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Why Does Cannabis Cause Paranoia in Some But Helps Anxiety in Others?

October 30, 2015

Most people can recall a time they got way too high and experienced a bit of a paranoid episode. Sometimes it manifests as mild worrying, and other times you find yourself in the fetal position at the top of a Doritos pile dialing 911 because surely this high will be the death of you (true story, guys). Paradoxically, others use cannabis as a tried-and-true way to annihilate their anxiety. Even PTSD patients are using medical marijuana to treat stress and panic symptoms with remarkable rates of success.

Why does marijuana have such a polarizing effects on fear and anxiety?

Cannabis and Brain Chemistry

When it comes to cannabis and paranoia, it’s literally all in your head. Cannabinoids (such as THC) bind to receptors throughout the brain, many of which are focused in the amygdala. The amygdala is involved in emotional processing, governing responses such as fear, stress, and paranoia. When THC acts upon the amygdala, it modifies the neural communication for better or for worse.

THC can overexcite the neural pathways and lead to anxiety and paranoia, especially in individuals who are new or unaccustomed to cannabis. The mechanisms by which this happens are still unclear to researchers, but the body’s endocannabinoid system seems to be full of hints.

Put simply, our body contains receptor sites that are not only filled by marijuana’s cannabinoids, but also by naturally-produced compounds called endocannabinoids that act a lot like those compounds found in cannabis. Shortages of these endocannabinoids have been observed in brains that have been exposed to excessive stress and trauma, which could explain why THC has a relaxing, anti-anxiety effect in some people. In theory, cannabinoids from marijuana replenish these regulatory compounds, resulting in a therapeutic effect. This connection has been pertinent in PTSD studies and could hold promising implications for other mood disorders as well.

Pre-Existing Anxiety Affects Your Cannabis Experience

A 2009 review of anxiety and cannabis studies concluded that “frequent cannabis users appear to have higher levels of anxiety than non-users,” and that “a considerable number of subjects developed anxiety disorders before the first symptoms of cannabis dependence.” That led researchers to believe that anxiety-prone people tend to use cannabis as a self-prescribed anxiety medicine, opposing the idea that cannabis is what’s causing the anxiety.

While these cannabis use trends are helpful in understanding broad behavioral tendencies, researchers acknowledge that anxiety is highly individualized based on a number of risk factors:

  • Genetic vulnerability
  • Personality
  • Gender
  • History of paranoid episodes
  • Presence of anxiety disorder
  • Basal anxiety levels
  • Abstinence states

And when you throw cannabis into the mix, a few other risk factors emerge:

  • Frequency of use
  • Dose
  • Cannabinoids
  • Set and setting

While anxiety is no doubt unique and nuanced in every individual, researchers noted that regular users tend to see a decrease in anxiety whereas occasional and new users were more likely to experience heightened paranoia. Anxiety was also more likely to occur in high doses of THC.

It’s impossible to say how cannabis will affect you personally unless you’ve already tried it for yourself, but understanding what biological and environmental factors are at play can certainly help guide you to a better experience.

How to Avoid Cannabis-Induced Anxiety and Paranoia

If you’re susceptible to or worried about cannabis-induced paranoia, fear not – there are ways to prevent, even counter, that anxiety. Here are just a few tips:

  • Try a low-THC and/or high-CBD strain. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that combats anxiety and counteracts THC’s psychoactive effects, resulting in a calmer and more clear-headed experience.
  • Go easy on the dose. Smoking and vaporizing offer better dose control than oils and edibles, so consider starting there if you’re worried about getting too high.
  • Find a comfortable place. Set and setting is pivotal to the experience, so get to a happy place to reduce panic and paranoia.
  • Partner up with the right strain. Every strain has something different to offer on a chemical level, so keep track of which ones worked for you. Sativa strains tend to deliver racier, high-energy effects while indicas tend to be more relaxing.

Need a strain recommendation for fighting anxiety? Read up on Leafly’s “Best Strains for Anxiety” or browse the full list of user-recommended varieties in our strain Explorer.

What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety?

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  • Derek Lovell

    Great article! This is exactly what I was searching for! I have been experiencing anxiety from smoking weed lately and I feel it’s because I need to only use an Indica strain or a strain with higher CBD. Very informative and thanks again!

  • Ase Saleen

    I used to smoke a long time ago and would randomly smoke here and there but never got into it again because the paranoia. I realized it was caused by too much smoking. So I would take one hit and enjoy. Next day one. Next day two and gradually started enjoying the peace it brings me and the people around me.

