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What’s the Average Price of Cannabis at Canada’s Retail Stores?

Published on October 17, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton, left to right, passes a bag with the first legal cannabis for recreation use sold in Canada to Nikki Rose and Ian Power at the Tweed shop on Water Street in St. John's N.L. at 12:01 am NDT on Wednesday Oct. 17, 2018. (Paul Daly/The Canadian Press via AP)

As Canada’s cannabis market explodes on day one of legalization, grams, ounces, oils, and seeds are finally reaching the mainstream public. How much should you expect to spend on the average gram?

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Check out our guide to Canadian cannabis prices, and ready your pocketbooks for a whole new world of elevation. Paid something different? Let us know your exact price point in a comment below or tweet us @Leafly.


Average price per gram: $7–$8

Alberta’s online store, albertacannabis.org, is listing cannabis prices at $10.79 per gram while eighths are clocking in at $34.96–$48.99


Average price per gram: $6–$7

Tokyo Smoke in Winnipeg is posting price points on cannabis grams ranging from $9–$16.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Average price per gram: $7–$8

St. John’s in Newfoundland had cannabis shops displaying $10.99 grams on their menus with pre-rolls pulling in $13.21 for 2-packs.


Average price per gram: $7–$8

The Ontario Online Store was selling $7.95–$9.75 per gram, with pre-rolls ranging from $10.35–$12.35 tax included.


Average price per gram: $6–$7

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To remain competitive against Canada’s current illicit market, the New York Times reported that Quebec shops plan to sell cannabis at around $7 or less per gram.


Average price per gram: $8—$9

Various sources are positing different price points on Saskatchewan cannabis. Jimmy’s Cannabis in Saskatoon offered $90 on 7 grams for one customer (above). Meanwhile, at Eden in Edenwold, reports of $18.99 grams are unfolding and retailer Fire and Flower has listed their cannabis at $13-$16 per gram.


Average price per gram: $9–$10

Yukon’s lone cannabis store in Whitehorse is run by the Yukon Liqour Corporation. Prices of cannabis vary from $6–$20 per gram depending on the value and “premium” standard of the weed sold.

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