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The best cannabis strains for anxiety

June 3, 2015
(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Everyone experiences anxiety differently—thankfully, there are many different types of cannabis strains to match this diversity of anxiety symptoms.

Before using cannabis to take the edge off anxiety, it’s worth first familiarizing yourself with the different types of strains available to determine which sounds best for you:

  • THC strains are the most common. They produce the euphoric high associated with cannabis. While some find THC’s intoxicating effects to be relaxing, others may be sensitive to them and find that they actually worsen anxiety.
  • CBD strains are less common, but they’re highly recommended for anxiety relief—especially if you’re new to cannabis or seeking little to no euphoric high.

After determining whether you prefer THC, CBD, or a mix of the two, you can take your strain search to the next level by exploring different terpenes—the aromatic compounds in cannabis that imbue each strain with its unique scent and possibly, to some extent, effects.


Got anxiety? Study finds cannabis strains to try, or avoid

As you go through this list and experiment with different strains, take note of which cannabinoids (shapes) and terpenes (colors) your body gravitates towards for anxiety relief. That will make it easier to identify the types of strains you should (or shouldn’t) try going forward.

And last of all, we encourage you to keep your doctor in the loop if you choose to use cannabis therapeutically, especially if there are treatment or medication interactions to consider.


acdc cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: CBD-dominant

CBD takes the wheel with ACDC, guiding you toward a calm and centered headspace without that strong cannabis high. Find space to relax and breathe and as you inhale and exhale the soothing gifts ACDC has to offer.

Find ACDC nearby

Granddaddy Purple

granddaddy purple cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

Granddaddy Purple eases you into a peaceful mindset while urging your body to release all that stress and tension. Sink in and let a blissful mindset take over.

Find Granddaddy Purple nearby

Jack Herer

jack herer cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Terpinolene, caryophyllene, pinene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

If you can’t seem to find a positive vibe in any corner of your mind, consider Jack Herer, a strain with warm, bright effects that can help illuminate your happy place. Many find that Jack Herer provides a mood adjustment without taxing your much-needed physical energy, making it a worthy consideration if anxiety strikes early in the day.

Find Jack Herer nearby



canna-tsu cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Not enough data

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD

Not everyone wants to get stoned out of their gourd every time their anxiety symptoms flare up. Luckily, there are strains like Canna-Tsu that offer gentle effects that are easier to manage. Find that peaceful mindset without the worry of overdoing it with too much THC.

Find Canna-Tsu nearby


jillybean cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

Jillybean manages to walk the fine line between energizing and calming, giving you a sense of balance in your day. Inhale the sweet taste of citrus and breathe out all that tension in your body.

Find Jillybean nearby


remedy cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid profile: CBD-dominant

Remedy is a no-frills cannabis strain with one purpose: to walk you calmly through your anxiety toward a more peaceful mindset. A few puffs of this aptly named CBD strain can help you reach a sense of lightness in your mind as the burden of worry lifts.

Find Remedy nearby

Purple Urkle

purple urkle cannabis strain

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene

Cannabinoid profile: THC-dominant

Your head’s resting on the pillow, but inside, thoughts won’t stop bouncing around. Enter Purple Urkle, a pacifying strain that can soften anxiety while guiding you into restful sleep.

Find Purple Urkle nearby

  • pounce

    If only I could get some.

  • dene97

    I made the mistake of buying an ounce of girl scout cookies. Half a joint in, I knew I fucked up.
    Made me instantly irritable, jekyll and Hyde style. After smoking an eighth over the course of 2 weeks, I finally gave the rest to a friend. Never again.

  • Dan Schack

    Is there a popular bud that is not in the English language? Because my supplier cannot figure out how to read the word or even spell it and so he calls it “???” But that is not good enough for me. He claims there are “øßçžõå” type lettering (i’m using hyperbole here so please do not take that literally) Anyway, does anyone have Any information to try and solve the mystery of the unknown (awesome) bud?


    I used Cannatonic in making a tincture using Vodka and Hemp oil. It decreased the pain in my back due to nerve damage, but, I am subject to anxiety and Cannatonic increased my anxiety exponentially. I had to stop using is because the anxiety was so bad it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I am on the search, again, for pain relief without creating the anxiety.

    • Gator B.