    • NYDogWhisperer

      One hit works well for me also..more than two and the paranoia sets in. Also freezing cold.

      • Germz

        I too get that freezing cold feeling

  • Love Monkeys

    I used to smoke a lot and always had paranoia.

    • Brent Mur

      Ying and Yang Everything with moderation… But I love thc excess the anxiety, racing effects and paranoia… there is something about the mindset change.

      • Lucy Sarmiento

        From what i’ve read, the unwanted terpenes and cannabinoids in weed can reach your CB receptors before THC and cause these side effects. THC is a molecule that eases anxiety and stress associated with panic, that’s why weed can be so frustrating sometimes, it’s unpredictable. Try smoking an oil that polarizes the thc or is high in thc %.

        • Sebastian Scott


        • NYDogWhisperer

          How would this manifest itself in medical marijuana? Can the pharmacist control this?

      • marino cunha

        bro it’s yin yang

    • Josh Derickson

      I was the same way. I was introduced to marijuana to help ease my anxiety, but the times that I did try it I was just introduced to worsened anxiety and paranoia. But, I did eventually run into a medical cannabis company called Quanta, they make cannabis oils where they energize the THC to block the bad stuff in the weed that causes bad side effects. I’ve been smoking Quanta now for weeks and it’s done wonders for my stress and anxiety. Check them out, hopefully this helps!

      • Laura Ertel

        I just looked them up and they only sell in California. Apparently they have a machine that claims to take all the bad side effects out of cannabis oil. Looks interesting.

      • NYDogWhisperer

        If pot ever become legal in NYS I will go to this type.

      • jaye VBellis

        Josh can you give us/me more advice about the best ways to access medical cannabis? I did not smoke MJ until my freshman year in college as I was very much against the Lib Leftist drug culture of the 1960s when I was in high school.

        When I smoked MJ as a freshman in college – it was great! I was so at peace and could hear music in special ways. I was also excellent in certain sports like frisbee and basketball.

        But then after a year it all changed and smoking MJ was unpleasant and I was very paranoid and couldn’t speak right. I haven’t smoked for 30 years.

        Some friends in the late 40s that I respect tell me that light MJ smoking is good for them now and helps them drink less. Can you give us/me some tips.

        • John Roman

          Lib leftist drug culture is still bad for you. Stay away from pot or you’ll turn into a happy gnome.

    • Sebastian Scott

      dont smoke alot then or use a high cbd

      • Matthu

        how about using a cbd only product whilst smoking like a tea.

    • Maria Grüner

      Why dis you keep smoking if it gave you paranoia?

    • Justlisten (Official)✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Thaattts mee 🙂 lol

    • Enrique Alex Vogt

      How old were you and were you trying to hide it?

  • xedni

    Some of the links are dead. Can you provide updates sources (specifically for

    • colvin

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  • Boki

    I have tried almost every drug.Don’t know why,but “downers” would every time make me feel good&totally So I was even addicted to xanax,of course with a lot of beers.-I felt like a king,had no fear even if Nick Diaz would come I would kick his ass. LOL :)) ohh that was before almost 8 years in my 20.’s years of age. Even then I was hanging with very tough and serious people when i Discovered dope – best feeling EVER even I was unsure,fear,anxiety-but we were “chasing the dragon” – never fuckin shootin..fukin needles.What I’m trying to say that all friends and people (same like now..even more but the prizes are higher) started smokin weed,and I was like wtf??! I did not understood why they smoke some grass that makes you “laugh”,so I took only one deep puff – anxiety,rapid heartbeat,then the paranoia,I runned on the street to take fresh air…but It get even worse…I thought I’m gonna die…suddenly a good friend came after me and starting calm me down,and he succeed I was still anxious but normal heart beat..finally END of PARANOIA !!! That was the worst day in my life.And I said to myself…never again fukin weed ! Who knows what would happened if my friend didn’t came?So Imagine an addict on dope(5 levels higher risk,planing where,how to meet,signs,codes..Always some big dudes ,every day a knew fukin sim card or cell phone-To make it short,what I was doing is few levels higher and riskier business than these weed users.Everybody can sell weed,bot not everybody can be in the dope business,cuz one mistake and ur in Jail for 10years or snitch and you’re dead or without a leg…choose !
    – I just want to explain what I was doing,and how my mind was kinda mad ( (because to feel so great and relaxed like “floating on a cloud” by smoking dope+I had so much to go trough,all my effort etc…) .While my friend is sitting home and smoking weed with so little risk,so much cheaper. and is “floating” on his not fair ! After I quit all the dope shit,that’s behind me now on pvt party with much people and all smoking weed this guy said to me I’m gonna give a great weed that suits you…some Indika he said,…that night I was feelin calm cuz I took 2 diazepam I tried this indika …and it was completely different from ALL weeds I smoke…and like he said–it suited for me perfect !!!! After that I said only indika,indika, but people would not answer me or..they have it no more…why? What is so special about indika weed?

