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The 7 best cannabis strains for rainy days

Published on September 26, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Rainy day season is upon us again (to a greater or lesser degree depending on where you live), which means it’s time to break out some cannabis suited for the weather. The perfect rainy day strains will leave you feeling cozy, comfortable, and content to stay indoors all day long.

Each of the seven strains below fits that bill perfectly. We recommend picking up a few while it’s still sunny and tucking them into your stash box so you’re prepared for the next storm. That way, when the skies start clouding over, you’ll already have a silver lining to look forward to.

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Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG is one of the ultimate rainy day strains: This is true stay-at-home cannabis, guaranteed to slow your roll with a warm, heavy body high that curls over you like a thick woolen blanket. With its earthy flavor profile, Tahoe OG’s taste alludes to the scent of rain, and your high will last late into the evening.

“The taste? Well, it’s the woods of Oregon’s coastal mountain range after a fresh rain in either of the transitions between our two seasons. The high? It’s like a lazy Sunday during the colder, wetter & more windy season. It’s blustery outside, you got your super warm and cozy jammies on you and football on your TV. A fresh batch of chili is simmering away on the stove and it’s filling the warm air of your little home with it’s intoxicating aroma.” —DaGoat

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Double Dream

When a strain as good as Blue Dream meets something like Dream Star, only good things can come of it. Double Dream is a mellow, happy strain with invigorating floral aromas and a high that’ll let you stay inside yet still make use of your afternoon. Whether that means drawing or curling up with a cup of tea and daydreaming, we’ll leave that up to you.

“Ermahgerd, Derble Derm is mah fravrit stern. Body mellowed out properly while my mind felt elevated but very aware. I got a lot done while riding this wave. I wouldn’t take it before bed, not because you can’t sleep on it but because, why waste a day high like this?” —Doublepinkeye

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Berry White

If being cooped up inside makes you antsy, keep a bit of Berry White on hand for soggy days when you can’t work off your excess energy outdoors. That subtle physical anxiety may be replaced with each inhalation by alternating waves of physical relaxation and gentle euphoria. The strain’s flavor is a mix of berry and pine, which smokes beautifully as a bowl of flower.

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“I feel like I don’t have arms. I just really want gazpacho. I am so smart right now with filling out this survey. I feel like someone is warming my toes. Warm maple syrup. I want to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while eating chicken nuggets.” —hcazrellim

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Some really rainy afternoons call for just lying in bed and listening to the parade of drops pounding on your roof. Wrap yourself in all your blankets, then take a few hits of Romulan and burrow down further. Now close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the rhythmic music of the downpour, heightened into a crescendo by Romulan’s auditory effects.

“A strong body high with high couch lock, perfect for pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Makes me feel like someone is massaging my muscles from within my body; sometimes it feels like there is electricity tingling down my limbs. My favorite effect Romulan has is that it intensifies auditory stimuli and deepens appreciation for music.” —Arminite

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Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is your go-to strain for listening to several records in a row or bingeing the latest season of your favorite Netflix series while it pours. With a fruity mix of flavors (cherry, chief among them), this is a super stoney strain that’ll keep you comfy for hours on the couch. That said, you may also drift off to sleep if you take more than a few puffs at a time.

“Strong indica for sure with amazing fruity scents. Feels like you’ve been covered in a nice blanket and can calmly relax and fall asleep. Great for: melting into your couch and getting lost in music. Bad for: being even remotely productive or anything social.” —cedricganon

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If rainy days leave you feeling sapped, light up the Stardawg: There’s just enough zip in this Chemdog 4 x Tres Dawg cross to keep you chipper without bouncing off the walls. Its flavors are of rich earth, diesel, and pine, and its effects may be cheery, uplifting, and creative. If you have to go to work on a rainy day, consider sampling just a bit of this strain prior to grabbing your umbrella and heading for the bus.

“Stardawg is some seriously earthy stuff. With a slight diesel taste, this strain tastes exactly how it smells. It is very relaxing after a few minutes but also gives you quite a bit of sociability. The body high is pretty substantial after an hour!” —deadlightbulb

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Superglue smells sweet and foresty, tastes like the air during a heavy rain, and looks like fresh green foliage, pretty much matching the rainy day vibe in every way. Its high may be smooth and cerebral, leaving you in a comfortable headspace for anything from journaling to movie-watching to cracking the spine on a new book.

“I’m already totally squirreled-out on some movie I don’t even like and planning on the night’s music list while I paint. I’m 100% lucid yet fully aware that my body is buzzing and tingling and I still have that wonderful warm feeling of minor sedation.” —Bromeyer

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