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Northern Nights Music Festival

July 14th-16th Northern Nights Music Festival Cook’s Valley Campground is a festival site unlike any other. It is a rare gem; […]

Chalice California

July 7th-9th Chalice California Chalice was born out of the dream to combine the best elements of festivals and cannabis […]

In California, Many Growers Will Stay Underground

There are upwards of 10,000 growers in California's Emerald Triangle. What happens to those who don't get licensed?

Emerald Triangle Growers Scale Up Together in Co-Ops

For legacy farmers who want to continue as legal and independent, co-ops offer a way to thrive, together.

California Growers: How to Thrive at Craft Scale

In the second in our California Growers series, we look at small farmers who've built boutique brands.

California Farmers: Grow Big or Go Home?

In this exclusive four-part series, Paul Roberts looks at the options California growers face as the state enters the legal era.

California Lawmakers to Consider Cannabis Rules Thursday

California would set standards for organic marijuana, allow samples at county fairs and permit home deliveries under legislation set to be considered Thursday.

Remembering the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club, the Nation’s First Dispensary

Every time you hit a legal joint, you have the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club—and the larger LGBT community—to thank. Here's why.

California Lawmakers Pass Changes to Cannabis Rules

"We are building the airplane as we’re flying it," Sen. Mike McGuire said at a Senate hearing Tuesday, "and we are going to make some mistakes."

5 Ways to Improve California MMJ

As deadline looms, California MMJ advocates push for regulatory improvements

Elevation Gain: Cannabis and the Pacific Crest Trail

Completing the Pacific Crest Trail is a rare feat, but a full bowl can help take the edge off along the way. We speak to an avid hiker about his experiences with cannabis on the PCT.

LA’s New Proposed Cannabis Regs: Here’s What You Need to Know

After more than a year of community meetings and sometimes bitter industry infighting, the City Council released its draft cannabis regulations Thursday.

5 Things Los Angeles Learned From Early Adult-Use States

Ban gummy bears, legalize delivery and social use, focus on diversity.

Why Did San Diego Declare War on Med-West?

The odd timing of felony charges against owner James Slatic and his lawyer have raised questions in San Diego of whether the business was unfairly targeted.

ACLU, DPA Sue California City Over Restrictive Homegrow Rules

The groups allege that rules imposed by the city of Fontana make it “virtually impossible” for residents to grow cannabis at home.

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