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Is a tailor-made HVAC system the key to creating ideal cannabis growing conditions?

Hawthorne Gardening Company
Presented ByHawthorne Gardening CompanyPublished on September 24, 2020 · Last updated July 17, 2022
Quest IQ HVAC system
This article is sponsored by Hawthorne Gardening Co. Image courtesy of Hawthorne Gardening Co.

Over the years, the goals of the cannabis cultivator have remained the same–grow great plants. Repeatedly. But when it comes to creating the ideal environment for growing cannabis indoors, cultivators are pushing the limits of traditional HVAC systems. 

The truth is, many companies don’t have the proper tech to grow thousands of plants side by side indoors. And how could they? Understanding the interplay of temperature, humidity, and airflow is difficult enough. Throw in designing a space to account for all three variables, while keeping it agile enough to handle the plant’s growth cycles, adds a whole other level of complication. 

It’s all about the environment

Plants put out moisture and humidity, which traditional HVAC systems are not designed to handle. So, growers turn to dehumidifiers, which put out even more heat in the often-cramped grow space. It’s a problem that builds upon itself and can result in a less than optimum harvest. 

Being able to maintain a stable environment is vital to the success of any grow. Since HVAC systems were designed to create a comfortable environment for humans, it makes sense that they would be less than ideal for growing plants. Healthy cannabis plants are the result of healthy environments. The wrong environmental conditions can leave your plants vulnerable to disease, molds, and any number of pests. These issues can be difficult to control and can easily lead to the loss of an entire crop way too quickly. If only there was a system, some wonderful heretofore unknown contraption, that could control it all…

The solution: Quest IQ Series

Having decades of horticultural experience, Hawthorne teamed up with Quest to create the Quest IQ Series—the innovative solution that meets the unique challenges facing indoor-cannabis cultivators. The Quest IQ Series is an all-in-one HVAC, dehumidification, and air-flow system designed to help growers achieve the environmental balance needed for indoor-cannabis cultivation—at whatever scale. But it’s more than just a piece of machinery.

Quest understands everything that goes into building out a grow and knows that every grow is going to be different. So, instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, they customize each Quest IQ Series system, working with you to design the perfect system for your needs. Whether you are designing a new grow room or upgrading an existing one, simply fill out an intake form, and the professionals at Quest will show you how their proprietary technology can help you meet all your cultivation goals. 

The Quest IQ Series is also designed to be less work for the operators. You’ll spend less time adjusting underperforming (and overworked) machines to do something they’re not really designed to do, and you might find yourself doing less repairs as your system isn’t stressed. 

Using the correct tool for the job makes a world of difference and Hawthorne and Quest are uniquely qualified to provide HVAC that is built to perform in the ever-changing conditions of your growing environment, creating ideal conditions for your plants! What are you going to do with the extra time you save? Grow more plants, I hope.

It’s a smooth operator

When you go with a Quest IQ Series, you’ll also be getting a monitoring system that helps you make sure everything is humming along as expected. You can monitor your system when you are away, and Quest is able to monitor your machines in near-real time from their offices. If needed, you have a second set of experienced eyes on your crop to help you avoid large problems from developing. System monitoring is a free service for all owners–you just need an ethernet cord and internet access. Easy!

Knowing there’s a problem is good but knowing there are also redundancies in place to make sure that one problem doesn’t sabotage your entire crop is even better. Quest has set up redundancies in every part of the IQ Series to make sure your crop won’t suffer while you make a repair. 

The right questions

If you’re growing cannabis indoors, don’t you want equipment that was specifically designed to help you do that? A cannabis plant is the direct result of its environment and the Quest IQ Series is the perfect tool to help you get healthy, happy and high-yielding results.

And if you have more questions about the ins-and-outs of creating ideal growing conditions, Quest literally wrote a book about it. Getting Grow Rooms Right is a great resource to help you start thinking about creating a space for plants instead of humans. It gives great information, but also helps you learn to ask the right questions so that when you start building out your grow, you can find the right answers.

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