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What Are Popcorn Cannabis Buds?

January 19, 2017
What are Popcorn Cannabis Buds?
Popcorn buds, as the name implies, are buds just about or a little smaller than popcorn. These are usually B-grade buds that don’t have the bag appeal of large, lustrous A-grade nugs. One of the nice parts about popcorn buds is their intermediate position between budget cannabis and high-quality bud. The potency of popcorn buds should be on par with, if not slightly lower than, A-grade buds of the same strain (by the same producer).


What are the strongest cannabis strains?

If you already enjoy and appreciate the quality of cannabis created by a particular producer, do them and yourself a favor and purchase a packet of tight nuggets at a discounted price. The producer gets to share and sell their entire lot of flower and you get A-grade potency at a B-grade price.

Ways to Use Popcorn Cannabis Buds

Use popcorn nuggets to press rosin, increase the potency of your edibles, or to roll/smoke/vape. Popcorn buds might not pop in the package, but they taste and feel nearly identical to their more expensive counterparts.

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Jeremiah Wilhelm

Jeremiah Wilhelm is a former strain researcher at Leafly.

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  • K_Man

    IMO, “popcorn buds” tend to have a better herb to stem ratio than a bag of crown nugs.

  • Daniyel Ras Tafari Drummond

    So can you explain Kahn or Khan buds?

    • K_Man

      “kahn buds”… Sounds like someone mispronouncing “crown” buds… Crown buds are at the top of the plant, being at the end of each stem. They are what people take photos of to show off their plant, almost the opposite of popcorn buds 😀

  • Sitkajo

    I think that smaller buds and also shake have an increased ‘highs to dollar’ ratio compared to large buds.

  • KARNAGE420

    BAHAHA I wish the places around here had different prices for the small buds! Once they get near the end of the bags you get what you get and its the same price,