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Maximizing CBD’s Effects and Benefits: 5 Experts Weigh In

We assembled a panel of five experts in different areas of the cannabis space to weigh in on whole plant medicine and its impact on CBD’s benefits.

The Oscar-Nominated Shorts, Ranked by How Great They Are While High

The 2017 Oscar-nominated short films in the live action and animation categories are even better while high. See which shorts topped our cannabis-centric list.

Scaling a Cannabis Grow Operation with Pre-Made Grow Boxes

Learn about customizable, pre-fabricated cannabis grow rooms and how they can help cannabis grow operations of all sizes scale with the market.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries in America

Many cannabis dispensaries look a lot like normal retailers, but then there are some that make your jaw drop. Discover the most beautiful ones in America.

Video: Scale Your Harvest with Twister Trimmer

To learn how machine cannabis trimmers such as Twister Trimmer can help scale a cannabis operation, we filmed them in action at Kettle River Cannabis Co.

How Portable Vaporizers Work

Learn more about portable vaporizers including what the components are, the difference between types, and how to choose one that suits you.

Cedella and Ziggy Marley Share Holiday Traditions and Gift Ideas

Discover some creative gift ideas from Cedella and Ziggy Marley, and find out some of their favorite ways to make the holiday season special.

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Design: The Way of the Future

Explore how cannabis companies are using sustainable packaging designs that help avoid the unsustainable plastic packaging market.

7 Tips for Making Your Own Homemade Pipes and Bongs

Find helpful tips and hacks from the Leafly community for the next time you want to make a homemade pipe, bong, or another cannabis smoking device.

How to Pair Food and Drinks with Cannabis Terpenes

Learn how to pair different foods and drinks with cannabis to complement the flavor profile of each, and find pairing tips and recommendations.

A People’s History of Cannabis Consumption

From bundles of incense and clay pipes to glass pieces and the first ever vaporizer, learn the history of cannabis consumption through the years.

Three Lives Transformed by Post-Legalization Pardons of Cannabis Offenses

Learn the stories of three individuals whose lives were transformed by post-cannabis legalization pardons of their pre-legalization convictions.

How to Clean and Take Care of a Bong or Bubbler

Bongs and bubblers are a great way to enjoy cannabis, but can be a chore to clean. Learn some easy ways to clean them and keep them in pristine condition.

How to Choose the Best CBD E-Liquid for Vaping

Get the best bang for your buck the next time you’re buying CBD e-liquid for vaping by asking yourself these questions to find a quality product.

In Photos: What It’s Like to Attend a Cannabis-Infused, $150-a-Plate Dinner Party

Get a glimpse inside an exclusive cannabis dinner party crafted by three professional chefs in San Francisco, where a seat at the table costs $150.

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