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Trump Comments Spark Boycott of LA Cannabis Expo

August 18, 2017
(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
A boycott of the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo, slated for Los Angeles in mid-Sept., started with a Facebook post on Thursday morning. By Friday afternoon it had spread to a number of prominent members of the cannabis industry.

The boycott is the latest fallout from President Trump’s comments defending white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

On Thursday, the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) put up a Facebook post announcing its withdrawal from the expo due to the presence of Roger Stone, who is booked as a keynote speaker. Stone, a self-proclaimed political dirty trickster, is a longtime mentor and advisor to President Trump, and has a long history of ugly racial incidents in his past. He’s also a vocal advocate of cannabis legalization.


Leafly Interview: Dirty Trickster Roger Stone Talks Cannabis Legalization & Trump

The MCBA posted this on Thursday: “As a result of CWC choosing this guy as their keynote speaker, MCBA has decided to withdraw from attendance and speaking roles at this conference. CWC, you know better so there’s no excuse not to do better.”

Later that day, the Cannabis Industry Journal announced that it would “no longer be a media partner of any CWCBExpo events, unless they remove Roger Stone from the keynote slot.”

The Journal editors added:

“In choosing Roger Stone to keynote, the CWCBExpo is making a Faustian bargain and we don’t believe this is right. We need to stand by our morals; the ends don’t justify the means. The cannabis industry is no place for racism and we would like to see Roger Stone removed from the keynote position at CWCBExpo.”


Kevin Sabet Takes on Roger Stone at Politicon

Scott Giannotti, a managing partner of the CWCBExpo, replied in a post addressed to Minority Cannabis Business Association leader Jesce Horton: “How convenient MCBA is promoting CWCBExpo’s biggest competitor NCIA, who hosts ALL WHITE CONFERENCES. Meanwhile CWCBExpo works hard at producing the most politically and culturally diverse conference program in the cannabis industry. But we’re racists ok lol I’ll put our show guide up against NCIA’s any day you want and show you how dumb you people are.”

That did not go over well. Wanda James, one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, responded: “this is going big.”

Other leaders voicing their support for the MCBA’s position and withdrawing from the conference included Aunt Zelda’s co-founder Mara Gordon, as well as former Drug Policy Alliance California policy manager Amanda Reiman, who’s now vice president for community relations at Flow Kana.


The Haymaker: Solving the Roger Stone Dilemma

Stone’s presence has long made many cannabis activists uneasy. But he’s also been seen by some as a symbol of the common ground that conservatives and liberals can find on the issue of legalization. That uneasy alliance was shaken by Trump’s words and actions in the past week. For many, inviting a close Trump advisor like Stone to a cannabis event jumped a lane over the past seven days. What was once seen as a good-faith instance of reaching across the political aisle became a show of tacit support for Trump’s toxic views on race and violence.

Kaliko Castille summed up the feeling of many in the MCBA camp in Weed News earlier today:

“Maybe Roger Stone isn’t a racist, but you know what’s just as bad as being a racist? Using other people’s racism as a means to achieve your own political ends. There are plenty of well-intentioned conservatives that are coming around on our issue who don’t flirt with racism to make their point. If you want a principled conservative with political connections to speak at your events, invite Grover Norquist.

I don’t care how connected Stone is to Jeff Sessions or Donald Trump, if our industry decides to buddy up to people who have blood on their hands, there is no way for us to come out clean.”

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Bruce Barcott

Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

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  • mf2112

    Inviting Roger Stone was a mistake even before Charlottesville.

    • Jeremy D. Shepherd

      I disagree. He has the president’s ear, and from what I can see this administration (and Jeff Sessions) is the last holdout for the movement to succeed. The states are with us, Congress is with us, and now we need this administration with us. Unless you want to wait another 4-8yrs. When we are part of a specific movement, we shouldn’t boycott an ally of that movement because of their other associations. If we did that from the beginning, we would not be where we are at today; on the brink of de/re-scheduling.

      • Go Bruins

        Tax revenue to rebuild infrastructure. …

        Of course Trump likes the potential income. Plus he can go after Mexican drug lord with Cannabis Reform supporters😉😉😉

      • Kenny Hotz

        The movement just was on the line in the last 8 months? Everything wasn’t in line the previous 8 years at any point? It is all on Trump? Obama like he did with other things, had the chance to do whatever he wanted with a super majority. Dems had it all and this wasn’t passed and you want to put it all on Trumps back?

      • disqus_demMJl6uTu


  • Legalize420

    I know I’ll be hated on for this but long story short, the cannabis movement and industry needs all the help, amd support we can get. We are one Jeff Sessions attack away currently from a huge battle with the federal government/Sessions. Many dont see things like that as big as to them “cannabis is still taboo and a nig deal to discuss openly in a real legitimate manner. In the south especially but even here in MASS where we finally beat lawmakers and house to create a sensible policy.
    Roger Stone may be considered bad but that is also a stigma. If the cannabis industry gets pushed back we will be over 15 years back behind with progress. We have to reach common ground, let bygones be bygones, and shake hands over this issue. Political Party be dammed.

    • etidorhpa

      At least your critical thinking the agenda. And to further your thought, i say sweet pretty flowers attract bees not thorn bushes. We don’t have to fight to get what we want but argue and pursue and be truthful. All that this administration as well as voters wants is a place to call their own. Our America. The world isn’t ready yet for globalism and may never be.So defend your fellow American’s right to use marijuana.

    • Soldier For FSM


    • justadbeer

      I agree, and we may be hated together – But. MCBA is making this about something other than cannabis and using it as a stepping stone to promote a separate unrelated issue. Just because Stone has the ear of the President doesn’t mean he supports everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, which is already evident via his stance on cannabis. You are bang on when you stated that this can be a major setback to the cannabis industry. It is good to have morals and convictions, but when one’s convictions can undo years of good? As much as it pains me to say it – We need a guy like Stone to support our cause.

      • cactusjim420

        But keep in mind, Stone has a motive for getting involved and it’s not hard to figure out, just follow the money! His stance on cannabis is more about setting up “big cannabis” like tobacco, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

        • Patricia J Wilhelm

          Growing pains

        • justadbeer

          Everyone has an agenda (except me) , don’t think for one minute that grow operations are not out to make a profit. I agree with your thoughts on “big cannabis” I.e. tobacco getting involved. There is no doubt that money is what is driving state legalized cannabis and that’s fine, as long as the tax dollars collected are used for good I.e. free college as Colorado has done

          • Kenny Hotz

            weed cost less on the streets than it does legally in IL. You are worried about big pharma, big tobacco and whatever, but you are perfectly fine with big government who has a terrible track record on spending money from Feds to state to local.