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble finding the right strain, more accurately, the proper hybrid strain that would give you the relief you deserve so much. I had a similar problem, I was sure that my symptoms would be best mitigated by a straight sativa strain. WRONG! 😀 I’ve been a weedie for most of my life and I admittedly didn’t think marijuana could relieve my neuropathic pain not did I give it any credibility to ease any anxiety. A friend gave me a product called cheeba chews (Sativa) They are made in Colorado and used an independent lab (before it was required). That day changed my life and my belief structure in one dose, giving me the only day in over 17 years when the nerve damage pain didn’t have me thinking about how much longer I could handle the pain without giving in. I didn’t get all paranoid either! While visiting Colorado, I found a highly knowledgeable dispensary who was of monumental help in understanding the proper strains my malady would respond to.I only wish for one thing from marijuana advocats, please STFU saying that weed cures cancer & the other ridiculous bullshit like it. You people might be single digit IQ holders but don’t bring the rest of us down with that idiocy. It’s no miracle drug, but it has a surprisingly high number of viable uses.


      Have you tried Harliqin? I have anxiety and thats a good one. And if the thc makes you anxious then dont smoke. you can eat it raw without activating the thc. I just read about it. Hopefully you find something that works

  • Penelope Michelle

    Last time I smoked was about 15 years ago & felt very claustrophobic, like being stuck in quicksand, mind racing & body not keeping up. Is there a strain that won’t do this but give me energy to clean the house & paint a masterpiece?

    • Andrew Goss

      No weed will turn you into some perfected form of yourself, but it can definitely be a good tool to remove things that are blocking your progress. Major things that can cause the effects you describe are a mix of high THC, low tolerance, and a deeper-rooted nervousness in your situation. I would recommend talking to a doctor or pharmacist about what strain would be effective for you (if you have the option), doing some hefty googling, and get a comfortable weed environment. Either pick people you’re super comfy with to invite to the sesh, or make a chillout zone where you can escape and put your mind where it’s healthiest and in control.

      Weed might not give you the energy to paint a masterpiece, but it can definitely help you practice your craft!

      • DrB3

        “I would recommend talking to a doctor or pharmacist about what strain would be effective for you”

        Really? I’d be interested in knowing what kind of pharmacists and doctors you know. They aren’t any of MY colleagues, I know that much. I have to say, as a whole, most of us don’t know jack-crap about it and that’s what brought me here.

    • Lauren

      Sativa is probably what strain you had. Northern lights, berry white, blackberry and blue berry indicas work best for my anxiety. Side effects, giggles, munchies, relaxed.
      Can’t drive on it though. Which sucks. Gummy edibles are terrific but use to sleep and start with half. It will knock you out. But totally worth it. Anxiety be gone. Good luck. Anxiety aaaannd ptsd is the worst. I wish no one suffered. I don’t want to live my life in fear. Lots of luck!

  • carolina Abah

    Marijuana takes away anxiety . get some from

  • Josh Derickson

    Ever since a few months ago I have avoided marijuana. From my college days, all I could remember was worsened paranoia or anxiety. I hated being “stoned”. But, with my anxiety and chronic fatigue, a co-worker convinced me to give it another shot. It wasn’t a strain or a weed flower, it was an oil in a cartridge that was attached to a battery and was vaped. It’s called Quanta, and I’ve been using it almost daily ever since. Back when I used to see the warning signs of an anxiety attack I would take a xanax. Now, I take a puff from my vape and I feel almost immediate relief. I really hope someone in a similar position as I was sees this and gives it a shot. I was a non believer too once upon a time!

    • Brett Davidson

      I looked up Quanta and their Facebook page and website says they aren’t for sale yet?

      • Elise Roche

        If you’re in the LA area you can join their collective. I believee they are being sold in dispensaries starting in June

      • Douglas Pierre Wilson

        Back when I smoked in my college days, I didn’t understand that there were actually vastly different strains. I find the “anxiety/paranoia” happens more with sativa strains that give you more “mind high”. I would suggest going with an indica strain for more relaxing.

        Alternatively, you can do the vape OR you can try pure CBD honey like

      • WALLY O

        because he was a commercial

    • Payton Jett

      It’s really about the amount you take – I microdose and the sativa I take works for my anxiety because I don’t get so much that the paranoia gets going. Start low and go slow. Find your perfect strain. It really comes down to the perfect strain and dose. You can make almost any cannabis work for you with those two things in mind. Good luck!

