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‘It’s High Time to Address Research Into Medical Marijuana’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

September 15, 2017
'It's High Time to Address Research Into Medical Marijuana': The Week in Cannabis Quotes(Rick Bowmer/AP)
To paraphrase Earth, Wind & Fire:

Do you remember
All of these quotes in September?
If not, don’t be a pretender
Get caught up with this roundup today

We’ve got Alex Jones being Alex Jonesy, editorial boards urging Congress to protect cannabis and hemp, Orrin Hatch dusting off his book of marijuana puns, and more. Here’s a roundup of quotes from the past week.

– Far-right radio show host Alex Jones holding President Trump accountable for a campaign promise he never made


Senators Urge Trump Administration to Consider Cannabis as Opioid Alternative

“Congressional leaders cannot continue to bury their heads in the sand. Decades of experience have shown that the U.S. can’t win a war on marijuana. Moreover, waging such a war now would hurt the millions of people who rely on medical cannabis for relief and would overrule the many, many voters who have supported medical and recreational use of marijuana.”

– The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board urging Congress to listen to voters’ “overwhelming support for medical marijuana” 


House Committee Blocks Medical Marijuana Protections

“It’s really going to be up to local governments but I’m hopeful that they will start to look at this  and basically experiment with different ways to provide public use.”

– Senator Tick Segerblom (D-NV), exploring options for Nevada to establish legal cannabis lounges


Cannabis Lounges Looking More Likely in Las Vegas

“While this action provides a measure of certainty for the millions of medical marijuana patients and the clinics and business that support them, much more needs to be done. More than 95 percent of Americans now have state-legal access to some form of medical marijuana. The American people have spoken, and Congress needs to hear them. Ultimately, we need permanent protections for state-legal medical marijuana programs, as well as adult-use. Prohibition is a failed policy resulting in nothing more than wasted resources and lives.”

– Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), issuing a statement regarding the extension of protections for state medical marijuana programs through December 8, 2017


Trump–Dem Budget Deal Extends MMJ Protections to Dec. 8

“Trump could fix the problem by directing his administration to knock pot from its ridiculous position as among the most dangerous of controlled substances. Congress could act as well, and we’re pleased that so many of our congressional delegation, on both sides of the political spectrum, support needed regulatory reforms.”

– The Denver Post Editorial Board calling on President Trump and Congress to “give hemp farmers a break


How the Reemerging Hemp Industry Can Spark a New Industrial Revolution

– Excerpts from Orrin Hatch’s announcement to improve scientific research on medical marijuana that were highlighted to showcase his deliberate choice of words


Senate Stunner: Orrin Hatch Passionately Defends Medical Marijuana

And I think there is some pretty significant evidence that marijuana turns out to be more harmful than a lot of people anticipated, and it’s more difficult to regulate than I think was contemplated ideally by some of those states.”

– Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein speaking at the Heritage Foundation about whether the Trump administration will reverse the Cole Memo


The Cole Memo: What Is It and What Does It Mean?

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Rebecca Kelley

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  • 360dunk

    Dear Mr. and Ms. Stupid (male and female Congressmen),

    Kindly use your influence and authority to remove marijuana from its Schedule I rating because the entire world now realizes that the plant actually DOES have medicinal value. If everyone else knows that it’s insane to keep it listed on par with heroin why aren’t WE, as a nation, smart enough to admit it and make the change?

    Yours truly,

    (Anyone With Common Sense)