      • Patricia J Wilhelm

        I agree. And the author is misinformed. President Trump did denounce racism in any form. People just don’t listen. Not every issue needs to have race brought into it. Did we lose our ability to focus?

        • Go Bruins

          He couldn’t hear because he was wearing his CNN earplugs. 😉😉

        • Mary Hirsch-Jones

          Trump would benefit by toking on some weed. He’s a bigot through and through. Human rights trumps weed legalization, hands down.

          • Donald McDaniel

            “Human Rights”/”Weed legalization” are NOT mutually exclusive.
            The legalization of cannabis should NOT be a matter for EITHER the medical Community OR the Government community. Since all Human rights are covered by our Declaration of Independence as well as the first ten Amendments to our Constitution, there is no need for a specific need to “legalize” the use or sale of Cannabis, since there is no need to ILLEGALIZE its use, and because of our HUMAN rights, it should never have been made illegal in the first place.

    • emma lewis

      You should research a little bit about Stone before you come to your conclusion, have you seen what he has written? Take a look at this and the Tweets that are embedded

      This guy is very bad for the industry, you can tell why Scott invited him, they are both very stupid people.

  • Jeremy D. Shepherd

    Not very wise. Stone is a Cannabis advocate who is very connected to many of the people we need to sway. He has the president’s ear, and we should not be pushing someone like this away… period. Not wise at all. If these folks would think it through, instead of reacting emotionally, they just might realize it’s a bad move. As legalize 420 said, the movement needs all the support we can get.

    • Tom V

      OH YES WE SHOULD BE PUSHING HIM AWAY, Jeremy! ZERO TOLLERANCE WITH RACISM! OUT! Get him out!! NOW! We don’t need a snake with a secret! He’s a RACIST, PERIOD! Everything will be fine!

      • Tim

        Tom V, what’s your evidence that Roger Stone is a racist? That’s quite a charge to hurl at someone. The cannabis movement desperately needs conservatives who have awakened to the benefits of legalization. Conservatives who might never listen to a liberal might be willing to listen to Mr. Stone. Even a small percentage of conservatives coming on board will be enough to completely turn the tide in this country.

        • Go Bruins

          Anyone that didn’t vote for Hillary is a racist…

          Don’t you watch CNN…

          • lovingc

            Wouldn’t watch CNN on a bet, they don’t like cannabis.

          • Go Bruins


            You are joking right… Half those people on CNN are smoking pot before they go on camera

          • lovingc

            You are full of bull excrement! You can not support that statement.

          • Brad Schulz

            I don’t think so. Are you going to risk your $10M salary because you spaced out reading the teleprompter?

          • Suzanne Marie Tucker

            That is such bs, anyone who votes for that criminal is not with the times and with it in general to make a statement like that is ludicrous!

          • Suzanne Marie Tucker

            I studied her when i took government last year and dug real deep and i did not like what i found on her, she is a deplorable herself of biblical proportions! I was raised a democrat, all my life, not anymore, her and obama started this race war! She is also connected to the KKK did you know that?

        • ethnomama

          I think you are missing the point, or don’t understand who Roger Stone is and is affiliation with the Trump administration. Conservatives might be willing to listen to Steve Bannon, former TRUMP ADVISOR, too. I don’t think that is the point of this boycott. Zero tolerance for racism, not for conservatism. Funny that you seem to equate the two – I think it was a goal of the alt-right to normalize white nationalism as part of ‘mainstream’ politics. Klan violence, internment of Japanese-Americans, the Holocaust – not that long ago. And with the alt-white and their Nazi friends committing acts of domestic terrorism against people of color in the US, we now have a POTUS and his K-K-Kohorts refusing to denounce an act of racist, white nationalist domestic terror. This is not ‘well, he’s okay, I think he has some black friends, he can’t possibly be a racist’ kind of thing at this moment. I don’t think people are understanding the political moment and actual point of the boycott.

        • medcannabis1

          Please use your phone and GOGGLE ROGER STONE NIXON ROGER STONE DIRTY TRICKS and educate yourself before you come on an adult site and make a fool of yourself.

        • Brad Schulz

          I wonder how Roger Stone feels about hemp. There would be a lot of money to be made in that industry. A LOT. America’s paranoia over marijuana is wrong and a shame.

      • Ole Man

        Different issue. Should not have been brought up or even a part of this discussion. Everything is not about African-American liberation.

      • Go Bruins

        They all need a Civics class or even a history refresher….

        Washington/Jefferson owned more slaves than 75% of the regular Confederatell Army.

        If I wore I Trump shirt on campus at UC Berkeley, I might be lynched or shot , but that isn’t racism or bigotry because liberals are doing the crime. Sorry folks!

        Your can’t have it both ways…

      • Andrew Smith

        Not everyone associated with Trump is a racist and not everyone protesting the removal of Confederate monuments are racist either. That’s just how the liberal media is spinning it and your foolish enough to believe it.

        • randolini

          With 90% of the mainstream media controlled by 6 greedy multi national corporations and Sinclair Media involved in a merger that will put them in 7 out of 10 homes in America, would you please explain where this liberal media you talk about is. It appears you are watching FOX and you are sadly misinformed.

        • ethnomama

          I guess I was watching footage from another planet… I saw white men and women with torches marching on UVA’s campus, chanting against n*ggers and jews. Maybe they were showing support for Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, his black slave concubine, it wasn’t clear… Foolish me.

      • Mike

        Evidence please Tom? Or did you get that from the mainstream media??

      • hyjyljyj

        No he isn’t, though.

        So, there goes that narrative.

        Again: He SUED the city of W. Palm Beach to allow
        blacks and Jews into his country club. If you believe “white
        supremacists” were impressed with that move, or his time spent being
        photographed hobnobbing with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Jesse Jackson,
        Al Sharpton, Alveda King, and Rosa Parks,…if you believe that’s a *DOG
        WHISTLE* to the KKK…you’re just simply just too stoned. Quit wasting
        valuable weed.

        • Kimmy Green

          But Trump didn’t literally buy a “segregated club,” as when he
          purchased Mar-a-Lago in 1985 it was a private estate and not a club. It
          wasn’t until the 1990s that Trump sought to convert the property into a
          private club, whereupon the town council imposed a series of
          restrictions upon his plans. Those restrictions didn’t require that
          Trump operate a segregated club; rather, Trump battled those
          restrictions, in part, by making the point that it was unseemly for the
          town to impose greater restrictions upon his plans to open an integrated
          club than they did upon existing segregated clubs:

          The town council, seeing Trump as an ostentatious outsider, handed him a
          list of restrictions as he sought to transform the property in the
          1990s. Membership, traffic, party attendance, even photography — all
          would be strictly limited.

