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What Are You Smoking? Episode 58: Skinner Talks Cannabis and Art

Artist, animator, and filmmaker Skinner joins Will and Bailey to talk about the role cannabis plays in his creative process and reflect on the questionable decisions we've all made when it comes to edibles.

Washington Pauses Ban on Infused Gummies and Hard Candies

Under a revised plan announced by regulators, the cannabis industry will have 30 days to bring forward alternatives for the agency to consider.

Cannabis Gummies, Hard Candies to Be Pulled From Washington Shelves

Regulators announced a major change to the way they view cannabis-infused edible products, effectively banning all hard candies, fruit chews, and gummies.

The Best Low-Dose Edibles for Cannabis Beginners in Washington

If you're new to cannabis, you might want to start by taking edibles with small doses of THC. Here's where to find some of the best in Washington.

Old-School Treats Reinvented as Colorado Cannabis Edibles

Sugary treats of your childhood, like Pop Rocks & Kool-Aid, now come in a form with cannabis. Here’s where you can find them.

7 Splendid Bites for Getting Baked in SoCal

We did some research into the best baked treats in stores now, from cookies and macaroons, to pretzels and granola bites. Here are seven of our favorites in SoCal.

San Francisco Cannabis Tourism City Guide 2018

Where to lounge, what to buy, the law, and the price of legal cannabis by the Bay.

6 Colorado Cannabis Edibles to Try Before Summer Ends

Summer isn't complete without popsicles, iced tea, and s'mores. And in true Colorado form, these brands added the key ingredient: cannabis.

Try These Sweet & Sour Candy Edibles From Washington State

Looking for something sugary and sweet? Maybe even sour? Here are some of the best, most sugar-laden fruity candy edibles you can find in Washington.

The 6 Most Delicious Cannabis-Infused Cookies

Dear everyone, it's THC snack time. So grab you a glass of milk, plop down on the couch, and enjoy these 6 great cannabis-infused cookies.

Poison Control Chart: Cannabis vs. Alcohol

The panic over cannabis poisoning distracts from very real household threats, new data shows.

Blast Off Faster With These Quick-Hitting Cannabis Edibles in Colorado

Edibles have many advantages over smoking cannabis, but they can take a while to kick in. Luckily, we found these great goodies that don’t take as long!

From Michelin Stars to Cannabis Cakes: A Las Vegas Chef’s Journey

Read Chef Marisela Retina’s journey from crafting award winning cuisine to perfecting gourmet cannabis edible recipes made from the finest ingredients.

7 Infused Toppings for the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

The perfect summer treat just got even cooler. Try topping your sundaes with these yummy cannabis-infused edibles that go great with ice cream.

Vacation-Friendly Cannabis Edibles for Your Visit to Oregon

Oregon’s adult-use edibles are affordable, frequently low-dose, and offer the special-occasion highs that great travel stories are made of.

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