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Hemptown USA
Presented ByHemptown USAPublished on October 9, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Field of hemp plants. (Courtesy of Hemptown USA)

This article is brought to you by Hemptown USA, a multi-state operator focused on the production of novel cannabinoids.

In a market heavy with buzz about THC and CBD, it can be hard to learn about other cannabinoids. Hemptown USA intends to change all that. As a leading producer of CBG, Hemptown is not only growing CBG-rich hemp but also educating cannabis users about other novel cannabinoids and how CBG can impact their lifestyles.

Pioneers in novel cannabinoid cultivation

(Courtesy of Hemptown USA)

Hemptown USA is a cannabinoid company focused on the cultivation and delivery of new cannabinoids. While consumers are enjoying CBD products in the present, Hemptown looks toward the future, and they know that cannabinoid diversification is key to their success.

“The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill opened doors for commercial cultivation of CBD-rich hemp, as well as hemp rich in other, so-called, ‘novel’ cannabinoids. We believe that all cannabinoids will eventually be commoditized. We strive to be leaders in the space, bringing new cannabinoids to the market over the next couple years is our goal” says Rod Wolterman, Chairman of Hemptown.

In such a new industry where risk is involved, it requires putting your money where your mouth is. Hemptown demonstrated this commitment by farming 500 acres of CBG.  The company has now released a white paper entitled “The Mother of All Cannabinoids,” detailing CBG and it’s overall role in the endocannabinoid system.

(Courtesy of Hemptown USA)

“Not a lot of people are taking the time and resources to be a thought leader in the novel cannabinoid space,” says Hemptown CMO, Keith Stride. “We decided to give the industry an educational resource not just about CBG, but also about how cannabinoids work with the body,” he says. “All of the science can be hard to digest, so we made it as user-friendly as possible by supplementing the white paper with infographics and other content to help readers better understand.”

Beyond cultivation, Hemptown recently acquired the Kirkman Group in June of this year. Kirkman is a cGMP certified and has an FDA pharmaceutical manufacturing license.

“We believe the FDA will step in to protect consumers from poorly manufactured products being sold. Kirkman is key to our corporate strategy of bringing products from cultivation through to the manufacturing of consumer-packaged goods, ensuring the consumer always knows that Hemptown products are produced to FDA standards maintaining integrity, efficacy, and quality” says Wolterman.

How CBG will change the game

(Courtesy of Hemptown USA)

CBG or cannabigerol is known to some as the “mother” cannabinoid. Amazingly, it’s actually the chemical parent of both CBD and THC.  the white paper details more about the impact of the cannabinoid in the human body

“We’re currently harvesting a considerable amount of CBG-rich hemp in Oregon and making the conscious decision not to sell it as biomass. We want it to maintain its integrity and make sure it’s only going into products that meet our standards. If that means we have to vet brands to make sure we’re all on the same page, we’ll do it,” says Bruce Trent, Global VP of Sales. “We’re looking to industries like skincare, that work hard to maintain high-quality production.”

It’s a level of quality control that many business owners can relate to.

“In vertically integrated markets, it can get hard to modify active ingredients, and we didn’t want to lose the ability to do that,” Trent says.

Cannabigerol and beyond

(Courtesy of Hemptown USA)

There is little need to speculate about Hemptown’s next project. Hemptown Chew is the market’s first CBD and CBG-infused gumThe release marks the first of many consumer products Hemptown USA plans to bring to market, in hope that people continue to see the potential of cannabinoids and imagine all the possibility that cannabis science holds.

Hemptown USA
Presented ByHemptown USA
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