          But Trump undercut his adversaries with a searing attack, claiming
          that local officials seemed to accept the established private clubs in
          town that had excluded Jews and blacks while imposing tough rules on his
          inclusive one.

          Trump’s lawyer sent every member of the town council copies of two classic movies about discrimination: A Gentleman’s Agreement, about a journalist who pretends to be Jewish to expose anti-Semitism, and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner about a white couple’s reaction to their daughter bringing home a black fiance.

          The move infuriated council members, who said it was a distraction
          from their concerns that Trump’s club would spoil a quiet street. But,
          in time, Trump got most of the restrictions lifted.

          “He won in the court of public opinion,” said Jack McDonald, who was a
          council member at the time and who went on to be mayor and to join

          Town council member Allen Wyett opined that Trump’s nondiscriminatory policy at the club was more of a business decision than a social one:

          Wyett, who is Jewish, said he would hear Trump talk with
          pride about Mar-a-Lago’s nondiscriminatory policy, but wondered if it
          was a business strategy: “Was he smart enough to realize that Palm Beach
          is about 40 percent Jewish and he was not going to attract the old
          guard anyway?”

      • Mike

        Evidence please Tom?

      • Mike

        Evidence please Bruce & Tom

      • Suzanne Marie Tucker

        who is recist? more than half the country is racist now thanks to Obama and his buzzard wife! Loll..

    • Paul Sorensen

      Jeremy, I agree. Enough of the ‘virtue signaling’ already. Weed needs all the friends it can get. “Racism bad, weed good” End of story.

      • Suzanne Marie Tucker

        We need everyone in our corner possible to get reform done and people need to stop looking down their noses at people just because they don’t agree or stand for everything they stand for, it is childish beyond belief and if you think about it, it is a form of discrimination and violates your rights as an American citizen..

        • Paul Sorensen

          I agree Suzanne, you get respect when you give respect. Respect has to be earned.

      • ethnomama

        Wow. And I worried that MY post was too long and kind of simplistic… Let’s try again – weed good, racism bad, good weed people who tolerate and enable racists – bad, really bad. I am not sure if people understand the timing and the relationship of the boycott to the POTUS’ defense of white nationalists who instigated violence in an act of domestic terrorism. Damn, even big Pharma’s Ken Frazier denounced and resigned – but, right, he’s African-American, white people marches with torches and Nazi symbols probably have a whole different meaning to him. The story is not over.

      • nubwaxer

        weed good, corporate cannabis not so good. i just get the feeling that stone has backing and is shilling for corporate interests that would monopolize the industry and suck money out of communities. now, growing may need to be at industrial scale but local small business growers and retailers should be encouraged as the cannabis industry model. do we want Monsanto patenting seeds and clones, producing harmful fertilizers and pesticides?

        • ModerateExtreamist

          I would say you make a good point. And i wonder why we are supposed to trust Roger Stone, where were his advisory skills when Nixon set up all the drug laws? the DEA? The scheduling that followed?? As far as the racism charge, that seems like virtue signaling and more hype, Stone has not stood with or defended the white power weirdos to my knowledge. Hate for Trump won’t help no one, and Sessions is the guy that worries me. But Stone is dodgy character
          in the world of politics…

    • lovingc

      When the president says protesters are as bad as the wielders of violence and hate, people that are close to the idiot in chief are not likely to be welcomed to any civil gathering.

      • Go Bruins

        Hate is hate

        Violence is violence regardless who you call your leader…

        El Chapo isn’t a Nazi but would you have him over for dinner…

    • Go Bruins


      How many people of color work at your company. How many black males or females work at your company…. How many Hispanic men and women work for Leafly?

      I bet Donald Trump has 500% more than leafly…

      If you are going to take a stand on racism to market your brand, let the numbers out?

      Tell the public how many minority executives are at Leafly and how many work for the company as regular employees.

      Maybe your company is racist?

      • Patricia Garrison

        Don’t switch the focus we speaking of trump n stone. Stay focus these men of power think we r not paying attention but we are.

        • hyjyljyj

          “Don’t switch the focus we speaking of trump n stone. Stay focus these men of power think we r not paying attention but we are.”

          Hardly in a position to lecture others about paying attention and focus. 🙂

      • Suzanne Marie Tucker

        Howe about this, woman are the ones who are discriminated against more than any one race or nationality to this day!?! why aren’t you talking about that instead of looking for favoritism because I am black, Hispanic or some other race. That race card doesn’t even come close to how badly woman are discriminated against??? Where is your outrage about that???Don’t you all have a mother and care about her? How about woman who are not allowed to drive or not allowed to become educated???That is the real crime here…Were is your outrage for that???

        • Mike

          Please, the Women’s rights March in the 60’s was a noble thing, until you find out that the banks funded it so that they could tax the other half of the nation and send Children into the indoctrination process of School earlier where they are taught what to think not how to think. The pay gap between Women and Men is a myth. Wake up.

          • Suzanne Marie Tucker

            They pay gap is not a myth, it is a fact and anyone who is educated would know that

          • Mike

            Oh really, educated by whom? Miley Cirus? Katy Perry? Madonna? Isn’t it funny that the very same celebrity women that push this agenda earn $1,000,000’s every year are crying out this pay gap myth. Or were you educated by the persistent narrative of the liberal mainstream media? Purely designed to divide and conquer, encouraging new age feminists to man hate, you are falling right into the hands of the globalist agenda to divide an conquer. Grow up you stupid Libtard social justice warrior feminist & stop man hating and Trump hating you silly woman.

          • Suzanne Marie Tucker

            Not by you obviously! Who listens to Miley Cyrus? Katy Perry? Madonna? they’re all out in left field somewhere like you.
            Being educated means going to college and getting a degree, you might want to check your spelling to smart ass! I wasn’t part of the march that made it easier for men to sit on there asses while the wife works and then have to come home to clean up behind their lazy asses? I am a die hard Trump supporter and despise the liberals in this country in fact i helped get trump elected by volunteering for his campaign, in their office here in Talley! I am educated and have a very high IQ, you heard me correctly, it is probably higher than yours! Loll! You can take that man hating bs and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! i love Trump and his family and will defend them to the very end you jerk. I don’t know what even gave the idea that i hate Trump, ooh let me guess you assumed that i hate the man that is helping to save our great nation and woman are the most discriminated against in this country not blacks, that is a proven fact! Here is another fact for you, dumb woman don’t make the dean’s list, the honor role and the president’s list for no reason, I am far from being any of those things you asswhole! get over yourself i have a right to free speech!

