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California Lawmakers Pass Bill to Restrict Edibles

September 15, 2017
California lawmakers have backed legislation to prohibit the sale of marijuana edibles shaped like a person, animal, insect or fruit.

The bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday is an attempt to prevent cannabis-infused sweets from appealing to children.

Brown vetoed similar legislation earlier this week that sought to define standards for packaging that would not appeal to children. The governor says his administration is working on regulations to packaging and labeling marijuana edibles.


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California voters legalized marijuana for adult use last year and the state is preparing to begin sales at state-licensed stores next year.

Critics of AB350 say kids are attracted to sweets regardless of the shape.

The measure was written by Democratic Assemblyman Rudy Salas of Bakersfield.

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  • brew_ner

    how about the parents just be responsible and keep their edibles out of the hands of their children? this is dumb.

  • Linda Vee Sado

    It is dumb and this is the responsibility of the parents. Probably the same people who leave bottles of bleach under the kitchen sink the kids can get to

  • Todd Burgess

    Cannabis is just as beneficial to small humans as big humans.
    Stop “protecting” children with legislation and allow children to grow up, naturally.
    I’m not talking about stoned kids, but proper medicinal use. I recall Mary Poppins singing about a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so goes medicating with cannabis. Sure, you can scrape the resin onto your teeth, or maybe the same amount infused into a delicious candy, cookie or drink? Who, today, takes Castor Oil? ‘Nuff said.

  • Sniglet66

    We all know kids will never, ever eat a round, square, or triangle piece of candy, Right? /s

  • jstlucas

    Hopefully now the weeners in the state legislation will ban flintstones chewable vitamins, kids can overdose on eating too many of those, or even worse, the gummy bear version of the vitamins! Also please ban the sale of cherry and bubble gum flavored cough syrup with hello kitty and transformers labels for colds and flus, the kids can guzzle those bottles down and overdose. “Child resistant” bottles don’t work except to keep older adults and those w. arthritis from getting into them.

  • Nancy Nicolai

    What if it’s just shaped like a piece of candy as in a bar of candy or a piece of hard candy or a piece of chewy type candy because you see all candy is going to be appealing to children whether it’s shaped like a piece of fruit ,person,animal or candy bar parents should keep it away from their kids and I know of No dispensery that would sell to anyone under 21 or someone who give to kids so I don’t know why the shape is going stop anything!?!😎👎

  • Michaela Whitney

    Is this counting towards the legal retail side or medical? my biggest issue with edibles right now is that they all seem to melt. Gummies are the only benign thing I can actually carry that doesn’t die in heat.

  • Patrick Billera

    Typical nanny state BS that has California written all over it. Legal recreational marijuana is just getting off the ground and already they’re taxing it to the hilt and setting up all of the government regulations, some of which are nonsensical like this one.. Black market will be back in business in CA in short order.

  • Angels4Autism

    This is an unfair, unreasonable action to take! A family member with Alzheimer’s uses edibles. People who have COPD, Chronic Bronchitis and other respiratory diseases who cannot smoke, use the edibles. Do they not understand that anything that goes into your lungs can cause problems. They have now found that vaping tobacco is causing a different kind of lung cancer than those who smoke cigarettes! The little candy men only have 15 grams of sugar and that is if you use 10 which I don’t think anyone does 🙂 , the sucking candy has 54 grams of sugar – what about the diabetics. The Gummy’s have less sugar. How about they start making the edibles using Stevia, Monk Fruit and other sweeteners that don’t raise blood sugar. How about parents be responsible and make sure their children don’t get into their stash, the same as gun owners need to keep their guns either in a safe or a place children cannot get into. I don’t see them stopping the sale of guns because children use them by accident or in school tragedies. This is hypocrisy! This is absurd. Call the Governor and let him know how you feel, call your state Senator, etc. We cannot let this happen!

  • Kalos

    It would be nice if this did not have to be a rule, but I think it does. They also need to always be in a child resent container that does not look like something that contains candy or other sweets. There are a lot of dumb people out there and we don’t need a random kid getting traumatized and sent to the hospital after eating a 500mg gummy. Make it look like vitamins or something, not candy.