The Greater Green: This Cannabis Subreddit Is Cleaning Up the Earth

Published on May 20, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Now more than ever, people are waking up to how important it is to keep Mother Earth clean and unpolluted. There are many movements dedicated to educating and encouraging people to take care of the planet; recycling, reducing water usage, opting for public transport—there are plenty of ways to contribute. And now there’s a group rallying around their mutual love for two things: a cleaner Earth and cannabis.

“Cannabis inspires me to be here now. It’s much easier to be aware of the earth when you are present in the moment. You notice the little things and appreciate them more.”

The Greater Green is a subreddit dedicated to cannabis enthusiasts who aim to keep nature clean and free of trash. Its objective is the Stoner Cleanup Initiative (SCUI), where cannabis lovers come together to share the ways in which they are leaving the world around them greener. Subscribers often post photos of trash they have cleaned up while out in nature, whether hiking, kayaking, or simply on a walk to a friend’s house.

Currently, as of this writing, the subreddit hosts a modest number of members, but it is clear to see they are passionate. Redditor awelexer says, “Cannabis inspires me to be here now as Ram Dass said. It’s much easier to be aware of the earth when you are present in the moment. You notice the little things and appreciate them more. I actually feel a little guilty if I don’t pick up a piece of trash I see.”

The world would certainly be a cleaner place if we all carried this mindset. Even if everyone picked up a single piece of trash a day and recycled it or threw it away, our forests, streams, and communities would look much different. Not only does participating in the SCUI help the earth, but it also provides a sense of personal satisfaction.

Reddior ytirevyelsew says, “I was out walking in the woods and I saw a bunch of plastic bags blowing around, so I took them and filled them with other trash during the rest of my walk, felt super good.”

In addition to the photos of members actively cleaning up the earth, The Greater Green is also home to memes and even tips and monthly challenges for members.

Of course, the SCUI is not alone. Other movements, such as the popular #trashtag challenge, aim to get people involved in cleaning up litter in natural spaces. However, The Greater Green is the only space built specifically for stoners, and it would not be a stretch to say that love of nature goes hand in hand with love of cannabis. Simply look at communities of cannabis enthusiasts in places such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington to see the crossover between weed and outdoorsy fun.

A prime example comes from Redditor Manimal45 in r/trees:

“I live in Colorado—more specifically in Boulder—and here, a great deal of the highways and roads are adopted by local dispensaries. For those of you who don’t know what that means, you sign an agreement with the city and clean up your section of the road a certain number of times a year. It certainly changes the stigma seeing a sign that says, ‘this section of highway is adopted and maintained by The Village Green Society Dispensary’ or something of the sort. Needless to say, I think we can make this more than just a fad/trend, but rather a commonplace association—that stoners are ambassadors of the environment.”

The idea that cannabis consumers are “ambassadors of the environment” is a lovely one indeed, and the members of the Stoner Cleanup Initiative are certainly doing their part to uphold that title.

So the next time you’re smoking a blunt while taking a walk with friends, or stopping to share a joint while on a hike, consider keeping a closer eye on the world around you and do your part to keep the Earth a little cleaner, a little greener, and a little more healthy for all of its inhabitants.

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