          • Suzanne Marie Tucker

            No it is not a myth! you wake up and that is not an educated guess i learned from some of the smartest professors out there so boo hoo hoo if you don’t like it! Go and do some fact checking, like i have done so many times,to see if there is any truth to the subject, before lashing out at innocent people for knowing what is true and what was is bs…

        • Fun Please

          How about no emotional angry competition? BTW, how do you expect me to achieve your perceived justice? Send our drafted men to enforce your version of Equality?
          Objectively for women to be Equal in the USA they would have to work harder for the pay they receive now, and participate in the responsibilities as well.
          Example 50% of the sod floor at our nation’s military cemeteries.
          Emotional and ignorant. If you were a man I’d say: No way to go thru life boy.

          • Suzanne Marie Tucker

            Nioce try with the mind F32ck go back to the drawing board! your an example of what is wrong with this country

          • Fun Please

            Actually, you are a sexist racist misandrist hypocrite.
            By not doing Equal work, *you* are what is wrong with humanity.

          • Suzanne Marie Tucker

            Actually I am not a racist not even close some of my best friends are of color, nice try and how exactly am i a sexist racist misandrist hypocrite? i went to carpenter school, graduated at the top of my class and work just as hard as any man on the job you dumbass! Your part of what is wrong you hypocrite i read some of your comments you made like pig really your a hypocrite of biblical proportions! are you trying to suppress me fyi it will never work? sounds more like discrimination against woman for having an opinion if you don’t like it, too bad, it is called freedom of speech…
            By not doing Equal work, I can dance circles around most of the guys at work with, i take home more in my pay check than my husband and you think this garbage about me when you know nothing about me and my family… My husaband bled for our flag and i will be damed if some jerk online is gonna tell me some ignorant shit like you did!

      • ethnomama

        Or the racial imbalance at Leafly is part of the systemic racism that has discriminated against people of color for over 200 years. And racial discrimination is not just scrawling a ‘C’ for ‘colored’ on a housing application, but also hiring managers who have a subconscious preference for people who look like him/her, and/or who harbor prejudiced attitudes towards people of color — black people are lazy, Jews know how to make money, ‘Hispanics’ (sic) are not very smart, so you have to watch them.’ But no, they are not racists, but they benefit from the white, privileged, power that enables institutionalized, systemic racism

    • hyjyljyj

      Thanks for being the voice of reason, Jeremy.

      Anyone seriously believing the president “defended neo-nazis and white supremacists” has been smoking waaayyyy too much herb and needs to bequeath it to me. 🙂

      BTW, between tokes, does anyone consider how silly it is to call a man a “nazi” who proudly speaks of his Jewish daughter, Jewish son-in-law, and Jewish grandchild? “Jew-loving nazi.” Really? Is he more Jew, or nazi? Discuss in context of his having SUED the city of W. Palm Beach to allow blacks and Jews into his country club. If you believe “white supremacists” were impressed with that move, or his time spent being photographed hobnobbing with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Alveda King, and Rosa Parks,…if you believe that’s a *DOG WHISTLE* to the KKK…you’re just simply just too stoned. Quit wasting valuable weed.

      Believe less…think more.

    • Sam Adams

      Everywhere I go, people are whining racism at Trump, mostly its based on a feeling that he is racist, and then twisting things he said or didn’t say to fit that feeling he is racist. What is it that the guy did? Wants to build a border wall for national security? That’s racist? I don’t think the wall is the answer, but it doesn’t equal racism. I think people just put in their hearts that he is racist a long time ago, and just can’t let it go.

    • ethnomama

      I feel sad for you and all those who don’t understand that racism (and any ism) is not a side issue, not a negotiating point. There is no ‘well, he defended armed white nationalists who terrorized the people of Charlottesville, but we need these people in our corner.’
      This is an example of white privilege, the privilege that requires ‘non-racist,’ ‘non-sexist,’ ‘non-antisemitic,’ ‘non-homphobic’ white people to be silent and allow a racist, sexual predator to be elected. They fired Bannon, but that didn’t change the fact that this administration is run by white nationalists and their supporters. Jeff Sessions – he makes millions off of private prisons, and is now US Attorney General. Jared Kushner was silent when Nazis marched and chanted antisemitic slogans. He and his Converted Jewish wife, Ivanka – crickets.

      We do not need nor can we, as human beings, tolerate the ‘support’ of racist, ‘dirty tricksters.’ Maybe you can find support at; I bet a lot of white nationalists are over there smoking weed with Steve Bannon and looking for ways to cash in on the emerging cannabis economy. Yeah, they will support you, until they come after you, too.

    • Tammy Simone Morris

      I agree. It’s not in the best interest of the national effort to decriminalize cannabis to boycott the CWCBExpo because of Roger Stone’s participation. I understand the MCBA’s and other’s emotional reactions but this is no time for division based on Stone’s views on other issues. It would be counter-productive to bar him from speaking at pro-pot events. The media follow Stone and his participation will get the attention of people who may otherwise not even know about the CWCBExpo. He also brings much-needed expertise to the campaign for decriminalization of marijuana.

  • Kenny Hotz

    “The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) is the first 501(c)(6)
    not for profit business league created specifically to progress the
    cannabis industry by increasing diversity.”

    Well when your business model is to progress the cannabis industry by increasing diversity, you are failing from the start. Diversity doesn’t improve anything but making people feel better. Hiring qualified people does create progress in any industry regardless of race. When you hire someone simply because of skin color, well doesnt that seem a bit racist?

    The business model they lay out for the public is obviously different than what they practice. Seen below you can see they had an opportunity to follow their business model but were triggered and ran away like children. ;


    A nationwide network of cannabis business owners within a variety of disciplines, including ancillary businesses


    For creation and fair enforcement of sensible, equitable policies

    Increased cannabis industry growth by ensuring patient and consumer access to the most people

    As a voice for the minority population with programs that foster opportunity, education, and equality

    • tweetingu

      This is beyond ignorant. Cut off your nose in spite of your face! I do t see any quotes of Donald Trimp’s racist remarks about Charlottesville in this article. From way bag when before politics he was against WS and KKK (YouTube that shit). Any way to try to put a wedge between race seems to be the norm for liberals these days and how sad that is for everyone. You would ralther not help the sick (children with horrible seizure disorders and cancer or adults with MS (me included), Parkinson’s or cancer and what about our Vets with PTSD? Just because you believe this guy might be a racist…the writer of this article is a shit stirrer and ignorant! I agree with most of these posts I’ve read…pulling out is a set back and a wrong move!

  • SandyLester

    Trump never defended nazi, kkk or ws he said there is violence on both sides.

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      That is not what he said, good try though.

  • Tim Patrick

    Brain washed Liberals ….. Follow your sheep to slaughter!

    • Tom V

      Tim… wipe that LYING orange oooz off of your cheeto dust, laced lips! Your poor fragile egg shell mind is still in STOOPID mode! Your intelligence, or lack there of is an embarrassment to all things GOOD! If you still support trump, then YOU are NO better than he! Who’s more ridiculous… the serial liar, or the fools that continue to believe the serial liar?

