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Moving to Massachusetts for Legal Cannabis

Like Maine, Massachusetts was one of the first East Coast states to legalize, it’s also dragged its proverbial feet in opening recreational dispensaries over the last two years. However, all of that is officially about to change.

Massachusetts is incredibly close to opening the doors to its first dispensary
—it could be a reality as soon as October, 2018, if it hasn’t already happened by the publishing of this article. It’s a long time coming, and the excitement residents are feeling is well deserved.

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In addition to being the first East Coast state to open doors to recreational dispensaries, there is a chance Massachusetts could also be the first to open cannabis cafés. This may not happen until late 2019, and it will take some serious negotiations to get there; but, unlike other states which have banned the idea outright, Massachusetts seems committed to the thought.

So why should you move to the Bay State? Like Maine, Massachusetts has that classic New England charm, with historic towns and signature foods
. Speaking of Boston, Massachusetts’ capital is a vibrant and beautiful coastal city that is continuing to renovate and improve—including a plan to add 27 acres of green space to the city.

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Back to the weed—what can residents expect? For starters, edibles, flower, topicals, tinctures, oils, and concentrates will all be available and legal. It is legal to carry up to an ounce (no more than 5 grams of concentrate) and have up to 10 ounces in your home. In addition, adults 21+ may grow up to six plants.

Massachusetts has a large population of young professionals, students
, and is below the national average for unemployment. The beautiful scenery and full range of seasons? Just an added bonus.

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