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6 Things Every Beginning Cannabis Homegrower Should Know

Always wanted to homegrow cannabis but thought it might be too much hassle? Fear not, here's some basic advice to get you started.

How to Protect Your Cannabis Crop From Rain

When harvest approaches, so does the rainy season. Here's how to keep your buds fresh and healthy when storm clouds are on the horizon.

Show Off Your Grow: Share Photos From Canada’s First Legal Harvest

We want to see the fruits of your harvest! Tag us at #LeaflyGrows with your best homegrow pictures!

Starting to Homegrow? Here’s What to Look for in a Cannabis Grow Shop

Now that you've decided to start growing cannabis at home, where do you go for supplies and advice? Here's why you should trust your local grow shop.

Know Your Grower: Highland, Nova Scotia Cannabis

Learn about where your cannabis comes from.

If Elected, Major Manitoba Parties Vow to Overturn Home Cultivation Ban

The Liberals, NDP, and Greens have promised they will overturn the ban on home growing if they win September's upcoming provincial election.

It’s Wildfire Season—How It Can Affect Your Cannabis Crop

Even if you cannabis crop escapes a wildfire, it can still be affected. Here's what you need to know to save your crop.

How to Set Up a Small-Space Drying Room for Your Cannabis Harvest

Growing cannabis is really just half the journey—after harvest, you’ll need to dry and cure it. Here are some tips for homegrowers with a limited amount of space.

Get Beautiful Buds With These Outdoor Cannabis Harvesting Tips

You’ve spent months growing your plants, waiting for those precious nugs to form. But how do you know when to harvest, and what do you need to do it?

How the Dutch Spread Cannabis Across the World

The Netherlands in the '60s was a hotbed for cannabis activism, leading to the formation of seed banks—places to store and share cannabis genetics. Read how this small country played a big part in the history of cannabis.

Is Wet or Dry Trimming Better for Your Cannabis?

With fall harvest on the horizon, we explore the age-old question: should you trim your buds wet or dry?

Is Vertical Growing the Future of Cannabis?

As the cannabis industry expands, producers look to make growing more efficient. This new technology may be the answer.

Leafly Canada’s Grow Cam: Watch Us Grow!

A 24/7 live stream of cannabis growing.

Opinion: Why Growing With Hydroponics Is Better Than Soil

Which produces better cannabis, hydroponics or soil? Even though it may be more expensive initially, hydro has many benefits in the long run.

Hemp Cross-Pollination Could Damage Cannabis Crops—Here’s How to Prevent It

With the passing of the Farm Bill, hemp production is on the rise. That's good news, but troubling for marijuana growers.

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