      • Tim Patrick

        @Tom V words of a true Liberal LOL! Hey Tommy I can tell by you throwing stones at me your still wearing your little man shoes .Leafly is for 18+

        • Tom V

          DAMN right words of a true LIBERAL! Much more intelligent than YOU’LL ever live to be. Your comment just proved my point Timmy Pat! Your intellect is Nonexistent! Your ignorance to reality is shameful! Throwing stones at you is like looking at your grammar; trying to figure out what you’re talking about! EL OH EL Grow up!

          • Kenny Hotz

            You claim intelligence but show the lack of capacity for it.

      • Kenny Hotz

        This BLM ANTIFA thug seems triggered. Go to your safe space, it will be ok.

    • Tim Patrick
      • Tom V

        Tim, again, you prove my point! You don’t even get it! DUH!

  • disqus_0N7kKYCg3F

    How did Trump promote rascism? He openly condemned the actions of those morons in 4 different press conferences… Also how mature, just because someone is speaking at a conference (which you could just not attend his speech) your willing to take away support for the industry. Let’s be real, marijuana needs all the support it can get. Grow up and get over the fact that someone speaking doesn’t totally align with your ideologies and look at the big picture.

    • Tom V

      OMG!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? “HOW DID TRUMP PROMOTE RACISM?” You are an IDIOT in desperate need of a Civics class! Do you pay attention, or is “REAL” news fake to you, too? UNREAL! Who’s more ridiculous… the serial liar, or the fools that continue to believe the serial liar?

      • T3tra

        This is best way to talk to people when you want to change their minds.

        • Tom V

          Ever since he got in office, there has been NO other way to talk! How many things need to happen before people realize that they made a grave mistake? Sadly, this is the ONLY way to communicate because people on one side of the fence aren’t listening, or they don’t care! You tell me, T!

        • disqus_0N7kKYCg3F

          haha right? Atleast he gave examples for his statements… oh wait…

          • Tom V

            Yeah, oh wait, you forgot this, Dickus!… How many more examples do you need? Like the BLIND leading the BLIND, right?! I’m not feeding into your troll pit, Dickus! Now go grow a brain! Use it next time! :/ Read a book, it might surprise you!

          • disqus_0N7kKYCg3F

            So what this tells me is you don’t have any actual examples and your just getting emotional and mad. still waiting on your examples…Ha I actually read a decent amount but thanks for that. Rascism on both sides has no place in America.

          • Go Bruins

            You need to read a few books.

            Trump is not racist. Just because GOP is predominantly white, doesn’t mean they are racist. You can do what he has accomplished in the private sector with racist views.

            How come when Don King is at his Mansion reporters are not ask Don King is Mr Trump is a racist? How come racism was never mentioned in the same sentence as Donald Trump before he ran for office???

          • Kimmy Green

            Actually, racism has been mentioned in the same sentence with Trump since the 1970’s.

            A meme featuring several images of Donald Trump posing with
            prominent African-Americans was widely circulated on Facebook in May
            2016, along with the claim that the real estate mogul was “never once
            accused of being racist by anyone” until he started his 2016
            presidential campaign (and implying that he was being accused of racism
            purely for the purpose of scoring political points).

            However, Trump was accused of racism long before he announced that he was running for president. According to the New York Times, one of Trump’s first newspaper appearances was in 1973, when the Trump Management Corporation was sued by the Department of Justice and charged for violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968:

            “The government contended that Trump Management had
            refused to rent or negotiate rentals ‘because of race and color,’ ” The
            Times reported. “It also charged that the company had required different
            rental terms and conditions because of race and that it had
            misrepresented to blacks that apartments were not available.”

            Trump was also accused of racism in 1989, when he took out full page
            ads calling for the return of the death penalty in several New York City
            newspapers. The ads were published a few weeks after a 28-year-old woman was raped while jogging in Central Park. Five men were arrested for the attack:

            “They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill,
            they should be executed for their crimes. I want to hate these murderers
            and I always will.”

            The incident stirred racial tensions in the city, with many accusing Trump of adding fuel to the fire. When evidence surfaced
            in 2002 that would eventually lead to the exoneration of the five men
            who were charged with rape, protesters criticized Trump for his racially
            charged rhetoric:

            On May 1, 1989, Donald J. Trump took out full-page
            advertisements in four New York newspapers calling for the return of the
            death penalty. Mr. Trump said he wanted the ”criminals of every age”
            who were accused of beating and raping a jogger in Central Park 12 days
            earlier ”to be afraid.”

            Thirteen years later, as new evidence raises the possibility that the
            five teenagers convicted in the attack had nothing to do with it, their
            supporters are focusing some of their fiercest anger at Mr. Trump.

            ”Trump is a chump!” protesters shouted during a recent demonstration,
            accusing Mr. Trump of, at least, further inflaming passions and perhaps
            tainting the defendants’ future jurors. Some called him a racist.
            Supporters of the Central Park defendants have demanded an apology.

            Former employees of Donald Trump have also accused the real estate
            mogul of racism. John R. O’Donnell, a former president of Trump Plaza
            Hotel & Casino, wrote in his 1991 book Trumped! that Trump frequently used racial slurs:

            A book written by one of Donald Trump’s former casino
            executives accuses Trump of calling his biggest gamblers “slobs,” of
            making racial slurs against black people and of being largely ignorant
            about the casino business.


            O’Donnell described a dinner conversation with Trump in which, he
            writes, they discussed Trump Plaza’s financial executive, who was black.
            He quoted Trump as saying he never liked the man and believed he was
            not doing a good job. Trump’s conversation is recounted:

            “And isn’t it funny. I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and
            Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of
            people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every
            day. . . . I think the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault
            because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that.
            It’s not anything they can control.”

            The real estate mogul was also accused of making racist remarks after he testified before the House Native American Affairs Subcommittee in 1993:

            “They don’t look like Indians to me and they don’t look
            like Indians to Indians,” said Donald Trump in words which led to
            immediate accusations of racism and bigotry. Mr Trump was attacking the
            tiny tribe of Mashantucket Pequot Indians in Connecticut whose casino,
            with profits of dollars 1m ( pounds 675m) a day, has just outgrown his
            own casinos in Atlantic City to become the largest in the United States.

            He said: ‘It will be the biggest scandal since Al Capone and it will
            destroy the gambling industry’ if the Pequots and members of the 515
            other Indian tribes in the US continue to exploit their status as
            sovereign nations to start casino gambling. Mr Trump, speaking to a
            Congressional committee, added: ‘It’s obvious that organised crime is
            rampant on the Indian reservations.’

