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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Bargain Cannabis

Published on May 3, 2016 · Last updated September 26, 2022

April 20th is officially behind us, leaving fond memories of blissful celebration and cannabis consumption in its wake. Although the holiday has come and gone, there’s still one thing you can enjoy post-4/20: bargain cannabis deals.

Dispensaries make sure to stock their shelves with lots of extra inventory during the month of April in anticipation of the 4/20 rush. Many of them turn their unsold product into bargain cannabis deals. From shake ounce specials to top shelf BOGOS’s (buy one get one free), there’s bound to be an enticing deal at a dispensary near you.

So what are we to do with all of our newfound loot? Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your cannabis or create a product that will last much longer than its current shelf life, here are five ways you can transform your bargain cannabis purchase into something great.

1. Make Butter for Edibles

Butter on cutting board

What better way to make use of that big bag of bargain cannabis than to throw it into a batch of butter? Even if the quality of your product is second-rate, the butter you make is bound to saturate whatever cannabinoids are present. Butter is an easy way to get started with edibles as it gives you a pre-infused base ingredient to work with. It’s also relatively easy to measure, making it a preferable option for dosing recipes. Making edibles requires a good amount of starting material, so bulk deals are perfect for this one. Even a good deal on a 1/4 ounce will land you with enough to infuse a recipe or two.

Recipe: How To Make Basic Cannabis-Infused Butter

2. Make Rosin

Cannabis flower, straightening iron, and wax paper

Many dispensaries offer specials on shake or popcorn nugs. These slightly less aesthetically desirable products are still packed with flavor and can make a great solventless hash oil. Using the rosin technique is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to turn cannabis and hash into a dabbable full melt hash oil. You can get started with a basic hair straightener and some parchment paper. Lots of dispensaries offer bargain deals on hash products that can also be pressed into rosin. The versatility of this method makes it a great tool to keep in mind when shopping for deals.

How to Make Rosin

3. Make Cannabis Capsules

Woman holding capsule

Like butter for edibles, canna caps do not require superior quality cannabis flowers, but they do require quantity. Canna caps are a fun project to utilize when you have an extra inventory and want to get the most out of the cannabinoids while leaving the less desirable plant material behind. Coconut oil is a fantastic agent for making cannabis capsules and this DIY project doesn’t cost much.

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If you go the extra mile and buy a capsule making kit, you may have to shell out a bit more up front. But all you really need to get started with this project is some coconut oil, a package of 00 gelatin capsules, and a double boiler or slow cooker. A bit of lecithin doesn’t hurt. The whole project takes just a few hours and leaves you with a handful of potent caps to be ingested after they’ve cooled or stored for later.

How to Make Your Own Cannabis-Infused Capsules

4. Make a Tincture

Cannabis tincture

This is another terrific way to utilize bulk cannabis deals without having to worry about the quality compromise. Tinctures have a long history of being a highly preferable method of ingesting cannabinoids, though their popularity took a steep decline with prohibition. With the rise of cannabis legalization, tincture enthusiasm has made a vigorous comeback. Tinctures can be as easy or as complex to prepare as you want them to be. In the most basic concoction, tinctures can be made with nothing more than some cannabis and a strong drinking alcohol. If made correctly and stored properly, quality tinctures can last for years. Whenever “too good to miss” deals pop up on bulk cannabis, think tinctures for the long run.

The Great Wide World of Cannabis Oil and Concentrates

5. Make Joint Art

Man holding cannabis cross joint

Never has there been a better way to utilize a solid bag of shake than to twist up a few joints to enjoy. The great thing about having extra inventory is that you can afford to let your creative side take the wheel with some joint art. Something as simple as trying to roll a cross joint is a great way to use a bargain bag of shake. Get creative and experiment with different styles of rolling. Grind it up and roll away!

Cannabis Science 101: The Physics and Chemistry of the Joint

Image Sources: Patrick Bennett and Mr. Smoke n’ Toke via Flickr Creative Commons

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