    • WALLY O

      you sound like a commercial

      • Adam Carriedo

        If it works it works…who cares what he sounds like…,

    • Lauren

      I’m weening off benzos and have a medical mj card in my state. Wow…….totally helping after being on klonopin for 8 years. (remember if anyone sees this that never stop taking benzos at once, you need to taper or you will get seizures like I did.)

      but i totally agree.

      • Denny Ryan

        Holy cow I wish I had seen this a year ago. I found out how horrible the effect of long term benzodiazepine use, 8 years for me also, and I went through 4 months of extreme agony. I am in process of trying different indicas for non anxiety producing relaxation and pain relief. Good article & comments.

        • Lauren

          I found northern lights worked the best for me. Blueberry kush and BlackBerry kush too but they are hard to find. Girl scout cookies are supposed to work but it didn’t for me. Berry white works great too, i believe it is part black or blue berry and northern lights, which is why it is white. Really helps me not use as many benzos. But, you want indica aka in da couch, not sativa. So you are kinda lethargic and you get munchies and can’t drive. But it is better than docs trying to lower the benzos and give you no other option than up other meds that is too much for me. Good luck.

    • Mclaughlin Andrew

      For me marijuana is the best medication for anxiety and other illness. They are several strains better than xanax bars for the use of anxiety. You can get some from marijuanahousenv .us without any issue.

    • Mclaughlin Andrew

      For me marijuana is the best medication for anxiety and other illness. They are several strains better than xanax bars for the use of anxiety. You can get some from marijuanahousenv .us

  • ךɳҲ ɐщɐɓ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is awesome and helpful. Thanks to Bailey Rahn for compiling this article. I’ve always hated the effects of marijuana because I’d get increasingly nervous. While I thought that was linked to the various US state which lives in tyranny; now I realize it was most likely a garbage product. It’s fantastic to know there is so much more to all of this. As we begin to experience more decriminalization, more sufferers of various anxieties can finally use marijuana products to manage them. It looks like Granddaddy Purple or Cannatonic would be a good match for me. I think I’m too sensitive to THC and require a balance with the cannabinoidal properties.

  • Stacy Alexander

    I have smoked weed for 30 years. (I’m 41, started at 11.) I used to just smoke for the enjoyment, but I did have mild anxiety. When I was about 20 I got super high and had the worst experience! The room spun, I vomited, and I was extremely paranoid. Fast forward a few years. I now have a plethora of mental health issues (I had most of them back then, too, but was undiagnosed) including extremely severe anxiety to the point I’m on disability for it. I also have IBS, chronic pain from herniated discs in my neck, and back, and a neurological disorder (idiopathic intracranial hypertension) that causes headaches (non stop for years), dizziness, vertigo, nausea, and pain (ears, face, eyes, all down spine, arms, shoulders). Ever since the bad reaction at 20 it only takes me a small amount to get high, and my experiences have been hit or miss. Sometimes it helps me relax, others (like right now, which is how I found this article) it increases my anxiety a LOT. Recently it seems to be doing nothing but increasing. I had almost given up because it’s so horrible, but I really miss the relief it gave me from anxiety, pain, upset stomach, etc. So I tried again, but it’s bad again. I wish I knew something else to do, but I’m thinking it just won’t help me anymore. 🙁

    I always buy indicas to avoid stimulating effects, and I choose the ones that say they’re good for anxiety. Recently I’ve tried Purple Berry, Pennywise, and Shark shock.

    • CLK1

      I too share your anxiety issues. I micro-dose to keep down the anxiety, but have found now that the CBD strains are the best, but don’t get you as high as the others. Painkiller is a strain that is very high in CBD and Low in THC that will allow you to smoke and keep down the Anxiety, but again, moderation is key, if you try to smoke any weed too much because you don’t feel high enough you will probably get anxiety all the time. I stay away from the 1:1 CBD/THC strains as one or two good hits and your back with the anxiety. I am slowly getting more used to the CBD strains and can take more and more all the time, so its a process, you just have to start out small… Hope that helps…

      • Stacy Alexander

        I actually do only smoke small amounts. 2 – 4 very small hits. Most avid weed smokers think it’s hilarious. They say “that can’t possibly get you high”. Well, I’m not really looking to smoke myself stupid. Lol. I did that enough when I was young. I just want a little symptom relief.

        I have never tried Painkiller. I will have to check it out.