            The FBI immediately denied that it had any evidence that the mob was
            moving into gambling on the reservations. In Connecticut the Governor,
            Lowell Weicker, who signed the deal whereby the Pequots give dollars
            113m a year to his state, sprang to the tribe’s defence earlier this
            month, saying he objected more to Mr Trump than he did to casinos. In a
            rich exchange of insults he said he had come to a ‘fast conclusion that
            we don’t need that dirtbag in Connecticut’.

            Mr Trump, denying he had meant to cast a slur on American Indians,
            said the Governor was ‘a fat slob who couldn’t get elected dog-catcher
            in Connecticut’. Mr Weicker admitted that he might have been a little
            tough in his language but then added: ‘I can lose weight a lot faster
            than a bigot can lose bigotry.’

            In 1992, Trump lost an appeal to overturn a $200,000 penalty for removing black dealers from the tables at the request of high rollers, and in 1996, 20 African-Americans in Indiana sued Donald Trump, accusing him of reneging on a promise that he would hire largely minorities as his riverboat casino staff.

            This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the times Donald Trump has
            been tied to a racially charged incident, nor is it proof that Donald
            Trump currently harbors racist ideals. The viral meme which circulated
            in May 2016 claimed that Trump had never been accused of racism before
            he decided to run against Democrats, making the claim blatantly false.
            Trump has been accused of racism by former employees, protesters,
            committee members, and has also been the subject of legal action in
            regard to discrimination laws.

      • disqus_0N7kKYCg3F

        Give me examples of how he promotes racism. He condemned white supremacy multiple times on multiple news networks. Also he’s married to a “foreigner” technically. She’s hugely successful. He supports israel…so far he had condemned hate groups on both sides.

    • Weston of Mass Destruction

      I didn’t vote for the guy and even I can’t see where he promotes racism and white supremacy. I’ve seen the words come out of his mouth condemning it several times and have seen tweets condemning it.

      People just have this in their minds. Don’t worry. No one can give you any examples, just call you names. That’s the sign of a lost argument.

  • SailerJerry

    Hey…ABOUT TRUMPS COMMENTS AND THE MEDIA’S RESPONSE…..Think what you will about President Trump but this making up shit by the Media that was not said has got to stop. Lying and manipulation of information in the media is destroying the integrity of the Press and making it the norm to not tell the truth. The Fact Is….President Trump stated numerous times that he disavowed and condemned the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s and “all” hate groups. Because he didnt say it the way some would have liked is another story. Many folk are pissed off because President Trump called out those on the left that showed up to that racist rally to actually fight with the white supremacists as if that were OK. Many in that group were part of Alt-Left Hate Groups themselves. FYI…Both sides fighting seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. That poor women might not have gotten killed if there wasnt a riot going on as violence begets violence.. Many political factions are purposely dividing America through Identity Politics. These political factions are dividing America in hopes that all of the in-fighting will slow or curtail any progress that this present administration makes in fulfilling President Trumps agenda. This in-fighting will also curtail any positive progress in making marijuana legal in the Federal Government’s eyes as well. Remember your history…Rome’s Downfall Came From Within…..Smoke On Brothers And Sisters.

  • c-luv

    Roger Stone is NOT a racist. And Trump’s comments were NOT RACIST (I listened to all of his words, more than once, trying to figure out WTF these media pansies were talking about). All I could hear him saying is that PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY should be protected, and that not every person at that rally was some kind of KKK or Neo-Nazi member. But people who hate someone blindly, and with abandon, will never be convinced and will continue perpetuating their ignorance – such as in articles like this. BRUCE, your headline sucks. The word racist has been thrown around so much that most people in our country barely even know what it really means. But if you want to demonize someone, just call them a racist. It’s getting OLD and ineffective… but who cares right? Just blast someone with a meaningless, unfounded accusation and the sheeple will follow you!

  • c-luv

    Roger Stone is a GREAT advocate, and he’s not racist. I believe we need him, as Trump needs pro-cannabis people advising him too. As it is, Sessions and Kelly are two of his top advisers. They hate cannabis! I’m sure they have many reasons (like reelection money from drug companies, etc.) If we can place the imbecilic accusation of racism aside (where it belongs), Roger Stone is one of the BEST options for Key Note speaker.

  • Lee

    I hate this Administration with every fiber of my being. I can’t blame the MCBA for their protestor Stone. The KKK are firmly entrenched in the WH, and the President has proven that he has no problem, considering his parents being members of the Klan, the apple did not fall from the tree. Having said that I was not aware that Stone was cannabis friendly.
    I used to be extremely involved in politics. I was climbing the party ladder but after working in one Governors office and seeing how money gives access I quit everything, all involvement. I couldn’t in good conscience work for a governor or government that is run by the biggest donors. Having said that before I left I remember several times reaching across the aisle and being careful to not alienate those who would be at least open to compromise or support.
    If I were the members of MCBA I would show up listen and talk to him about working with the Admin on changing their opinions. Talk to him about the reason for the convention! Or go and simply not attend Stones speech!
    By not showing up you let him win. If anyone at the conference shows any support for the racist policies call them out! They are exercising their freedom of speech, exercise your own and promote your organization as the alternative.
    I am sure that not all attendees are liberal democrats. But you have to remember the goals of the convention. Advocacy for the legalization of cannabis.

  • Michael Bradbury

    I hate Trump and I hate what Stone stands for just as much if not more.
    But you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    Consider the political capital, both in $$ and PR and PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY.

    Combating racism is critical, and responses need to be clear and firm, but I don’t see much of a link between Roger Stones support of marijuana legalization and Donald Trumps obvious racism. Do they both suck? Yes. Are they both flaming a**holes? Yes
    Do you have to do business with flaming a**holes when dealing with the federal government at ANY level? Yes
    So what is the real issue here? That WE are all riled up about racists and wanting action NOW? Yes

    The support and cash that a thriving cannabis industry with money in banks and access to financial instruments could provide a political cause?

    You could rival some of Sleazeball Stones rich crony backers that get congressmen elected and laws changed.

    Think Large, not small…..

    When the civil rights movement was experiencing splintering in all the different directions as movements will do as there are so many parts critical to so many people, Dr. MLK said “Keep your eyes on the PRIZE”……

    • Tom V

      I concur, Michael! Unreal!

    • Go Bruins

      Donald Trump is not racist

      On the record, he has hired more people of color in the private sector in one month than Obama or Hillary will ever hire in a lifetime.

      Furthermore, I live in Southern California and also work all over 4 counties down here. Barack Obama made white people more wealthy and turned his back on many of the worst areas of SoCal.

      Those people still are in the same hole Obama left them in. No hope! He did nothing to create viable opportunity for any people of color.

