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Cannabis Opposers Call for Boycott of T-Mobile Over Martha Stewart/Snoop Dogg Ad

February 22, 2017
T-Mobile is getting called out by the organization Parents Opposed to Pot, an emerging group determined to “burst the bubbles of the marijuana industry, marijuana lobbyists and marijuana activists,” for its sly cannabis-alluding advertisement during this year’s Super Bowl. The outrage sparked an online petition whose main priority is to boycott T-Mobile.


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The ad, starring punchy homemaker Martha Stewart and the ever-amusing Snoop Dogg (have you seen his narration of Planet Earth?), showcases the two entwined in witty banter while touching on many cannabis euphemisms. According to the organization orchestrating the boycott:

“The ad is meant to play off Stewart and Broadus’ VH1 reality show, ‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,’ a show geared to millennials that some reviewers concede is nothing more than an effort to normalize the use of marijuana.”

Though concerns for underage consumption are valid, it seems just a bit odd to demonize the cannabis community (through a commercial whose intent wasn’t to advertise cannabis) when alcohol-related advertisements were more prevalent during the Big Game. As of Thursday afternoon, the petition to boycott T-Mobile has 136 supporters, with the ultimate goal of attracting 1,000 signatures.

Do you think the T-Mobile ad is inappropriate? We’ll let you be the judge on this one:

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Hannah Meadows

Hannah Meadows is an associate editor at Leafly, where she contributes to lifestyle content.

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  • These people are only going to make fools of themselves.
    Most people just don’t accept the insanity of the prohib supporters anymore.
    A straight jacket and a padded cell for people who support prohibition.
    The drug war is a crime against humanity.

  • Rita Wells

    Quit crying….marijuana has so many uses… first one being not letting big Pharma kill your kids!!

  • lovingc

    136 idiots crying over nothing.

  • usaok59

    For crying out loud. I feel bad for people who see “monsters” behind ever leaf and shrub. They are insane!

  • calledit78

    Smoking if you got em Trump and Jeff Sessions coming to cut down and take away your trees! Free at last is going to be a short one. Sucks, got to back to hiding. Thank your shitty ass Republicans.

  • calledit78

    How about all those alcohol ads?

  • Mark

    Do any pot lobbyists give like the pharmacy people give? I seriously think not. So thats why. Money speaks as the saying goes. Nobody has money like the pharmasuticals do. I hate the lobbying and wish it was never allowed!

  • Jackson Shredder

    I love it. Well people are free to move if they don’t like the new laws of their country. I always laugh when I see the Anti Marijuana fools screaming and crying over something they will never be able to change. It’s a kick in the pants to those fools and a lot of laughing for me. I have four words for people who want to keep weed in prohibition, “Get used to it” !!

    It’s not changing. :)- Hey if you can’t beat em “Join em” !!! LOL hahahahahahahaha !! 🙂