant terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Its sharp woody and sweet floral scent may lend to the overall aroma profile of cannabis strains that contain it. Also found in the oils of cypress and guaiacum wood, this terpene is unlike many others in that it has a liquid structure as opposed to being oil-based. 

Benefits of guaiol

The medical benefits of guaiol are not well studied, though the guaiacum plant from which the terpene is derived has a history of therapeutic use. More recent studies demonstrate that guaiol may have anti-inflammatory effects. Other studies show that it may have benefits when used in conjunction with other terpenes, including potential antiparasitic and anti-anxiety properties.

More research is needed to fully understand the therapeutic benefits of guaiol both in isolation and when combined with other cannabis compounds.

How to find guaiol

Because guaiol typically appears in such low levels in cannabis, it may or may not appear on a product’s test results and can therefore be difficult to find. Guaiol may be found in strains like ACDC, Cinex, Plushberry, and many others, though only in trace amounts. The only way to know whether a cannabis product contains guaiol is through a lab tested terpene analysis.