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6 Ways to Save Money by Making Your Cannabis Last Longer

November 2, 2017
6 Ways to Save Money by Making Your Cannabis Last Longer(rgbspace/iStock)
Every time I get to the bottom of my cannabis jar, I find myself thinking, “Damn, I already smoked all of that?!” Don’t be like me—there are ways to make your cannabis purchases last longer between dispensary visits, and as long as you have some self-discipline to make minor adjustments to your consumption habits, your wallet will stay a little bit fatter.

Here are a few pointers on how to ration your green, both cash and cannabis, and still get high.

Buy in Bulk and Distribute It Evenly Across How Many Days You Want It to Last

I purchase halves (half an ounce, or 14 grams) because they come with the biggest price break. In a perfect world, I’d be able to make that last 14 days, but joke’s on me, I usually make it about eight. However, if I were smart about it, like you should be, I’d take that 14 grams, break up the nugs into 1-gram quantities, and store them in one of those S-M-T-W-T-F-S pill boxes that your great-great-grandma uses to keep track of what pills she should take and on which days.

If you want to conserve your cannabis and make it stretch, that’s what you should do. Set the standard. Be my role model.

Skip the Wake ‘n Bake

We all love a good wake ‘n bake because you get that special kind of high that rides with you throughout the whole morning, and sometimes even the whole day, but there’s still no better time to smoke than at the end of a long day when all of your responsibilities have been taken care of.

Instead of using your cannabis for the wake up/bake up, stash it away for the late night roll-up and thank yourself later.


Cannabis isn’t making you lazy, your bad habits are

Scoop Up a One-Hitter/Chillum

I have, and will always, be an advocate for the one-hitter. I don’t know the science behind it, but a couple hits sometimes get me just as high as a few tokes off a blunt. $10 for a couple one-hitters per month to make your cannabis stretch for a few extra weeks is a very worthwhile purchase.

Browse Chillum Products

The same goes for a chillum, which is just a one-hitter that lifts weights twice a day. A one-hitter will give you a couple hits then be cashed out, but a chillum bowl will push out four or five, maybe even more if you corner the bowl just right. Either, you’ll definitely be where you need to be.


How to Corner Your Bowl of Cannabis

Glassware Is Your Friend

Glassware is one of your best friends when it comes to conserving cannabis. A bowl a day keeps the empty jars away, ya know? If you’re trying to save money, pick up a little pipe for $15. They’re a lot easier to clean and rejuvenate than one-hitters, and you’ll use less cannabis than you would in a joint or blunt.

Pick Up a Pipe

Speaking of which…

Smoke Fewer Joints/Blunts

The average joint/blunt will cost you about half a gram at the bare minimum. My roll-ups usually hit for at least .75 grams a pop. If I smoke 2-3 times a day, then that’s *does the math* way too much green wasted in a day. Like, yeah, I got stupid high enough to kiss Mars on the lips, but I could’ve done it in a more efficient manner.


What’s the difference between joints, blunts, and spliffs?

Don’t make my mistakes. If you’re trying to make your green stretch, maybe only smoke blunts/joints on the weekend. Or only once a night. It really all depends on how often you smoke, but if you’re an everyday smoker who’s trying to be more efficient with how much you’re buying, slow down on the joints and blunts.

Cut Off the Mooches

I know sharing is caring and the whole mission of the culture is to bring people together, but you can’t let everyone be Moochie Norris out there just because they’re your homies. There’s no one worse than that friend who always pops up with empty hands and empty pockets when it’s time to smoke. Cannabis gets pricey, and if you’re trying to make it last then using less in more strategic manners is key.


Do You Know These Stoner Superstitions About Cannabis Rules and Etiquette?

You’ll never be using less if every time you plan on loading a personal bowl, it turns into you having to load multiple bowls or twisting up a bunch of blunts/joints because your friends keep scavenging your stash. You wouldn’t let someone just eat all of your food without ever contributing a dollar or at least a slice of pizza to the cause. Treat your bud with the same respect.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • Elminster

    Cut off the mooches…LMAO ….#1 way to save anything.