    Pleeease ….I would rather smoke that kind of weed than taking valium for anxiety and depression.

    • Channelle Torres

      Dude that describes my life EXACTLY. I hate that i had to go through so much shit chasing dope to feel good and calm and just NORMAL when it was so easy for my boyfriend to just buy a gram of weed for 10 fuckin dollars and it would last him 2 days and he was high and calm just like me but for less money and bullshit! But i couldnt smoke weed cause it made me so paranoid i hallucinates and was put in a fuckin crazy house for 3 days! ONE gravity bong hit fucked me uo for days. Since then ive been so scared to try weed again but i did because i kept hearing how great it is for anxiety and the 3 times i tried were almost equally as awful. I had heart pounding anxiety and i could t think straight, i felt out of body and just weird. I HATED IT. Luckily i was able to calm down and sleep it off but it wasnt enjoyable for me in the least bit. Now im on methadone and looking for an alternative to all of these chemicals and j would love to be able to actual enjoy the benefits of marijuana and after reading your post im going to give Indica a try this weekend and im praying i have results similar to yours. Thanks man!

      • Tek

        Methadone is synthetic Bullcrap. I never understood how people quit opioids with more manmade drugs on low dose. Maybe you should try more of a natural strain of cannabis and avoid all the hybrid high grade cannabis. If you can find regs smoking small amount could possibly help you. Most people smoke too much or drink too much. take it easy and see how it helps you out. Hey tell your lazy pothead bf to buy seeds high in cbd and grow your medicine for you lol. Easy to do with patience.

        • Boki

          i would say absolute the same about Suboxone! . Even more synthetic “smart pill” Oh.Kill me!!Stupido!!!-
          No I quit with weed.It’s just not my joyride…u know…not my cup of tea. Beer & Simpsons on my couch is all I need. :))

      • Boki

        Thanks….i know i knoow…ur like myself.But don’t feel that u NEED to smoke marihuana just because almost every addict or ex addict is on marryjane too,u get me ? All my friends smoke it an get high,I don’t and they know that and it’s all ok. Everybody has his own “joyride”…a type and way of putt your brain on a “holiday” :=). Tell me how was it when u ‘ll be tasting the Indica ! enjoy !

      • hugo

        I live in CA so the strains over here can be very strong! Don’t give up on Mary Jane! You just need to know how to treat her right. Don’t take no gravity bong hit, don’t take a really big hit because you’re at a party, and you fall under peer pressure.

        When smoking or vaporizing (those are the best to control), take an extremely quick hit. Like less than a second. See how that makes you feel (It could take about 5 mins to start feel something, or not). If you don’t feel something from that quick hit after a few mins, try taking the same fast hit again. Remember to try Mary around people you can trust, and if you’re alone, take an even shorter wiff from my first advice. When you do start feeling something after taking my advise, you should start feeling the euphoric feeling like Xanax, Norco, Percocet, etc. The only difference is that you’re not going to be stealing money for another hit from the Ye Yo!

        Good luck. I”m going through some shit right now, that I should take my own advise, but I’m falling through the rabbit hole, and I still don’t want to climb up yet. Cheers!

      • Boki

        Where have u been ? How’s the story with Indica ? 😀

    • Kami

      it was a high cbd low thc indica probably, yup they are great, super rare in illegal states.

