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At Harvest Time, Farmers Survey a Changed Emerald Triangle

Millions of pounds of California cannabis comes down amid a year of terrible stress and change.

What Sun-Grown Farms Taught Me About Washington Cannabis

What can an outdoor cannabis farm teach you about your cannabis?

Cannabis Harvest in Photos: The 31 Days of #Croptober

Cannabis harvest season is upon us. Charge up your iPhone and make time for #croptober on social media.

4 Activities That Make Trimming Cannabis More Bearable

Trimming cannabis can be a slog without activities to keep your mind occupied. Here are a few ways to maintain your sanity during long hours of trimming.

Think You Have the Biggest Cannabis Tree? Show Us!

Introducing Leafly's #BigTrees Challenge, where we will determine 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for the biggest trees in North America.

The Top 5 Regions Where Cannabis Is Grown in the US

California’s Emerald Triangle, Washington, and Oregon you may know, but Kentucky?

What Is #Croptober? Celebrating Cannabis Harvest Season

We are celebrating the millions of pounds of cannabis being harvested this season. Come take a look.

Wildfire Torches Grower’s Home, 1,200-Pound Cannabis Harvest in California

Amid the worst wildfires in state history, Emerald Triangle growers are replanting or doubling down.

How to Prevent Pests in Your Indoor Cannabis Garden

Recovering from a battle with pests in your cannabis garden can be tough. Learn how to prevent the problem from the start with these helpful tips.

Where to Buy Cannabis Clones in Colorado

Ready to start growing cannabis? We found some of the best places to buy high-quality cannabis clones in Colorado.

How to Top Cannabis Plants for Better Yields

Topping your cannabis plants is essential for promoting quality growth. Read about why it’s so important and learn how to top or FIM your plants.

Does Nevada Grow the Best Cannabis in the Nation?

If Nevada doesn't have the best cannabis in the country, it's up there

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Aug. 6-12

Outside Lands' Grass Lands, DJ Muggs' new LP, and Better Call Saul — comin’ in hot this week.

Berner’s ‘The Grow-Off’ Seeks the Best Cannabis Cultivators in Southern California

The 'Iron Chef' of Cannabis 'The Grow-Off' Sorts the Weed From the Chaff

Craft Cannabis: High-Quality Buds and Sustainable Practices

Much of the cannabis in dispensaries is grown indoors for high yields. But craft cannabis is grown differently. Here’s a case for why it might be better.

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