        Thank you! ♡

    • Rob jones

      Stacy, I am the same way with pot minus all of the disorders you have to deal with. I just have severe anxiety and I found when I smoked weed it set me up for a panic attack. I loved the sensory euphoria it gave me but hated feeling the doom or panic. Then other times I would have the most therapeutic experience, I learned something. It is all about strain and tolerance.

      I have learned what my dose is and I dose myself strictly also I only smoke a handful of strains.
      What helps me is one pull of a joint, or rip of a pipe or two pulls from a vape for an initial dose, wait an hour and then have more as needed. Don’t just smoke until you feel high because by then your only going higher than you want to be which will set you off.

      Strains that I trust and will only smoke; (I have tried hundreds more) Dutch Passion’s “Strawberry Cough” Dutch Passion’s “Orange Californian” and CBD Crews “CBD Skunk Haze”.

      These 3 strains is all you need to have you enjoying cannabis stress free at least in my experience. They are strains I find come on light and gently build so you don’t even notice how high you are until you find yourself laughing about it. When normally you would be panicking or pacing with the sudden change in your mental state. But you have to grow it yourself or have someone grow it for you. So you know what your getting is authentic. Seeds can be purchased online discreetly, just a google away growing a couple of plants is easy and safe good luck!

      • Stacy Alexander

        I only smoke small amounts. 2 – 4 very small hits. Most avid weed smokers think it’s hilarious. They say “that can’t possibly get you high”. Well, I’m not really looking to get blitzed. Lol. I just want a little symptom relief.

        It probably does have to do with strains. I have no way to grow it myself, or have someone grow for me, but I only buy from dispensaries.

        Thank you for your suggestions about strain! I will check them out. ♡

        • Eva Diaz

          that is how i smoke to.
          I medicate not abuse

    • egret

      Hi, are you smoking anything that works for you. I have somewhat similar problems: chronic depression with lots of anxiety, CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome), IBS. I’m on 3 antidepressants/mood stabilizers and Valium for my mental problems, Tramadol and codeine for my pain and some stomach meds for my IBS. I’m completely new to weed, haven’t even tried it and I’m 35 years old. I’m thinking there’s this magical strain that could fix all of my sickness but from reading your story I might be wrong. Do you have anything to recommend?

      • Dustan Johnson

        Honestly, just going through the list of strains of what relief is associated with each one is a great start. Make a list of what has potential benefit for you and then visit the shops with your list. The budtenders will try to help you out, so be clear about your effects that you want. You absolutely must remember that everyone’s body chemistry is a bit different due to any thousands of factors that are unique to you, so you will have your own experiences with each strain. As mentioned before, start low and go slow. Since you would have a list already prepared, that list will be good to update with YOUR own responses to each strain as you try them out. When I lived in Oregon, I came across a few strains that I just loved and kept those notes until I left. What I ended up discovering is that I get marvelous results from marinating my own flower in butter and then baking something with it. I get the full complement of the plant, my back pains are muted, my brain chatter gets muted, and everything is just great….especially music..

    • BaTsHiT_cRaZy

      Please read up on 1) CBD; 2) micro-dosing cannabis.

      Use PubMed for reading abstracts on the use of CBD and THC for anxiety, for pain relief due to various conditions, for IBS, and other conditions. Many studies have been published that point to the efficacy of cannabis components for conditions you have mentioned.

      Another good resource is Dr.Dustin Sulak ( He offers clear information w/o any BS.

      I have no affiliation with any organization; I speak purely as a fellow seeker, and have found relief micro-dosing CBD and THC, using a 1:1 ratio.

      It may be frustrating sorting through, and I know how alone chronic unresolved problems as you describe can make one feel. It’s worth doing the homework — I think you’ll be encouraged by what’s already known and by what’s on the horizon. No one deserves to suffer.

    • Lauren

      Im sorry for all you have dealt with.

      I had a similar experience when i was in my twenties. I never smoked again.

      But now with medical, you can pick what works best. First i started with gummy bears edibles but they knock you out. Ive found northern lights, berry white, blueberry and blackberry are good. High in cbd which is good. Weed is super strong nowadays so you need one or two puffs unless you have a tolerance. Downside, munchies, sleepy unless you get a hybrid oid sativa and indica. Girl scout cookies are supposed to be the best but i didn’t like it. I live birther lights but it is always out.

      Good luck. Also you can’t drive on it. So that sucks.

  • Zoey Thompson

    Ohh i tried them. Many thanks to your staff for their stealth packaging.

  • Tired of winning yet?

