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How to Set Up a Small-Space Drying Room for Your Cannabis Harvest

Growing cannabis is really just half the journey—after harvest, you’ll need to dry and cure it. Here are some tips for homegrowers with a limited amount of space.

Get Beautiful Buds With These Outdoor Cannabis Harvesting Tips

You’ve spent months growing your plants, waiting for those precious nugs to form. But how do you know when to harvest, and what do you need to do it?

How the Dutch Spread Cannabis Across the World

The Netherlands in the '60s was a hotbed for cannabis activism, leading to the formation of seed banks—places to store and share cannabis genetics. Read how this small country played a big part in the history of cannabis.

Is Wet or Dry Trimming Better for Your Cannabis?

With fall harvest on the horizon, we explore the age-old question: should you trim your buds wet or dry?

Is Vertical Growing the Future of Cannabis?

As the cannabis industry expands, producers look to make growing more efficient. This new technology may be the answer.

Leafly Canada’s Grow Cam: Watch Us Grow!

A 24/7 live stream of cannabis growing.

Opinion: Why Growing With Hydroponics Is Better Than Soil

Which produces better cannabis, hydroponics or soil? Even though it may be more expensive initially, hydro has many benefits in the long run.

Hemp Cross-Pollination Could Damage Cannabis Crops—Here’s How to Prevent It

With the passing of the Farm Bill, hemp production is on the rise. That's good news, but troubling for marijuana growers.

How Snow Leopard Became My Favorite Cannabis Strain to Grow

Hard to find yet a dream to grow, this grower details his love for his favorite cannabis strain, Snow Leopard.

In Photos: How Dark Heart Nursery Produces Millions of Cannabis Clones

All that Zkittlez, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Sherbert starts at California's Dark Heart Nursery.

What Does Mold on a Cannabis Plant Look Like?

Ever seen mold on a cannabis plant? Check out our tips on how to spot and prevent mold to keep your buds healthy.

Natural Ingredients: How BC’s Tantalus Labs Produces Premium Cannabis

A look inside the first greenhouse designed to cultivate cannabis.

Want to Grow Your Own Cannabis? Get Ready to Fight ‘Big Marijuana’

Why is allowing homegrow such a contentious issue with adult-use states? To find the answer, follow the money.

Inside the Research Grow Operation With Rx Green Technologies

Conducting research on cannabis cultivation can be tough. The solution for Rx Green Technologies? Build a licensed grow op in Colorado that doubles as an R&D facility for their agricultural products.

How to Build a Cannabis Greenhouse in Your Backyard

Daunted by growing your own cannabis? Check out our tutorial on how to build a simple greenhouse, making outdoor growing easier than ever.

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