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Cannabis grown inside a building, under artificial conditions. This gives the grower more control over the growing process and what goes into the plant, but can involve lots of equipment and be expensive. 

“I’m willing to pay the higher price for some indoor because it’s usually higher in quality than outdoor.”

What is indoor weed?

There are two main ways to grow cannabis: indoor and outdoor. As the name implies, any cannabis grown inside a building is considered indoor, usually involves equipment, and can be costly in utilities. 

Cannabis flowers, or produces buds, based on how much light it receives on a daily basis. It needs 18 hours a day when in the vegetative stage, and 12 hours a day to trigger the flowering stage, when it starts producing buds.  

To grow marijuana indoors you need a light-tight room and an artificial light to control these stages. If any light leaks in, it can confuse the plant and ruin its bud production. 

When growing weed indoors, you may need fans, a dehumidifier, AC, or other equipment, which can run up your electricity bill. Indoor weed can usually fetch a higher price because it is more expensive to produce and also because it is of a higher quality.