  • Russian Bot


    • Boki

      one of my best friend is smoking weed ….uh for about 20 years 4sure but on a regular basis.Every day.He’s older than me,but the last time I was at his home I had to say it because in my town are not 43 year old maryjane smokers !?? I mean,I sead to him look man dont play with it…some kids bring them weed and he pays,but I said to him : u have to stop man…I mean you0re to old 4 that wanna risk jailtime when will u STOP ?? Damn!? And yea,he’s a big 150kg fat guy who’s looking only for more .,and he’s so fukin lazy !!! And he admitted that he is addicted to cannabis.What have we here. ??? o pa pa ! I know he will never stop,but he don’t see the real picture. Hi lives with mom,has never,NEVER worked in his life…is taking dozen of medications he did himselfs all the mental disorder cuz he never goes out in the city..a freak ,unemployed.But he’s lucky his dad was in war and i conc, camps. tortured . Annd because of that the state gives his mother the fathers war pension (which is big)…after his mom dies,then he will be in BIG trouble and end up on street- But stupid frend don’t get that !!!!

  • Matthu

    try using a cbd only product like a tea or lollipop whilst enjoying a smoke

  • My Name 2

    Basically THC triggers paranoia and CBD helps offset it. That is why CBD has become so popular recently. It helps so many more people who cannot have the “high” or paranoia associated with weed

  • Steven Stallings

    I have schizophrenia and anxiety they give me an addictive diazepam for stress I’ve quit smoking for 7 yrs and anxiety is again increasing I need cbd or indica paranoia is its illegal for the region

    • Kenny Hotz

      CBD isolate drops from Infinite CBD or buy the isolate alone and add it to coconut oil or MCT oil. I am not very THC friendly and this stuff has been life changing for me with PTSD and a panic disorder and my uncle who has anxiety due to schizophrenia and many others for sleep, stress and anxiety, everyone I give a sample to loves it. I but it by the ounce to make for people now. Less than .1% THC(its tested at .03%). Legal in all 50 states. Photo Dabs has some good isolate also, look for a 25% discount code on the net or they have sales a lot.

    • Day

      Please don’t use a serious condition to sell your marijuana….. cannabis is serious seriously making people very paranoid…… mental illness is not a joke.

    • Boki

      Same here…Because of my past “dop life”,mostly people know my situation.I have heavy depression return (it’s not clinical….but almost so they said.It goes and comeback like a rebound effect), unstable personality disorder (This stupid psychiatrists here in East Europe are dumb…everybody thinks it’ “another” disorder,one even said I got ptsd.) If I would go to a shrink in USA ,I’m sure they would say you have: ptsd,unstable identity or multiple id disorder,and a clinical depression. What is a “heavy depression with return effect” ??! Damn !!
      Anyway….I lost my topic,I’m not trolling…I will try first Indika weed but as your advice,Hugo…first only a few very short quick hits with my vapor device.

      I hope u all guys are ok,and are floating on your clouds….:))

    • eric

      avoiding gluten also gives some amazing results for people with your condition

  • Kyler Allemang

    Hi so I have been smoking weed for about two years now and about a month ago I just started to feel anxious & paranoid asf. I would get hot and cold I almost felt like I was frying or super drunk. My heart would start racing and I would feel hella sick. I couldn’t do anything to make it better sides sleep it off. But I knew I was just high. This is the first time this has happened to me. I just don’t understand how I can go from taking half gram dabs to no even being able to smoke a bowl. I was wondering if there’s anything solutions to help me. Maybe straight Cbd but I’m almost scared to cuz I hate feeling like that.

    • Nfor Johner

      CBD Oil/THC is the ANSWER. I am 48 years young and I have several pains and anxiety No more PHENOBARBITOL or DILANTIN 6 pills a day-Thanks to Dr Peter Hurt for their top quality highly efficient CBD oil. 1 drop under my tongue twice a day and the glaucoma go away. I will do everything within my power to educate people about CBD.Text/Call # (804) 537-0917

      • Jayden Jones

        What CBD oil do you use that is so powerful you can only use 1 drop. I have Crohn’s and take 25 drops (Elixnol) at once…it’s equivalent to 37.95 mg…Crohn’s however was under control prior to taking this so, don’t know the effect positively it may be having. I was taking and will probably go back to Blue Bird Botanicals 6x strength and take 15 drops, which is the same equivalency.

        • NYDogWhisperer

          Jayden, I had a crohns profile and it was cured with VSL#3 probiotic. I currently use another brand of probiotic now just as good. Village Vitality.

    • Kami

      same exact thing happened to me bro , now i only take 1 baby hit of a dry herb vape and i end up chopped. any more and i have severe pannic attack

  • The NodFather

    “frequent cannabis users appear to have higher levels of anxiety than non-users,”

    “researches note that regular users tend to see a decrease in anxiety”

    Which one is it?