      Sorry if the truth hurts…

  • Larry342516

    You people are nothing more than a bunch of Liberal idiots. Trump did not defend these people. Show me where in his statements that he did.

    • cactusjim420

      I’ll show you, just get off of Fox News and watch ANY other news source, read a paper, get a balanced view, then you will see it.

      • Kenny Hotz

        Why are you letting anyone think for you. Read his own words and form your own opinion. You clearly have bad clarity of words or let people think for you. To claim any other source as balanced is laughable, not that I watch Fox but MSNBCNN even admits their biases.

        • cactusjim420

          Screw the words, are YOU so blind you cannot “read between the lines”? Time will show, your wrong for defending him, as is anyone else who defends him, let’s face it, YOU WERE HAD! Now go face the mirror and repeat that to yourself several times, maybe you’ll trust the face in the mirror, and see the light at the same time.

          • Kenny Hotz

            I didn’t defend either side but again you let others think for you so how could you possibly read a sentence and gather any information from it. you “read between the lines” because you don’t understand the lines, you are biased and thank god we have thought police out there who will condemn people for what they haven’t said. Go to you ANTIFA BLM 99% safe space and prep your next anti violence riot.

  • originalone

    Goodness, why is Leafly allowing the comments to take on the tone of emotion from some? Regardless of whether or not the up coming CWC&BX is too the liking of any one group, to which I say if you don’t like any part of it, don’t attend. Playing the race card as has been done here doesn’t accomplish anything besides show that the bogyman – i.e. – racism is alive and well, which doesn’t have a place at the table. Keep the personal politics out of this. Were all striving for he same thing, legalization. The battle to date has been fought long & hard, to turn back because of playing the race card.

  • Andrew Smith

    Stupid liberals. You should be grateful that anyone associated with Trump is pro cannabis and willing to attend this and make a speech. He could be the key that keeps Trump from giving Sessions the freedom to enact federal law over the state’s with any form of legal cannabis and force them all to shut down.

  • Gary Arnold

    I don’t agree with claiming Trump supports White Suptemacists or the KKK. He condemned them all including anti_demonstrators as both acting as extremist groups. At the same time he acknowledged there are good people on both sides, not everyone is of like mind.
    If you want to grandstand don’t let the MCBA bring THEIR RACISTS agenda to our business. This polarizing bashing of whites by blacks is a backlash from Obama years of dividing our country. We’ve got to show solidarity towards promoting our industry, there are plenty of obstacles in our way, we don’t have to be ego centric with emotions of political pointless claims.

  • Weston of Mass Destruction

    “The boycott is the latest fallout from President Trump’s comments defending white supremacists and neo-Nazis.”

    Bruce Barcott, I usually think your articles are fair and open minded; however, this comment is untrue. Not once has Trump defended these groups. He has openly condemned them on every media outlet several times. You saying that will cause others to automatically jump on that bandwagon. That statement is beneath you.

    I don’t particularly care for Trump, but I won’t be dishonest and make stuff up about him either. Any time you ask someone how the president supports the groups that show hatred, they can only call you names because there are no examples.

    Mr Stone is a good advocate for the cause and the individuals that are boycotting this are being ridiculous. Just because Stone has the president’s ear doesn’t make them the same people. So many partisan hacks are really doing a disservice to the cause.

  • Cyberduk

    So by MCBA’s logic, you’re either Left or you’re Racist, but you can’t be neither.

  • Mike Savage

    Trump only said there was bad behavior on both sides after sighting that some of the protesters arrived with their faces covered and carring wood bats. The KKK had a permit to demonstrate and while most people do not agree with their views we must keep in mind that at least all Americans have freedom of speech.

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      So now you agree with the ACLU?

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      What about Kaepernick?

  • Eric Carso

    They are obviously just approving right wing comments.

  • Bruce

    Boy, the way you can twist up a story!
    Trump in no way supports those pieces of shit white supremacist! Just because he said the trouble was was on both sides doesn’t means he supports them!
    And because the fucking nazi white supremacists had a right to be there, which the ACLU fought for them to be able to hold the rally WITH a permit. Trump saying it was ok for them and not the Antifa suckers causing the violence like they have everywhere else they show up only means that Trump believes they have a right to be douche bags by spewing racist bullshit all they want and it is their constitutional right to say whatever they want and to peacefully do that!
    It is not the right for those, “anti fascist” fascists to start violence. I don’t care if you like what somebody says or not.
    You do not have a right to harm anybody because you don’t like what they say!
    This is still America mother f*r!

    And then you take “dirty trickster” as a description of Stone, probably what you read on Wiki!
    Marijuana has a chance of becoming legal during the Trump administration and your biased bullshit is not going to help! It is only going to hurt, because I know plenty of people who smoke pot and voted for Trump!
    You have turned me off to your site and many more with bullshit like this!
    Peace and love mother f*r!
    Stop YOUR hate and your support for Antifa, the true fascists, anti American POS!

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      WHAT? YOU NEED TO WATCH SOMETHING ELSE THAN FOX NEWS. ANTIFA has never killed anyone. ANTIFA is not calling for the extermination of jews, the repeal of civil rights. What is wrong with you?

  • George Geranios

    The President didn’t defend white supremacists and neo-nazi’s. That group MCBA can go screw themselves. I don’t care if they are not showing up. I believe the expo should go on. Quit all these unnecessary phony boycotts. Keep the ball moving for marijuana decriminalization.

  • Rob Hackett

    I’m no Trump fan, but the man did not defend neo Nazi’s in any way, shape, or form! He said they had a permit to speak, and demonstrate! And that both sides were violent! Don’t you people get sick playing the race card for advance your arguments, or agendas? Or is it just to get clicks, or exposure? It’s so very small, insulting, and flat out BS! What a discrace to the Democratic Party! JFK would be sick to his stomach! Last, let’s not for who was behind Jim Crow, the Klan, the advocation of slavery! The DEMOCRATIC PARTY!! IN SPADES!!

    • FlunkedAgain

      let’s not for who was behind Jim Crow, the Klan, the advocation of slavery!


    • Puna John

      True as far as it goes, but false today. The parties have switched positions on racism and it’s dishonest to use this old argument. When president Johnson signed the anti discrimination laws in the 1960s he predicted that Dems would lose the south for generations. All the racist democratic elected officials switched parties and racists today know their home is the Republican Party. Obviously many republicans are fine decent people but there is still room at the table for racists. Trump’s reluctance to condemn nazis stems from fear he will lose their votes.

  • Puna John

    Hitler was a vegetarian. Should a vegetarian convention have invited him as keynote speaker because they all agree on one issue? Stone was in touch with Russian hackers. Helping a foreign power influence our election is treason. We can get cannabis legalized without the help of a lying dirty trickster traitor.