    Sure would be nice to live in a legal state. I have to take whatever comes along and now I had to take a hiatus because my dealer wants me to straw buy him a gun. Ridiculous. I would rather go without than kiss someone’s azz.

  • Samantha Cook

    Cannabis really helps. i wish to thank AnnCannMed for their very efficient service and strains quality. I recommend them to anybody who needs help.

    • Henrik Hansson

      My aunt is loving their CBD Rich oil, which is helping treat her depression and anxiety that she’s been taking prescription meds for her whole life. Off her old meds and is a WHOLE NEW PERSON. She loves that there are no side effects

    • E. A. Becker

      Straightforward website, got my package on time. Will use them again

      • Trista S.

        I have ordered twice from this company, and each time the deliveries were prompt. All two arrived in the next business day. Can say their AC/DC strain was extremely helpful for my anxiety.

  • krate
  • Effie Hartley

    What is a good strain for Parkinson’s disease

    • jordan Wilson

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      • Brave Mykayla

        I just benefited from Dr Mc Donald services his Cannabis Oil in Capsule treat my Pain and Parkinson’s disease, i get on him via his #(313) 923-7690

        • Alex Richardson

          fibromyalgia, crps/rsd,carpel tunnel in both wrists, tendonitis, chronic migraine. mj has been effective in controlling my pain, spasms, tension and ive even had a slight improvement of my depression BECAUSE much of my depression is because of the medications i was taking AND the new limitations, changes in capabilities and problems that my body has brought on.All these thanks to Dr Mark Donald for providing me with CBD/low THC Cannabis Oil ratio 2 : 1(10): 3-4 puffs per day .Get to him via his number 313- 923-7690

  • LoveCannabis EU

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  • Wayne buds

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  • Sophie

    cannatonic still gives me anxiety

    • jordan Wilson

      I got relief from PTSD,pains and depression from meds and hemp oil i got from Dr Mc Donald via his number (313) 923-7690 .

      • Boldwin Samuel

        Dr Mc Donald is for real he cured out my pains and anxiety with his THC/CBD Cannabis Oil , i appreciate and vouch for him 100% Thanks to you John for linking me to the right source, am now cancer free after a 3 month dose of 60grams THC/CBD Cannabis Oil from Dr Mc,my family fully appreciate you Mc ,talk to him at 313- 923-7690 .

        • John Walker

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  • Sicknature

    My favorite strains for anxiety (gad) is purple Kush and crown Royal. Microdosing is definitely the route for me as I am lightweight and too much of any strain really sets it off.

    On the plus side, my medicine lasts alot longer!

    Another good strain is rugburn OG, but I wouldn’t plan on doing much. At least for me anyhow, one or two hits and im couch locked bigtime

  • Brielle Valyntín

    Does anyone know of a strain that can help with muscle and nerve pain, but still keep me productive? I own my own business, and have tons of clients to attend to on a daily basis. I can’t be effed up all day, no matter how good it makes me feel. I need a clear head, and no pain. Does this exist?

    • Alex Richardson

      fibromyalgia, crps/rsd,carpel tunnel in both wrists, tendonitis, chronic migraine. mj has been effective in controlling my pain, spasms, tension and ive even had a slight improvement of my depression BECAUSE much of my depression is because of the medications i was taking AND the new limitations, changes in capabilities and problems that my body has brought on.All these thanks to Dr Mark Donald for providing me with CBD/low THC Cannabis Oil ratio 2 : 1(10): 3-4 puffs per day .Get to him via his number 313- 923-7690 .

      • jordan Wilson

        I got relief from PTSD,pains and depression from meds and hemp oil i got from Dr Mc Donald via his number (313) 923-7690

    • Susie Mmpatient

      Jack Herer. Sativa hybrid. Extraordinarily clear-headed, pretty good for pain, excellent for depression. Will not make you anxious if you microdose; unless you just can’t tolerate THC, in which case see below. (You can’t just suck down lungful after lungful or a sativa the way you can an indica. However, you also will not get couch-locked or unintentionally asleep.)