    • R J

      Your first sentence pertains to Sativa (creates anxiety-paranoia via->higher levels of THC) while the Indica CBD creates the calming effect from what I’ve been reading. 🤔

      • NYDogWhisperer

        I obviously need the Indica.

  • Diana Anthony

    You forgot to include the very real factor of cultural violence toward cannabis. While the scene is slowly changing, our current administration has ratcheted generalized anxiety to the stratosphere (will he loose the nukes ?) then add the doofus attorney general Sessions’ ignorance and hostility toward our plant and you’ve got a recipe for high anxiety. Everything happens in context.

  • Phillip Andre

    It’s been year’s, I had ups and downs on Paranoia LOL , So Now ive done my own studiesOn Leafys, So what I did, I took a Hell of a long list of Marijuana Strains that has No Paranoia Effect, From Indica/Sativa/Hybrid.. So Far No Paranoia Effect, Thank Goodness For Leafy, It’s Thousands of Strains out there, So Far I know about 19 Strains… Good to Go

    • Adam

      care to share your list?? That would save us alot of time haha

    • NYDogWhisperer

      If you can PM the strains you are referring to I would appreciate it.

      • eric

        Hi did phillip Andre supply you with the strains ?

  • ken

    These newer strains with higher levels of thc are so potent i cannot smoke them at all

    • CLK1

      You should try some of the High CBD strains like AC/DC its very low in THC and High in CBD so you get a body buzz that is totally different, but the main thing is try moderation to stay away from the bad buzz…

    • Adam

      Have you considered using a vaporizer? That way you consume much less thc per session. For example I would smoke a bowl in 3 hits and get uber high (more than I liked/needed). I bought a boundless cfv vaporizer. Now that same small bowl lasts me 15-25 minutes of vaporizing and I vaporize in 5-10 minute increments so I don’t get ever get hit by a wall of anxiety. Instead it’s a perfect build up and I stop whenever I reach the desired high, no surprises/insane anxiety, even with the really potent strains being produced these days (so now I save more weed, another plus lol)

      • Boki

        Adam ! You’re my hero. Please can u say where can i buy stuff for vaping? Any website? Is Indika the right choice?

  • John Little

    I have to drink a shot or two of alcohol before I smoke and even then no more then 1 or 2 hits. It might have something to do with my age as I smoked just about 24 7 for a decade in my younger years and never drank alcohol.

  • John Little

    The little brown pills medical marajuana are awesome…Nice mellow buzz that grows and grows. NO paranoia

  • Deborah Tibbenham

    My ex partner has been smoking strong cannabis for over 20 years . First the resin – then weed then stronger skunk . He has anklosing spondylitis – his hips and neck have fused together and he is not very Mobile . 6 months ago he started accusing me of having a sexually transmitted disease – sleeping with 4 ( yes 4 other men ) called me a liar – a sex worker – and left abusige threatening messages on phone . He kind of snapped overnight . Twice he tried to strangle me so that’s when I told him to go . He was a living with a girlfriend now but I still have abusive messages . His mother was admitted to a mental home in her 40s . Do you think he may have paranoid personality disorder with psychotic tendencies . ? I am fearful of going out on my own as I have been chased in a car – followed – and shouted abuse at . Help

    • NYDogWhisperer

      I had two boyfriends both of whom went nuts from either smoking or taking LSD. Same symptoms in one of them that you describe..very scary. The other has finally been stabilized and is lucid and happy but his art work is very different and I don’t like it anymore. He was an exceptionally skilled artist and musician and is now a long way from that after all the mental stuff triggered by mind altering drugs. Must have been a chemical problem before he started the drugs.

    • William

      Please see 02/2013 Nat Geo article re: pain. A guy with AS got stung by a bark scorpion; AS pain gone and remained gone 2 yrs. later

    • Mohamed Khashaba

      sorry you had to put up with that

  • Gary D. Neitzke

    Observing this over decades, in myself and in others, it seems that which a person experiences paranoia about existed in their mind before consuming cannabis

    • Boki

      Well said,and it’s true.