    • Becca

      I agree with you 100% I had a doctor messed my back up in 07 so I’ve been taking opiates for 10 years I was on the fentanyl for 10 years 75 mg it stopped working with that I was taking Percocet 5 a day now I am on oxycontin 40 mg plus I can take 5 Percocet a day plus my muscle relaxers plus my Gabapentin and a couple other ones they give me oh and yeah don’t forget the one you have to take because you can’t go to the bathroom where it gives you bad stomach cramps all day long and you can’t do nothing that day because you have to use the bathroom all day long so what did they expect people to do when the medication doesn’t work no more when a doctor messes you up for life and he can get away with it because in Maryland you can only go back after 3 years I had a second back surgery in 09 that doctor was from Hagerstown Maryland to he did not tell me what the first back doctor used ruined my back for the rest of my life I didn’t find out the 2015 of what the first back doctor used so what do they want you to do when all this strong medication stops working when a doctor does this deliberately to you because the doctor knew what he was putting in my back grew bone everywhere touched but choose to do it through my back when it was an FDA approved to do it like that but the Products Company paid these doctors Millions to use it it off label to get good reviews so they could use it in that condition he was supposed to do it through my stomach not my back so I’m the one that suffers while this doctor owns his own practice and he is chief of the neurosurgery at Hagerstown hospital the hospital told me I’m a husband get a lawyer who has $40,000 for a lawyer when your husband is the only one that can work so this doctor it’s hard to tell how many people they have hurt because they use this product from Medtronic from California to John Hopkins Hospital even Walter Reed on our soldiers B&P Bone infuse now Jeff session wants to make it where you can’t go after products companies that mess you up for life he must get a kick back from the pharmaceutical and the product companies because I done tweeted president Trump I voted for President Trump but there is no way marijuana is a gateway drug it is all on that person that does it I’ve been doing it since I was 17 you don’t see me want to go out and do heroin and I know a lot of people that do it and they don’t do heroin it depends on that kind person that’s their decision to go out and try another drug not marijuana’s problem that’s that person’s problem that’s looking for that high a different High so this is where our president Trump needs to stand up and show these pharmaceutical companies that get away with all these drugs because I had a lawyer come to my house and he would not help me unless I was on heroin that’s real nice isn’t it I said what the hell would I be on heroin for he said oh well some people that their medication don’t work they go to heroin I cannot believe that that is that person’s decision marijuana is not a gateway drug that’s how uneducated some people are what about alcohol look how many people die from a drunk driver alcohol is no different than marijuana so let’s outlaw alcohol let’s outlaw alcohol it does kills more people than what marijuana does a year so that’s outlaw alcohol because it’s no different from marijuana I can smoke a bowl of marijuana and I feel fine but when I drink that beer that was totally different and I can’t drink them more because of my medication I have to take but that is crazy outlaw alcohol if they don’t want to legalize marijuana let’s get them to outlaw alcohol

    • Jeff Hudson

      We need to be more specific when requesting changing the status of marijuana – cannabis. Marijuana/marihuana otherwise officially known as cannabis should not appear anywhere in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) unless both alcohol and tobacco are added to the CSA. We do not need the misdirected intentions of cannabis challengers acting against cannabis legalization efforts by down-listing it to a lower Schedule. That potential change result is patently unacceptable.

    • Mike

      Insulting people is not a good way to gain their cooperation.

      • 360dunk

        Sometimes people need to be slapped with a good dose of reality…..if they (and you) are that sensitive, that’s their (and your) problem, not mine. They SHOULD be browbeaten for allowing this bit of stupidity to continue.

  • peggy oconnor

    Now that you’ve taken away my pain meds, leaving me in pain, unable to live my life, an have left me with expensive procedures that do not work, would you please come here an take care of my profoundly disabled adult daughter an my ptsd, disabled spouse, an then do all my daily chores. After 20 plus years, I know what works. I took my meds responsibly but that doesn’t cut with you people. I so called doctors are selling expensive snake oil to many of us. I live in a state that doesn’t even have medical marajuana. Just shot me an be done.

  • peggy oconnor

    Excuse the typos, so angry.

    • 360dunk

      Can’t blame you. They’re trampling on your right to attempt living a pain-free life.

  • Mike

    Alex Jones is a tool. Drumpf has said a lot of contradictory things about marijuana over the years. His moswide-spread comment was that he said that he thought it should be handled by the states. But at other times he has said that it shouldn’t be legalized. No telling which of his “promises” he intends to keep. Jone’s problem is that he is to obssessed with bullshit conspiracy theories to be able to recognize a pathological liar when he sees one.