      AC/DC is a good daytime CBD strain for pain. The marijuana version has slightly more THC (1-2%?)and probably a richer cannabinoid/terpene profile than the hemp version (> .03% THC or it’s not legally hemp. (The hemp version of AC/DC is cheaper and will not get you in any federal legal trouble, although some dingbat states have outlawed it for being related to marijuana even if not intoxicating. Which is a bit like making it illegal to sell grape juice to minors, because if it contained alcohol, it would be intoxicating. But it doesn’t, so it isn’t. Even if it were grape juice made from grapes fit for wine-making, it would still be grape juice. But then the US policy on marijuana has never made any sense; beyond giving the DEA and NIDA and local LEO excuses to not have their budgets cut and the prison industry huge numbers of (mostly but certainly not solely black) people to lock up for possessing plant matter that if it were enormously toxic and addictive but not very intoxicating, just an excellent way to die young, would be tobacco, which actually fits the definition of a Schedule One substance but isn’t scheduled at all, just poorly age-regulated.
      however, since Dec. 2018, high CBD hemp flower is an ordinary agricutural product under federal law, and it can be bought online legally and mailed to all 50 states legally; just watch out for your state and local laws.
      If you have access to high-THC cannabis, aka marijuana, you can mix the flower form with hemp flower at any ratio you want, any strains you want. 1:2 strains still too strong for you? Pick your favorite bud, take a small nug, throw it in a grinder with a few nugs of hemp bud, grind, stir, and voila! 1:4 CBD Jack Herer. Or 1:3 Wedding Cake. The breeders might wince, but it’s you body, not theirs.

  • Mclaughlin Andrew


  • Eric Saul

    I recommend Kosher Kush and LA confidential, works very well for me, relaxes, sets peaceful state of mind, takes stress away. Unfortunately LA Confidential is a small yeld strain, very hard to find and expensive.

  • Sanlyn Serani

    I can’t seem to figure out which strain will actually help me, I’m a bit of a medical anomaly which makes me great in research

  • Phenom_cs

    I use to be able to smoke my self stupid on weed or take a few small hits and get my perfect high and love it up until one bad incident; cold sweats, racing heart, fainted twice, shallow breathing. It was a night mixed with alcohol too and very little to eat. Biggest thing was, (I think) I had went cold turkey off of anti-depressants a few months prior and I
    know for sure that had something to do with it. Ever since then, any time I think my heart is racing when I’m high or I feel any sort of weird bodily ache, or pain I automatically think to my self that my heart is bad and then the panic attacks start; I use to be able to take 3-4 massive hits out of a home-made onie that was about quadruple the size of the standard and be totally fine. Now, if I even take a baby hit and I’m talking smoking a half a pinch of weed between my fingers I feel the slight high of a foggy head and nearly get a panic attack just from that. Christ, I recently had a night terror about smoking weed. I got too high in my dream and started panicking then woke up on the verge of a panic attack. I suffer from some severe anxiety and panic attack disorder. I do take meds for it, but I still wake up almost every morning with a bit of anxiety. The last time I ever took (what most casual smokers would consider) a couple normal hits of weed my heart started racing shortly there-after and my wife was away for the weekend so I had to pop two lorazepam to straighten me out. I didn’t think it was working fast enough so I thought my heart was bad and thought that I was about to have a heart attack. I drove my self to the hospital with a heart rate of about 140 or so and left about 15 minutes after I got there because of course I started feeling a hell of a lot better once I knew I was in a hospital, lol. Being able to think back about all my panic attacks and anxiety episodes has really helped me be able to fight the anxiety and panic attacks to prevent them, but if it gets bad enough the anxiety always seems to win in the end. I miss being able to get high enough where I enjoy everything I do, but the micro-hits do some times work, or they don’t. I tend to stay away from smoking and drinking, because they both give me anxiety if I have too much of either one. I have some green sitting around my house that I have touched about twice in the past 6 months with some literal micro-hits and that’s about it. If there is one thing I learned, small hits with a gradual work up can work with about any strain of weed, but you gotta start slow or the vicious anxiety cycle will ramp up into a full blown panic attack if you’re prone to that kind of thing.

  • Jennie Mele

    How to sensibly buy Anti-Anxiety and Stress LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  • Grass Chief

    A tranquilizing indica helps slow the mind and body down, bringing them into a relaxed state
    where the organization of your Tupperware drawer doesn’t matter quite so
    much. A very informative post with a lots of essential information shared here.

  • Grass Chief

    The first method to picking a good strain to combat your anxiety is recognizing your sufferance and step two involves in experimenting with new concentrates to select which one is suited you the most.

  • Mary Lucas

    These are all great strains, but it’s also just as important to learn how to use cannabis for the treatment of anxiety. Aside from choosing the correct strain, dosage, environment, and method all play a role too.

