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The 24 Best Dispensaries to Visit With Your Mom

Not all moms are newcomers to cannabis, but many have yet to visit a legal dispensary. These 24 picks across the country will make a great first impression.

3 Infused Margaritas You Must Make This Summer

We kick the margarita up a notch with cannabis tinctures in these three infused recipes: Classic Canna-Rita, Mango Mockarita, and Strawberry Cough-a-Rita.

Do Milk Makeup’s Face-Blotting Rolling Papers Really Work?

Milk Makeup's trendy $10 rolling papers can also be used as face-blotting papers. Are they worth the price? We tested them to find out.

10 Thoughts We Had Playing the ‘Hempire’ Mobile Game While High

We put ‘Hempire,’ a comprehensive marijuana growing game app, to the test with three Leafly volunteers. Here are our 10 takeaways from the experience.

Meet the Cutest #DogsofCannabis on the Internet

First used two years ago, the niche #DogsofCannabis hashtag has accumulated some of the cutest pro-cannabis pups on the internet. Meet our favorites.

These Are the 5 Best High Brunches in Denver

We visited the Mile High City to track down the five best high brunches citywide. Looking for the best bacon after a blunt? We've got you covered.

Does ‘The World’s First Cannabis Antidote’ Actually Work?

CannaSafety’s CannaRelief is a product that is touted as “the world’s first cannabis antidote.” But does it really work? We put it to the test.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your AirBnb 420-Friendly

There are many ways Airbnb hosts can accommodate cannabis-friendly guests, so we asked veteran hosts to share some of their best 420-friendly tips.

What Is AirBnb’s Cannabis Policy?

Travelers to legal states often turn to Airbnb for lodging that allows them to consume in compliance with local laws. But is this really allowed?

Who Is Tony Greenhand? A Day in the Life of the World’s Greatest Joint Roller

Tony Greenhand is the greatest joint roller in the world. Spend a day with him as he rolls us a 2.5-ounce smokable sculpture of Mike Tyson eating an avocado.

In Photos: The Evolution of a Tony Greenhand Joint

Tony Greenhand is the world's greatest joint roller. Watch his 2.5-ounce smokable sculpture of Mike Tyson come together in this photo gallery.

Benefits of Humidity Level Control for Cannabis

Learn the importance of proper humidity levels for your cannabis during the curing and storage processes, and find out how you can control it.

Are High-End Vapes Worth the Expensive Price Tag?

Discover if that high-end, luxury vaporizer you’ve been eyeing is worth the expensive price tag by looking at these three important criteria.

13 Fantastic Women-Owned Dispensaries to Support

The best way to close the gender gap in the cannabis industry? Support fantastic female-owned operations, like these 13 dispensary picks.

How to Prevent Mold While Storing Cannabis

Learn more about the causes and dangers of moldy cannabis, and find different ways growers can prevent mold while storing their products.

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