    • The police will not disappear,even in the thickest smokeclouds.They`re still there somewhere,waiting for the right moment to strike.
      And with the enhanced telepathic abilities that cannabis offers,there`s always the risk of showing up on the radar of a psychic police officer.Believe me,i have been there.:)

  • Boki

    Can anybody help me to find some internet sites,where you can buy maryj? Or for vapers liquids ,the cbd ? I’m a vaper and it would be great to have a place where I can buy my favorite juice with cbd so that I can vape and enjoy. Oh,one very important thing!- I can’t stand ordinary weed…cuz I get very anxious,fear,rapid heartbeat,etc. ! But once a friend gave me one to try (he said this is a sativa or smth like that,I wont get paranoid) so when I took a hit …..WooooW ! I felt,like I have taken 10 diazepam pills+ a few xanax.So I smoked his one joint with 2 friends.,and the more I took the more relaxed I was,confident,secure,…just AWESOME!! No anxiety,rapid heart beat- nada ! Then he said that this weed is called Indika. From that day…gosh I’m chasing this Indika because I wanna trough Indika get off the methadone hell and get myself together.Does anybody can help ? Please…It would mean a lot to me.

  • Matthew Klein

    Like most articles on this site, well written and very well presented.

  • Ventureshadow

    You missed the usual answer why. It is that THC habituation causes rebound symptoms to appear when THC levels fall. Rebound symptoms are early withdrawal, and they usually consist of the opposite the initial effects. The initial effects are relief of nausea, pain and anxiety. The rebound effects are nausea, vomiting, pain and anxiety.

    • William

      As an ex medical opioid pain patient, and having ingested ganja for 50 years; pot does not cause what you are saying; opioids can; Vshadow; wtf are you talking about?

      • Kami

        it can if you use multiple times a day for months and them stop, but this artcle is about the anxiety some people get right after consuming

  • NYDogWhisperer

    Wow. This is one of the most interesting articles I’ve come upon to explain my bio-chemical reaction to smoking pot. I’m so grateful to have this information and a solution as I begin medical marijuana for pain.

  • Daniel Martin

    Afghan Kush cannabis seeds is one of the best strains to help settle paranoia and discomfort. Unlike other strains, Afghan Kush won’t play with your thoughts or feelings. Instead, you can count on this strain to ease you into a gentle relaxation. This strain is best used at night since it has pretty potent indica effects that will sedate you. Afghan Kush is also widely used for the treatment of insomnia, but can also help with lack of appetite, depression, stress, and pain.

  • I wouldn`t get paranoia if cannabis was legal. The high from cannabis enhances many things.Reality being one of them.
    I would love to smoke cannabis in a country where it was legal.

  • ForbiddN

    One thing not mentioned.. getting high from marijuanna taps into your subconscious mind.. the paranoia stems from fears that have been pushed back, they come up as a result to “face them”.. the fear/paranoia becomes magnified as if its really real, when its just you traveling those thoughts in your mind. A lot of the times its things we’ve actually been paranoid about before but never really explored why. Marijuanna is a healer.. it allows us to see ourselves unfiltered, deep in the subconscious mind.

  • Mitch

    I smoked the other day and ended up in the ER worried that people in FedEx trucks were after me. This is the third time in two months I’ve had a paranoia attack and second time I ended up in the ER. This is after years of smoking without incident. I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones.

    • nanajosh

      So far pure CBD works for me. High THC I end up vomiting and staring off into space but less worry I’ve noticed. Like it took away my phobia of vomiting while I was vomiting.

  • Kareem

    To everyone who suffers from anxiety and paranoid from smoking weed..there is a particular indica strain called forbidden fruit..ohhhhhhh myyyyyy smells soooooooo wonderful and taste soooooooo all thank me later now you hear..enjoy

  • jeyy

    I have been smoking for over a month now, and THC does not give me anxiety. In fact, I do better on the sativa strains (Tangerine Dream being my fave so far). I did it a few times to make sure it was not in my head, but it is true. My husband bought an indica strain, I was ok mostly, but it knocked me on my butt and I had low energy (not good, as I have a history of depression and low energy)….anyway….I was mostly ok, but I would have brief instances of panic. Not the case with Tangerine.

  • Heather Lynn Wiese

    I tried an edible last night for the first time in 8 years. When I was a teenager I could smoke and feel pretty good. Maybe slight paranoia. But this time I also had to call 911 because I thought I would die of fright. Once that thought popped in my head there was no unthinking it. I got numb in my abdomen face and arms, and started breaking out in cold sweats. I was forgetting to breathe so I was dizzy. It felt like a heart attack was imminent. Even after the paramedics told me my heart was fine and left my house, I was in fear for my life. I got in a hot shower for almost an hour and started to get control of my mind again. I will never do that again lol

  • Taher Almurisi

    Start with strain high with CBD then hybrid then THC. And go slow in your smoking sessions will be fine