    • Ivan van Ogre

      These are the leeches that show up for the pizza after your true friends helped you move.

  • Cowtown

    Surprised a vape was not mentioned.

    • Highway 69


    • AnotherUser

      Yes. Instead of watching your precious weed burn up between tokes on a joint,
      a good vaporizer will pay for itself in no time. I use mine (a simple, no-frills Arizer Solo) about 4
      times a week to help me sleep, and a gram lasts me several weeks.

    • Dmember

      Yeah…like the vapcap from Dynavap…makes things very very economical!

      • Ivan van Ogre

        $75 for the ‘M’ and it will last you the rest of your life.
        Plus with this vape-cartridge poisoning thing going on vaping
        the herb itself is about as safe as you can make the inhale process.

  • blackandwhiteohana

    This is a list that only a Trump Chump would follow…

    • Mike_Scarborough

      Because Trump Chumps are wrong about everything.

      • Dmember

        MAGA! Trump rocks! Hallelujah!

        • Mike_Scarborough


  • Mike_Scarborough

    You didn’t say anything about avoiding combustion. You can get upwards of three sessions off the same bowl, if that bowl happens to be a ceramic heating element. Fire destroys more THC molecules than it activates. Vaping does the opposite.

    • lovingc

      I have found that saving the vaped material will extend the usable product, in that after the vaping process there is plenty of material left to make oil for baking. First time I did it I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of my magic cookies! These I use for sleep.

  • Arielle Minczeski-Leigh

    I’m a stingy smoker. I smoke alone and in return I don’t ask anyone if I can hit theirs. Call me selfish but like Smokey said on Friday…” you didn’t pour in on this. Man!!”

  • Réal Guy

    I’m so deceived by all those web sites focussed on cannabis, they keep popping out in google only to make me realize how badly distorted this whole farce has become a source of distrust, failing to mention VAPORIZATION when the announced topic demands it, for example!

    The logic of a click-click economy just eludes me entirely i guess, since i’m from the past and this is supposed to become our future! Not to mention plain propaganda on every TV channel i can tune in, euh… More « Divide to Conquer » by the “community” itself, which simply proves to me that Justin Trudeau has been very successful in turning even the pro-cannabic consumers into self-vilifying automatons working for the enemy.

    Quite frankly looking for comforting news tonight is only going to leave me with a profound sense of disgust, like MiniHarper must have signed a secret deal with some other type of omnipotent “organized crime” that ceased control even before elections day, euh… Ha, now i remember: LPs, in Québec there’s only been one for a few years now and it happens to have been a pioneer in defining the non-detection threshold of a BANNED pesticide called myclobutanil. Considering the Washington list had 200+ pesticides to choose from i can only imagine LPs are scrambling around to build non-detectable pesticide synergies where 1 chemical trace will escape any radar while the soup shall deter parasites away. WITH ZERO CONCERN FOR VAPORISTS.

    No need to be professional cultivators anymore: lets just spray “en masse” (using the non-detectable soup…) is their new succe$$ recipe, until those who haven’t been taken hostage by a bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist system are joined by those who will come to conclude that systematic pesticide use in Trudeau’s mari-caca only serves one purpose:

    V I L I F I C A T I O N

    Why? M’well because for a spineless self-serving politician it’s less risky in electoral terms, in other words they cover their sorry asses 1st trying to put as much distance as possible between them and “bannalization”, in the public eye.

