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High-Tech Greenhouses: Grow Quality Marijuana More Efficiently

With high-tech greenhouses, you can tame even the harshest of outdoor climates for growing marijuana and produce top-quality buds at a fraction of the cost.

These LEDs May Become the New Standard in Growing Marijuana

LEDs have proven to be more efficient for growing marijuana for years. Can this new kind of LED make growing cheaper and more efficient?

Preserving Cannabis Genetics: How to Collect and Store Seeds and Pollen

Can’t fully get rid of that cannabis strain you grew for so long? Learn how to store seeds and pollen to clear space in your garden and hang onto those favorite genetics for another day.

Our 5 Favorite Independent Grow Stores in Massachusetts

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite independent grow shops from the Berkshires to the Cape.

How to Scrog Your Cannabis to Maximize Yields

Putting a screen over your flowering cannabis—known as scrogging—will make your plants healthier and more lush. This how-to demystifies the seemingly complicated process.

Extreme Defoliation: High-Risk Ways to Boost Cannabis Yields and Bag Appeal

All cannabis growers perform some light pruning, but extreme defoliation techniques take the practice to a new level. Read more on these high-risk, high-reward training practices.

Straight From the Source: Clean Water Tips for Your Cannabis Homegrow

Not sure what kind of water to use in your cannabis garden? This guide will dispel some myths and tell you how to get clean water to keep your plants healthy and vibrant.

Growing in Paradise: A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Cannabis in Tropical Climates

Tropical climates can teach a lot about growing cannabis. Whether or not you like the heat and humidity of the region, your cannabis plants love it.

Grow Your Greatest: Tips & Tricks for Massachusetts Cannabis Growers

Two longtime growers at Easthampton cannabis producer INSA share the Massachusetts-specific grow tips they've cultivated over the years.

The Cannabis Cloning Equipment Buyer’s Guide

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to clone cannabis. Here are some products to get you started using clones in your garden.

So You Want to Grow Cannabis at Home in Massachusetts

Whether you want to avoid long dispensary lines or are just curious about flexing your green thumb, here’s what you need to know to grow cannabis at home.

Fantastic Sativas and How to Grow Them

Whether you’re wondering where to start, or looking to level up an existing cannabis garden, here are some tips for growing sativa strains.

Tips for Growing Cannabis in a Tiny Space

Cannabis is an eager plant and will grow just about anywhere given the right conditions. Here are some tips on how to grow it if you're limited on space.

Colorado’s Top CBG Grower Just Happens to Be Blind

Pot Zero Farm raises high-CBG cannabis in the Colorado Rockies. It's a green-energy, zero-waste operation run by touch and smell.

Which Cannabis Strain Should You Be Growing?

Picking a strain to start growing is one of the most exciting aspects of growing cannabis. Here are some tips to help you find the right strain.

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