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‘Costco of Cannabis’ Aims to Cut Prices in Half. Will it Work?

Golden State cannabis prices have doubled post-legalization. We tried saving mad money with Flower Co.— a wholesale buyer's club backed by Y Combinator.

Where’s the Cheapest Cannabis? A State-by-State Comparison

Even as they've developed side by side, state-legal cannabis markets have evolved considerable differences in product pricing.

Feds Say Illegal California Cannabis Grow Was Funded by Chinese

The case is the latest where overseas money backed illicit cannabis-growing operations in places where the plant is legal for adults, prosecutors said.

Here’s the 5 Hottest New Cali Cannabis Stores

Sorry, Barneys New York, California beat ya’ll to luxury ganja retail. New stores March & Ash, Vapor Room, and ECO stylishly serve connoisseurs this week.

Uh-Oh, California Could Run Out of Legal Cannabis by Summer

More than 6,000 temporary farm licenses are expiring through July. Only nine permanent licenses have been issued to replace them.

Now You Can Fight the Flu — With Cannabis!

Atlas Edibles drinks, infused HoneyPot, Jade nectar tinctures, and more products to survive the ravages of flu season.

California Made $300 Million on Legal Cannabis in 2018, and It’s Just Getting Started

The new revenue is equivalent to average salaries for an extra 4,000 teachers, or 3,500 additional police officers.

Barneys New York Goes ‘High End’ With Beverly Hills Cannabis Shop

The pop-up shop inside Barney's New York’ Beverly Hills Store—dubbed— the High End includes Beboe vape pens, as well as grinders and rolling papers plated in gold.

2019 Is the Year California Cracks Down on Illicit Cannabis

The heat is on in California, judging by the recent tempo of arrests and closures across the Golden State.

Hot Cannabis Valentine’s Day Gifts of California

Grab cannabis aphrodisiac sprays, edibles, lubes, and more for Valentine’s Day with this product guide to California.

Sen. Kamala Harris Says Legalize It—and Oh Yes, She Inhaled

'Listen, I think it gives a lot of people joy,' she said. 'And we need more joy.'

5 Must-See Cannabis Business Talks in San Francisco This Friday

The International Cannabis Business Conference brings a heady whirlwind of key panels to San Francisco all day Friday—sponsored in part by Leafly. Here's what you should not miss.

How Honey Cultivates Partnerships With Humboldt Cannabis Growers

In a booming cannabis industry, Honey is devoted to supporting the efforts of cultivators from California's storied Humboldt County.

UC Berkeley Launches a Cannabis Research Center

One ongoing study could help more cannabis farmers go legal. Other research is flourishing as stigma against the crop dies out in academia.

California Cannabis Labs Are Finding Toxic Metal in Vape Carts

Strict new lab tests have revealed that vaporizer cartridges might sometimes pass toxic lead into cannabis oil, and then consumers' lungs.

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