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Pot quiz: Do you know delta-8?

Published on December 16, 2021
(Illustration by Joshua Titus / Leafly)

Delta-8 products flooded the cannabis market in 2021. The increase in popularity is largely due to the fact that people can get them more easily than THC products—sort of.

The delta-8 cannabis compound can get you high similarly to delta-9, which is the form of THC found in most cannabis. But whether or not it’s legal is a tricky question. Delta-8 is legal in certain states but not all of them, and the compound is not necessarily legal in states that have recreational cannabis laws. As for the Federal government, it still hasn’t made up its mind on whether to prohibit delta-8 or not.

The delta-8 compound itself hasn’t been fully researched and its legality could change at a moment’s notice, but until we get more federal direction, we put together all the current information on delta-8 in the quiz below.  

Brush up on your delta-8 knowledge with our article series featuring information about delta-8 products, delta-8 safety, and more:

Think you know delta-8?

Test your knowledge of delta-8 and take the Leafly pot quiz below. 

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