  • Alisza J

    I have learned that I can only use indica. Hybrids and sativa give me the most paranoia and anxiety. With indica I feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable and chill. Thank you for this info.

  • Linda Skolar McCloy Penney

    I am about to be a new marijuana user. I have been using Fentnyl 50mg Durigesic Patches for over ten years for chronic pain and also suffer with controlled Clinical Deppression and anxiety being treated with Xanax as needed. I only take the Xanax at night to be able to sleep.
    My goal is to first treat my low desire to do or accomplish anything. The second goal is to relieve my anxiety without the sedative effects. The third goal is to eventually attempt to lessen my dependance of the Fentanyl patches. I know this is a big and long expatancy but when I am more experienced with this product I really would like to try it. I have tried marijuana lollipops and did not feel anything at all. I wonder if my use of Fentanyl might have an effect on the doseage that I might need.
    Does anyone have a suggestion of the strain I might first try.

  • Daniela Santiago

    I’ve been looking for something that eases my anxiety and paranoia. I’ve been using cannabis since age 12 for depression then as I got older I used it for depression anxiety pain and sleeping and to take away nausea. It works however I have to smoke different types and I’m just hoping one day I can find one that does all that for me.

  • John

    Choosing a strain of medicinal marijuana that helps control your anxiety can involve some testing to find what works best for you. It’s important to choose a strain with adequate levels of CBD in order to control anxiety. CBD levels should be higher than or balanced with THC, which allows for the psychoactive side effects of the THC to be counteracted by the CBD. Here are some of the best high-CBD marijuana strains on the market that can help with anxiety. General6508228110

  • Marisol Amor Lopez

    I have anxiety and ive had spontaneous sezuries some buds make me super paranoid and triggered my seizures whats a good strain i could use?

  • Think a little further

    these lists are so random.. and two of the strains here are even the same strain, just renamed.

  • Mr_Brick

    I have been using marijuana to effectively to treat several symptoms including: PTSD, Social anxiety and Intermittent Explosive Disorder just to name a few.
    I have gone from being a paranoid shut-in with no family and very few friends to actually being able to venture into the community in search of human contact. It is refreshing!
    Marijuana has given me a new lease on life. Something that conventional medications including lithium, several anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety pills were never able to provide.

  • Christopher Okano

    Wow. this has been talked about two years ago. Anyway, anxiety associated with smoking marijuana won’t be going away anytime soon.
    I cannot smoke marijuana now for legal reasons. When I did smoke it after a couple of bad experiences where my heart was racing quite rapidly ; I learned a few things about my own physiology. We are all different. I personally tended to stay away from sativa or the predominance of it. I prefer Indica because after the initial high the CBD kicks in and mellows things out. Rules I made for myself. 1. I never smoked weed when I was angry or emotionally hurt. In those instances physiologically your in high stress mode physiologically. Your B.P. is probably elevated as Is your heart rate. Weed has tendency to enhance you; and how you are already feeling. Once you smoke it it’s going to be approximately 30 minutes before you begin to enter the beginning of “couch lock.” During that 30 minutes, your physiological symptoms of rapid heart rate, increase in unconscious breathing rate, and associated B.P. level are going to all increase. That sensation and the associated loss of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream is going to probably make you feel bad or throw you into and anxiety attack. If the anxiety attacks happens holding your breath for a few will help stop it, but that will take a couple of minutes before you feel some relief.. My suggestion is to not smoke weed or use weed to try to stop high anxiety and or anxiety attacks. Smoke weed when you’re feel good, or things in your life have settled down for the day. Rule number 2.,. I have always made it a policy to no matter what weed it may be to check it by taking only one hit and that’s it for 30 minutes. I want to see what that hit of that particular strain or lot is going to do to me and how it will effect my physiology. I don’t like feeling badly, and I have learned this to prevent doing more than I can tolerate. As you get older physiologically I think weed will affect you more unless you’ve have a high tolerance built up because you smoke a lot. I use to take two to three small hits in the evening to feel good and help with my arthritis and old age inflammation. Of course it helps me play guitar better I think LOl. “Lady Gaga” might attest to it too. 🙂 I never wanted to get so high I thought I had good credit or something. I just spent 25 months in prison and lost 300K in personal assets (money) over violating marijuana manufacturing laws in North Carolina. Smoking weed is something right now I’m afraid to do. So, this my opinion and experience and advise for what it is worth to you.

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