    Just a couple days ago, right on French-speaking national TV i saw and heard the news presentator vaguely mention the Jean-Pierre Bony / Bony Jean-Pierre incident without ever actually pronouncing his name, nor even the name of Christian Gilbert who performed the fatal shoot using a “plastic” type of weapon, about which i finally managed to discover that he was already manipulating such alternative weapons in 2008 (!), if memory serves me. In any case that “detail” wasn’t brought to public attention last year, hours only from April 1st… In other words i mean it’s impossible for a professional shooter to have been trained all this long and yet prove that he didn’t read the manufacturer manual, which appears to recommend a minimal safe distance, etc., but none of this resurfaces ever even months after the SPVM-GTi agent was scheduled to be judged in a justice court for his abusive behaviour. Months later the lady’s staff could have searched for relevant information to communicate as an update, but no, she still came back with the “popular riot” in Montréal “noir” story. On SRC, not to name it! Distributing propagada even when an artist known to justin passed away, his name being Gordon Downie… Going back and forth between Trudeau politics, the artist, back to more politics showing him sheading a few tears for his “friend” in Ottawa, then some more on the artist only as a pretext to jump on the subject of aboriginal politics, so we could be shown both Trudeau and the deceased sharing a same stage… Etc., etc. Actually that was so blatant even my old aunt wasn’t gullible enough not to notice that: PROPAGANDA! A mari usque ad mare…

    They keep talking about the “dangers”, the “science” even, while i yet have to read one word on the semi-secret “ADDICTION” symposium simultaneously held at the Marriott hotel in Montréal and also at Niagara-Falls for English people, 2 more days… The fact that Marie-Ève Morin actively participated as a resource person didn’t attract any attention, nor the passage of Kevin Sabet and Nora Volkow the year before. Nada, or my TV was turned off that day! But then where are the other mass-media editorials on such self-serving people, knowing for example that the doctoresse was seen at TLMEP on SRC at premium time explaining that *her* “re-hab” center will somehow help an “addict” in a matter of only 5 to 7 days – which is yet another farce because either that’s quite too long for a sane mind or else it’s way too brief for an already challenged individual who would overdose on coffee anyway. Worse, she was accompanied by a so-called activist name St-Maurice who once seemed very close to Justin, politically, and yet already complaining that it’s not fair taking away the fruit of his 20-some years of hard labour… In other words 2 of a same kind, with no counter arguments to speak for *us*, truly and without divided fidelity to the facts.

    Always talking about money and taxes. Forget vaporization unless it’s selling with a heafty over-inflated 500 ~ 700+ $ price-tag, Volcano style…

    Why not give up and advertise the next frenzy instead: a fresh-new Canuck piss industry free for “healthy” entrepreneurs to take over.

    Did i say i’m feelling disgusted already?

    So, on such a small planet as ours how come does a man who’s duty was to type an article on « ways to conserve » still manage to avoid this most basic topic of the consumption method, including the healthier ones?? If not to play the self-vilifying automaton himself, which inspires me despair!

    But then i realize the click-click industry behind demands controversy to fuel emotional attachment. Raising yet another web site to the same distorted heights as CBC/SRC and whatnot.

    M’well, i’m shocked. Plain and square.

    Good day, have fun!!

    • abie cee

      Sorry for you.

      • Réal Guy

        I was obviously in a bad mood day judging by the lengthy text, i’ll recover after a few tokes…

    • Wesley Worden


      • Réal Guy


        A 4-letters game?


        More hints required?

        « …consumption method… »

        Still in the dark?? Lets try this simple minimalist formulation:

        Volcano = Hot Dry Air Ovenizer

        Why criticize the venerable Volcano? Because i’m sick & tired of recommendations based on the highest price-tag available instead of design – which i consider fundamentally flawed (in this case and also in quite many more popular products alike, actually)!

        How so? M’well, even at 500+ $ the owners may still need to deal with Trudeau’s pesticide-laced mari-caca from current LPs (recently myclobutanil from Hydropothecary!), for example… Consequently the concept should integrate/embrace “Harm Reduction” techniques besides aiming for the buzz and hence i came to the conclusion that Hot Dry Air Ovenizers generally fail to offer the best possible option in all situations: their extraction method relies on deep cooking even through vegetal tissue.

