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Oregon Senate OKs Freeze on Cannabis Cultivation

April 29, 2019
SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Senate moved forward with a plan to limit the state’s supply of legal adult-use marijuana.

Oregon has enough cannabis to last the state for the next 6.5 years.

Lawmakers voted 18-10 Monday to freeze cannabis production at current levels for the next two years. The state will not issue new production licenses to marijuana growers, but current growers will be able to renew their licenses.

Democrat Sen. Michael Dembrow from Portland said the state produces so much marijuana that Oregon has enough of the drug to last it for the next 6.5 years. That surplus has caused prices to plummet.


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Lawmakers shot down another version of this bill earlier this month. Republicans said at the time that the marijuana industry should be regulated by the free market, not the state.

Some Republicans reversed their vote this time around saying the amended proposal is narrower in scope.

The measure now goes to the House for consideration.

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  • Seth Tyrssen

    Gee, if this is a problem for ’em, they can always just mail me the excess, I’ll put it to good use! 😉

  • sanddan52

    I hope they don’t try to sell us 6 year old dope! I have one jar left from a crop over 2 years ago and I can tell it has lost some of the potency and all of the smell. This was jarred and kept in a dark and cool space. Likely kept better than the product is at most of the dispensaries I been in.

  • BenSamizdat

    The State of Oregon has no way of knowing how much unsold flower growers are sitting on. They have never done a real audit and base this estimate of “6.5 million lbs.” on two newspaper articles that were rapidly debunked. The first article was by Katy Shepherd of the Willamette Weekly who admitted that she got her metrics directly from the lobbyist for a certain Outdoor Growers Guild that has publicly vowed to limit competition “by any means possible”. The second article came out 6 months ago and combined half of the 2017 harvest with 2018 harvest estimates to extrapolate a wildly inaccurate scenario. This kind of bullshit hurts Oregon’s entire Brand and I’m waiting for the inevitable lawsuits. My question – why didn’t they just stop giving licenses to non-citizens if they were so concerned?

  • NitWitMitt

    Send some of your overstock to Utah, I’d love to try some.

  • ComfortGreensDotCom

    “Oregon has enough of the “drug”…
    Why does it have to be called a “drug”?