What’s Your Favorite Slang Word for a Joint?

Published on August 6, 2016 · Last updated January 5, 2023

We asked Instagram users, “What’s your favorite slang word for a joint?” With over 200 comments, the answers varied from anticipated responses to unusual ones some of us had never even heard before.

how to roll a joint

Check out below to see people’s favorite slang word for a joint:

Traditional References

cannabis craftsmanship pre-roll joints

Celebrity References

stunning images of cannabis joints

Size Dependent

the difference between joints blunts and spliffs

Cultural References

why are europeans mixing cannabis and tobacco

Pop Culture References

giant joints and cannabis pride at the DNC

_____ Stick

what is in a cannabis pre-roll

Names That Start with ‘J’

arnold schwarzenegger smokes a victory joint

Inanimate Objects

origin of the word marijuana

Was your favorite slang term for a joint mentioned? Let us know down in the comments what you prefer to call them!

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