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10 Cannabis Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

February 3, 2017

If you’ve noticed a drop in the amount of cannabis-related content on your Instagram feed, it’s probably not just your imagination. The iconic social media site has recently shut down a number of cannabis based accounts in the past few years – even those produced in countries like Canada, where medical cannabis is federally legal.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of pages that are still active and updating as of February 2017. Join us on Instagram and restock your feed with images of top growers, beautiful glass art, and insightful information.

1. Nugshotsnugshots-instagram

@Nugshots is all about professionally photographed buds, specializing in macro shots of flowers. This page takes incredibly high-quality images of different strains, allowing the viewer to compare different types of cannabis side by side.

2. Dankshire


This one’s dedicated to all the dabbers out there! @Dankshire_ specializes in capturing concentrates in their most photogenic form. The page also shows off some amazing macro cannabis photography, and has absolutely radiant live plant shots.

3. Devils Lettuce Photography

You’ve seen the finished product, but how much time have you spent appreciating the whole plant? @Devilslettuceph is dedicated to showcasing the majesty of live cannabis, admiring the variety between individual plants, and cultivating interest in its medicinal value.

4. Karl Kronic

instagram@Karl_Kronic’s page is full of some of the most captivating images of cannabis on the internet. Each photo in the series is truly a work of art on its own. Featuring gorgeous side by side comparisons of purple and green flowers, plenty of sticky trichome action, and joints covered in honey oil  and kief that will make you want to take up aesthetic rolling.

5. Heady Hawaii


Producing some of the most unique and vibrant glass on the market, @HeadyHawaii is guaranteed to drop your jaw daily. Almost all pieces are for sale, though most, like this gorgeous glass sculpture, look like they belong in a museum.

6. The National Joint League


The National Joint League: Brought to you by the cannabis enthusiasts who really paid attention in art class. @TheNationalJointLeague is a competition which encourages users to submit their home made, smokeable sculptures. Followers of the page are able to vote on their favorite joints in this elimination style game.

7. Illadelph Glass


@Illadelphglass specializes in one thing: Crafting glass that looks like it’s meant to be smoked inside of a laboratory. Whether you’re into glow in the dark bongs or psychedelic Sherlock Holmes pipes, these meticulously made pieces are sure to find their way onto your wishlist!

8. Academy of Cannabis Science


Get to know your favorite plant a little better with @AcademyofCannabisScience. Here you’ll find facts about cannabis, amazing microscopic images, and profound quotes from some of the most well-respected minds of our time. Whether you grow, sell, or just appreciate the plant, this page is a surefire way to boost your cannabis trivia knowledge.

9. Mothership Glass


For dab rigs and glass that are a head and shoulder above the rest, look no further than Mothership Glass. @Mothership_glass specializes in variety-producing pieces to suit anyone’s taste. Whether you’re into space, steampunk, or just plain spectacular art, check these guys out and just try not to get lost in the details.

10. The High Circle


Want to learn how to identify quality bud? Then look no further than @Thehighcircle. This page is filled stunning shots of live cannabis plants, expertly rolled joints, and top shelf nugs that will make your mouth water.


That’s a wrap! Enjoy getting reacquainted with the cannabis community by exploring your newly expanded Instagram account!

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