Char or cold oil leftover in a nail or rig from dabbing, analogous to resin leftover in a pipe from smoking flower. As with resin, reclaim can be smoked, but it will be harsh and taste bad.

“I ran out of extract so I smoked some reclaim—it tasted terrible and burned my throat!”

Can you smoke reclaim?

Reclaim can be smoked but it will be harsh and not have much flavor; one reason many people choose to dab is for the flavor of dabs. 

To collect reclaim, you can either pour the water out of your rig and pick out the reclaim, or gently shake the water inside the rig to knock loose any chunks, and then pour it out through some cheesecloth or other disposable filter. Don’t use anything you cook with, as it’ll get very sticky. Let the reclaim dry, and then enjoy.

You can also melt out reclaim, by holding your nail upside-down over some wax paper while torching it. Once all the reclaim drips out, let it dry and you can dab it again.