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Denver Company to Join Forces with California Tribes for Cannabis Production

The United States Department of Justice recently lifted the prohibition of cannabis on federally-sanctioned land for Native Americans, and already a Denver-based company, United Cannabis Corp., is proposing to team up with Native American tribes in California to assist in the beginning stages of growing, cultivating, and processing cannabis. United Cannabis Corp. is a cannabis production company that specializes in producing cannabis with varying levels of THC and CBD.

FoxBarry Cos. LLC signed a licensing agreement with United Cannabis Corp. agreeing to fund $30 million towards facility development in exchange for exclusive distribution rights for United Cannabis Products across California. The licensing agreement calls for $200,000 in prepaid royalties to United Cannabis Corp. as well as 15% of the proceeds.

The products will be developed at tribal facilities and then shipped to and sold at licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in California, meaning if you live in California, Native American-grown cannabis is coming soon to a dispensary near you!

Image credit: Dragonfly Gardens