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Now You Can Fight the Flu — With Cannabis!

Atlas Edibles drinks, infused HoneyPot, Jade nectar tinctures, and more products to survive the ravages of flu season.

Are Edibles for Everyone? What to Consider Before Ingesting Cannabis

Edibles are on the rise, but are they the best option for every cannabis comsumer?

Infused Decadence at the Coda Signature Chocolate Factory

Coda Signature's truffles are as beautiful as they are delicious. Discover what goes on in the chocolate factory and get your hands on these infused treats.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Chocolates

Single or taken? Who cares? These gourmet infused cannabis chocolates will make anyone happy regardless of their dating status.

Recipe: Easy Cannabis-Infused Valentine’s Day Treats

Cannabis-infused truffles are easy to love!

Quell Your Sweet Tooth With Colorado’s Favorite Gummies

Need something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Take a look at some of these top gummy brands and what makes them special.

California Athletes’ Best Cannabis Topicals, Patches, and Edibles

Stick to your New Year’s fitness goals with cutting-edge treatments for soreness, stiffness and inflammation.

Oregon’s Novelty Edibles With a Touch of Whimsy

Change up your edibles game by dabbling into these weird, whimsical, and nostalgic cannabis edibles that remind us that anything is possible in 2019.

From Flower to Concentrates, Our Favorite High-CBD Products in Massachusetts Today

Massachusetts cannabis shops have some outstanding CBD options. Here are some of our top picks.

Recipe: How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter Tarts

We elevated the iconic Canadian baked good with cannabutter!

Leafly’s Faves 2018: Cannabis Edibles

From microdose mints to yummy gummies, we've been treating our way through these delicious cannabis-infused edibles all year long.

A-B Inbev Teams With Tilray to Develop Cannabis-Infused Beverages

The joint venture will be geared towards the creation of a variety of non-alcoholic beverages containing THC and CBD.

Health Canada Proposes Regulations for Edibles, Extracts, and Topicals

Coming to Canada in 2019!

The 11 Most Iconic ‘Happy Brownie’ Scenes in Film History

December 8th is National Brownie Day! Celebrate by watching this selection of classic tv episodes featuring weed brownie-fueled hilarity.

Seasonal Delights: Colorado’s Favorite Edibles for Fall 2018

When the weather gets cold, Colorado consumers get treated. Get into the holiday spirit with these eagerly anticipated edibles!

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