        A safer/healthier scenario would assume trichome glands represent a significantly lesser potential for contamination: after all that’s where genesis of the noble molecules is taking place. In other words i expect those glands to accumulate “purified” goodies in comparison to the rest of a plant containing systemic pesticides, etc. With that in mind i find hard to justify spending 500+ $ when a 100 $ alternative pulse-mode solution can leach trichome contact-surfaces with heat bursts so brief there’s just no time for it to equally thermalize inside the less noble substrate. In addition a Volcano redirects a user’s attention on paraphernalia filling a balloon for 2 ~ 3 minutes at the end of which the “locomotive” effect finally kicks in: e.g. the urge to empty a bag once full, which effectively promotes “abuse”.

        A vaporist pipe operating in pulse-mode doesn’t require a 300+ mg bowl just to enjoy fine aroma/taste appreciation, not to mention a relative absence of baking ultimately giving access to THCv. Etc., etc.

        Yet i’m ready to bet the Volcano will be 1st to be publicized after being approved for “medical” Canuck cannabis consumption simply because those responsible for such decisions most likely don’t like cannabis anyway, which means they’re clueless and that’s how they end up relying on cost instead.

        Briefly put, money is the worse contaminant of all…

        • You guys are overworking this. Smoke a joint and chill.

    • Back off of the Sativa Brother. Try a Hybrid.

  • Liz May

    Trump Chumps Rule.

  • Mr. Lucas Brice

    Who knew? I can make my stash last longer by smoking less often. Thanks for the tip! This never occurred to me. I was able to use the same logic to figure out that if I eat less, my weekly food bill will go down. This is amazing!

    • Namaste

      Food bill? Sounds like a weight loss program – lol.
      It’s your basic cannabis diet.

    • Rose Green


  • Bramael gnome

    Try getting stoned then hide small nugs in various containers and places all over your living space. Next day see if you can find one, repeat. If you did it right, you’ll forget one or two and you’ll find it when you most need one. Lol.

    • Ivan van Ogre

      Just don’t do it with edibles. I did and by the time I stumbled across those Plus Gummies (while
      I was looking for something else) they were months old, dried out and had about half the buzz left.

  • Don S

    good job Dante,article def made us chuckle along with you😜✌🏼

  • Dmember

    What’s a chillum? Def. didn’t help.

    • Ivan van Ogre

      Google Image.


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    • Rose Lemar

      Dr Peter Hurt get it through to me here in new york today with some CBD Cannabis Oil and meds discretely and very fast i vote for him 100% . Thanks to you Nfor for linking me up with Dr hurt , he is legit love you Dr my pain and anxiety is now 80% free . Get him on #(804) 537-0917

      • Nfor Johner

        CBD Oil/THC is the ANSWER. I am 48 years young and I have several pains and anxiety No more PHENOBARBITOL or DILANTIN 6 pills a day-Thanks to Dr Peter Hurt for their top quality highly efficient CBD oil. 1 drop under my tongue twice a day and the glaucoma go away. I will do everything within my power to educate people about CBD.Text/Call # (804) 537-0917

  • NooNoo Bugg

    Why didn’t he mention GRINDING? And vaping? I can think of more/BETTER ways to preserve your cannabis. I was a little let down by this article.

  • That is not the central issue here. The high cost of bud is attributed to criminal government over reach. Address that and the problem is solved. After all you are not writing about conserving your brown rice are you?


  • Nathan Alexzander

    Im a legal Oregon grower and ive recently had to cut off several Moochers! I did my math and I gave away almost 3 fucking ounces! Guys those women are really pretty and i get it, just give it to those that share with you, A GIFT FOR A GIFT!!

  • I don’t think there’s much interest in this thread. Everything is from a year ago. I guess all the methods discussed, worked !!!

  • Linda Vee Sado

    One hitters are best for me anyway. Easy to clean poking a pipe cleaner thru them

  • Edibles!!! 1 oz of bud will last me about a month. One oz of bud dry iced to get kief from the plant, cooked into either candy or coconut oil will last be about 6 months using every day.

  • Dehart Connections

    check out www dot cleversmokes dot com