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Try These Sweet & Sour Candy Edibles From Washington State

Looking for something sugary and sweet? Maybe even sour? Here are some of the best, most sugar-laden fruity candy edibles you can find in Washington.

The 6 Most Delicious Cannabis-Infused Cookies

Dear everyone, it's THC snack time. So grab you a glass of milk, plop down on the couch, and enjoy these 6 great cannabis-infused cookies.

Poison Control Chart: Cannabis vs. Alcohol

The panic over cannabis poisoning distracts from very real household threats, new data shows.

Blast Off Faster With These Quick-Hitting Cannabis Edibles in Colorado

Edibles have many advantages over smoking cannabis, but they can take a while to kick in. Luckily, we found these great goodies that don’t take as long!

From Michelin Stars to Cannabis Cakes: A Las Vegas Chef’s Journey

Read Chef Marisela Retina’s journey from crafting award winning cuisine to perfecting gourmet cannabis edible recipes made from the finest ingredients.

7 Infused Toppings for the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

The perfect summer treat just got even cooler. Try topping your sundaes with these yummy cannabis-infused edibles that go great with ice cream.

Vacation-Friendly Cannabis Edibles for Your Visit to Oregon

Oregon’s adult-use edibles are affordable, frequently low-dose, and offer the special-occasion highs that great travel stories are made of.

Q&A: Netflix’s ‘Cooking on High’ Show-Stealer Ngaio Bealum

Netflix's low-budget marijuana cooking show "Cooking on High" was stolen by stoner comedian/writer Ngaio Bealum. We interview Ngaio about cannabis-infused maple syrup, existential edibles trips, and the #permitpatty imbroglio.

Vegan? Sugar-Free? Yep! Healthy Edibles for That California Life

Tired of cannabis being the healthiest ingredient in your edibles? Enjoy these sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo & vegan edible options in California.

7 Magic Edibles to Survive Summer Movie Season

Discreet, tasty, and a bargain buzz, edibles consumed 15 minutes prior to previews will you get in a mindset just in time for the big picture.

The Hottest Item at This Toronto Design Boutique? State-of-the-Art Cannabis Chocolate

A meticulous cannapreneur and a brave boutique have created a space for craft cannabis. Is there a place for them in the legal marketplace?

White, Milk, or Dark? Colorado’s Top Chocolate Edibles

The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate infused with cannabis.

Here’s Where to Buy California’s Cannabis Cup Winners of 2018

The smoke has cleared on the 2018 High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup and the winners have taken their trophies home. Now it’s time to hunt down the products that won accolades.

7 Nutritious and Delicious Edibles for Hiking

For lovers of nature and cannabis alike, here are some healthy edible suggestions (infused jerky!) that elevate your hiking & camping experience.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 36: Your Cannabis Questions Answered

This week, What Are You Smoking? reaches into the mailbag and answers some of the many questions we receive from curious cannabis consumers.

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