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Toronto’s Dispensary-Targeting “Project Lincoln” Continues

June 30, 2017
Toronto police continue to make good on Mayor John Tory’s promise to crack down on the city’s illegal-yet-plentiful cannabis dispensaries.

Following last week’s coordinated raids of seven dispensaries and six residences in Toronto and six undisclosed locations in the Vancouver and Denman Island areas—which resulted in the arrest of 80 dispensary workers and the seizure of 250 kilograms of cannabis product and $350,000 in cash—this week brought the continuation of the operation known as “Project Lincoln,” with Toronto police re-raiding a Canna Clinic dispensary that was part of last week’s raids to arrest eight employees and seize a kilogram of cannabis product and nearly $5,000 in cash.

“It’s about enforcing the law,” Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash told Global News. “If people are going to persist in doing what we believe to be is against the law then we’ll continue to enforce the law until that law changes.” (And if Canadian citizens continue to face life-ruining criminal charges for activities scheduled to be legal within a year, expect the Supreme Court to be choked with constitutional challenges.) Stay tuned.

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Dave Schmader

Dave Schmader is the author of the book "Weed: The User's Guide." Follow him on Twitter @davidschmader

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  • Turner Kayston

    “It’s about enforcing the law,” Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash told Global News.

    More like, “it’s about fabricating crime” – making the streets unclean, circularly giving revenue back to gangs and other criminal elements and essentially, back to police (fabricated, criminal revenue) through ‘authorised crime’.

    Pushing this back to the streets only causes more problems, it’s such SSA-backwards reasoning and for the people to allow this bs, wtf?

  • Ken Crisp

    WTF is wrong with ” THE police !” its Mother Nature growing pure and natural out of the earth ! ITS HARMLESS for cryin out loud !. The STUPIDITY of the world shun pot, while they suck on Cigarettes and swallow Whiskey like its good for you ?????????? LEGALIZE and keep it under control with dispensaries !!! the taxes help the community and keeps it out of dealers !!!! Whats wrong with that ?????