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Florida Halts Sales of New Cannabis Product

May 16, 2017
Health officials approved the product, then realized it could be modified into a substance that patients could smoke.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida’s Department of Health on Monday ordered a Quincy-based dispensary to quit selling a medical cannabis product that could potentially be broken down and made into a substance that can be smoked.

The Department of Health authorized Trulieve to sell sealed vaporizer cups containing marijuana.

Trulieve began selling its first whole-flower cannabis product meant for vaping last week at five retail dispensaries and through home delivery. The buds in the Entourage Multi Indica vaporizer cup, however, could also be used in joints, pipes or bongs.

The Department of Health authorized Trulieve to sell sealed vaporizer cups containing marijuana. However, Office of Compassionate Use Director Christian Bax said in a cease and desist letter to Trulieve that the mesh caps can be removed with minimal effort and cannot be reattached.

Vaping is allowed under state law, but smoking is prohibited. Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers said the company had issued warnings to patients that the product should only be used for vaping.


Calls Grow for Florida Special Session on Medical Cannabis

The department also found in a tour of one of Trulieve’s retail facilities that a vaporizer it advertises for use with the product is sold only online. Trulieve also was not able to show how to use the product with the vaporizer.

Currently, low-THC cannabis can be used by patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, chronic seizures and chronic muscle spasms. The law was expanded last year to include patients with terminal conditions. It also allowed them to use more potent strains.

The rules from a medical marijuana constitutional amendment passed last November, which will expand the list of conditions for which patients can receive cannabis, must be in place by July and enacted by October.

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  • Alan479 Martin

    Legal Marijuana is destroying the Bush’, Clinton,mafia and military’s price fixing U.S. drug monopoly cabal. The states controlled by them are fighting legalization the most. Rick Scott must be a bush stooge and is just continuing Jeb Bush’ policies. Most likely Jeb still runs Florida but takes orders from old man Bush who has not got long to live.

  • Austin

    Jesus, Florida how conservative will you get?!? The buds themselves aren’t whatsoever psychoactive, so “what’s to stop somebody from breaking open the container and smoking it” is called real weed…

    • jim heffner

      Duh, that sounds almost like science or logic. You know those are like math and we all know the Arabs invented numbers. Logic will not deter good old boy greed and right leaning reactionary social mores. Besides they have alternative facts to justify their actions. We just have to wait until a few goobers loose elections because of their anti-Cannabis stance and then we’ll see a reaction on the legislative level as well as at the polls.

  • jim heffner

    “Reefer Madness” doesn’t work as a propaganda tool any longer so now over regulation and over taxation are the new ways to circumvent the wishes of the voters by the prohibitionists turned obstructionist. The obstructionists are being deliberately obtuse about the trending 60%+ that favor full legalization. The Nanny Wannabes think they know what’s best for us even outside of the nursery. It’s time to leave the adults alone. The need to control other people is a nasty addiction.
    Next time you thank a Vet for our service how about helping to ensure the rights we fought for and let us grow our own.

  • jim

    It seems strange that some Americans will howl to the moon about keeping the government out of our personal business when it comes to paying taxes, but they will support armed swat teams and needless, endless, rules to keep control over others personal lives.
    God bless all those who work to end the war on drugs.
    Gentle Jim

  • Steven Shiner

    Remember come November, do as the voters say (your boss’s) or out the door you will go!

    • 1janicebeaty5


  • 1janicebeaty5

    We the PEOPLE voted for medical marijuana, it passed now the government is trying to change it. It is time this goernment listened to the People. We the people are tired of arguing and tired of government doing what they want and what makes their pockets fat, IT IS TIME TO LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AND TO RESEACH. Government and big pharma can’t make money so until they firgure out how to grab your $$$$$ they will fight.


    FML, one day

  • Tony

    This fake weed (like in NY) is a joke. The dosages are ridiculously small (therefore make equivalent amounts on ‘black market’ way cheaper) and the ‘doctors’ insist on entourage effect of 2 cannabinoids having such a beneficial effect by working together, meanwhile ignoring the hundreds of others and terpenes, etc. Their collective fear of tar is a joke because they use that word in the context of understanding tobacco, thinking the tars are interchangeable. That’s like equivocating saturated and unsaturated fats. Bottom line, these states should shit or get off the pot. And God only knows what they’re using as a substrate for tinctures and vape oils, not to mention whether the plastics used are safe…. And whatever other chemicals are in the thc. Nature knows what she’s doing, you nere do well states get out of our way and let us have our medicine the way God intended. (Sorry for the unintended pun earlier)… My 2¢

  • JoeG

    I really hate living in Florida. I could benefit so much from M.M.,but the hoops you have to jump through to get it is asinine.

    • Casey

      Go west JoeG. There are no limitations on the what you can buy. The only restriction is how much I can buy. There are no THC limits on the MMJ we get. The THC can be as high as 31% from what I have seen and smoked. I usually get 25 to 31% THC content, you only need 1 or 2 hits to kill pain or what ever you use it for. The dispensary I use has over 100 different strains, that usually has 35 or more Indica and Kush, 25 to 30 Sativa and 35 or more Hybrids. Each phenotype or strain has a high and low THC range the plant will produce. I like the taste of Blueberry Indica which taste like blueberries and the THC is 26.5%. The L’Orange is a 27% Sativa, and has a great taste of oranges. Thats what you call 1 hit and quit MMJ.

  • Joshua Lee

    The govt in fl is insane, their weed laws and the heat are why i left there after 26 years of torture by fl law enforcement over a plant.
    Anything over 20 grams is felonius posession… A backwards police state is fl… they are also corrupt af.. anyhoo florida should wall off their state and be their own country they are such a police state.

  • Janelle Foley

    I stopped smoking flower because my friend gave me vape oil from this company called Quanta. I don’t think ill ever smoke flower again its pretty strange hahah
    A lot of the time I smoke flower I feel paranoid and with this oil I don’t, Ive been smoking it for a month everyday at work. Here is their company link check them out if you have a chance.

    • John Chi

      Sounds very interesting. I went ahead and looked them up and noticed that they aren’t really a product company but more of a regulated, standardized production company. They sell their production machines and license to other cannabis companies. Still very interesting!

  • Jen R

    It is astounding FL would go to such lengths when requiring users to only vape the cannabis oil could have precluded this recent bungle. How “conservative” it is, one person commented? No, how freaking ignorant is more on point. All of us suffering in southern pill-mill states who are watching and hoping to trade our scrips of side-effect laden opioids view the ignorance of FL and AR & their respective issues in implementing MMJ.

  • Beach Potato

    Thanks to John Morgan for his thick hide and keeping the movement flowing. The dogs may bark but the caravan continues… I vape everyday to ward off chronic pain from childhood polio that used to require handfuls of pain meds. Oxy and perks were my daily cocktail. No more, Nada. Just a little sip off my PAX and its a happy day to be alive. I am 72 and like the side effects of no more joint pain or arthritis pain. Thank you Lord for this plant. And > Go Dolphins….

  • g8torgirl

    I have glaucoma and chronic pain. I have been recommended a “low THC” product. However, the low THC product that I qualify for contains exactly 0.00% THC! Studies done using marijuana as treatment for glaucoma used regular marijuana, not just CBD. To date, treatment for glaucoma must include THC to effectively reduce pressure. How in the world does this help me? Please, someome re-define the criteria for “low THC” to actually include some of the medical components in the product that is supposed to contain it!!