  • laura

    Hell NO, I wouldn’t go. Never deal with the devil.

  • Some Guy

    I’m so thankful we live in this post-racial era Obama ushered in.

  • Mike

    this is supposed to be a free speech discussion, stop deleting my posts

  • fedupinblueoregon

    Trump did NOT defend white supremacists and neo-nazis. He stated that both groups showed up to fight. I watched the marching live on TV and the counterprotesters were walking alongside the protesters waving broomhandles & axe handles and shouting at protesters. Then the fight began. Trump said: “It was dark day for America.” I totally agree. The far right and the far left zealots are both to blame for violence.

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      Yes he did.

  • silentleopard1

    Regarding Stone, I don’t give a rats ass ! If he backs us then so be it . My dream would be the legalization of cannabis in N.J. this would be amazing . Hopefully the DEM’s will be voting for Phil Murphy . Democrat Nicholas Scutari has the bill on the table so when the fat man leaves in January its all go but will anybody vote ???

  • Shoreline1

    I’m boycotting America because the people there won’t kiss my ass. That will teach them.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Morons. Stone and his girlfriend march in the Gay Rights parade. You just can’t please some people.

  • I’m intolerant of intolerance and I will not tolerate any one who is intolerant.

    I’d ban myself for intolerance but that would be intolerance. Which I will not tolerate.

    You can’t beat intolerance with intolerance. Shrinking the anti-Prohibition movement will not increase its effectiveness.

  • Mike

    This article is disgrace and is based on no facts, Trump is not a racist in any way and did not show any support for Neo-Nazis or white supremacists. Stone is not a political dirty trickster, he simply exposes the globalist agendas designed to bring down the US, the constitution and he genuinely cares for the rights of all US citizens, so does Trump. This article is clearly based of the false narrative of the Soros/Globalist/illuminati funded mainstream media who’s goal is to divide and conquer the nation. Very sad to see that the Cannabis industry is being infiltrated by the far left who stands for free speech, unless you disagree with them. Anyone that actually consumes Cannabis should be able to see through these lies. Please people before you call people a racist, get your own facts, don’t really on the mainstream media to provide you with the truth

  • Kelley Mottola

    All of you are missing the point. Cannabis has nothing to do with racism, so get over yourselves. All of you are making this about politics and racism, how is that helping the cannabis industry? It isn’t? People have the right to speak their opinions and if you don’t want to listen, then don’t. Educating people on cannabis should be the main objective and neither Trump or Hillary or our entire government is for that unless they can get money out of it somehow.
    As for Trump/Stone being racist, we all are to some degree, but don’t see how preventing illegal immigration, building a wall, and protecting Americans is racist? All nationalities have good people and bad people. All most Americans are looking for is for people to come here the right way, follow our laws (not try to change them), be treated fairly (not giving away tax and SS dollars to those who have not contributed), and speak English. How is wanting to stop illegal’s from breaking the law, racist? To me, allowing them to break the law, says it is ok to break the law if it affects you and your family? Apparently, this is what many believe and I just don’t get how that doesn’t say, Break the law it’s ok if you are protecting your family. How stupid is our government and you who think this is OK. I think you should be the ones who pay for all these people’s medical care and government assistance. This isn’t how I choose to spend my money. Maybe, if you were forced to pay, you views wouldn’t be quite so strong….

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      Legalization HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RACISM! Are you fucking joking me? It’s only being legalized because of social justice issues. The social justice issue is that drug laws primarily affect BLACK, HISPANIC communities for what amounts to victimless crimes. You seriously have no idea why these laws are being written, supported and passed?

  • Mike

    Leafly you only allow posts that agree, some in the most vulgar vitue signalling manor or posts that vaguely disagree. I have posted 4 times, each time disagreeing with the false statements and views of this article and you delete every time. Pathetic

  • Mike

    This is another very pathetic article with clearly no evidence to back it up. 1) Roger Stone completely opposes racism and does not play dirty tricks in Politics, he simply exposes the globalist agendas designed to bring America down and the false narratives consistently pumped out by the media. 2) Trump did not defend neo- Nazis and white supremacists and is in no way a racist. This article is clearly based on the regurgitated rhetoric consistently pumped out by the Soros funded mainstream media to divide and conquer the people. Trump and Roger Stone clearly want to bring the country and people together. It is very sad to see that the Cannabis industry is being infiltrated by the Liberal Alt-left who apparently stand for free speech, unless you disagree with them. I would have thought that any sensible Cannabis smoker would be able to see through the lies here. Get some facts people which aren’t lies from the Illuminati media such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNSBC or CNN. Peace and Love.

  • Mike

    Dear Bruce, you consistently delete me posts without a reason because they challenge the authenticity of your article.
    You are clearly another new age liberal, triggered by free speech. Typical of the liberal left you are attempting to delegitimize, silence and destroy all dissenting voices. The freedom of speech, the foundation of a free society, is being eroded away under our very noses. I will be contacting Leafly management to discuss this.

  • Mike

    This is another very pathetic article with clearly no evidence to back it up. 1) Roger Stone completely opposes racism and does not play dirty tricks in Politics, he simply exposes the globalist agendas designed to bring America down and the false narratives consistently pumped out by the media. 2) Trump did not defend neo- Nazis and white supremacists and is in no way a racist. This article is clearly based on the regurgitated rhetoric consistently pumped out by the Soros funded mainstream media to divide and conquer the people. Trump and Roger Stone clearly want to bring the country and people together. It is very sad to see that the Cannabis industry is being infiltrated by the Liberal Alt-left who apparently stand for free speech, unless you disagree with them. I would have thought that any sensible Cannabis smoker would be able to see through the lies here. Get some facts people which aren’t lies from the Illuminati media such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNSBC or CNN. Peace and Love

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nice try Troll..

      1. Roger Stone stands by a man and administration that is openly and blatantly racist. Racial Bias/Prejudice + Power = Racism. Numerous events support the facts that Trump is a racist. And when you support power structures and people who are racist that makes you a racist. it’s that simple.

      2. Trump did defend Neo Nazi’s “There are some good people in the crowd” – He called white supremacist and Neo Nazi’s good people. That is defending them. You don’t go to a white supremacist rally if you are a good person. You don’t go to a Neo Nazi rally carry torches and shout anit-jewish chants unless you are a Neo Nazi. You are trying to excuse inexcusable behaviour.

      3. Soros funded mainstream media? you know how lame and tired that argument is? George Soros is the right wing boogeymen, he doesn’t pay protestors, no one is on his payroll to create a national government run by the UN. Anti-fa is not his hired army out to spread anarchy and destroy America.

      4. Legalization wasn’t “infiltrated by the alt-left” – The legalization effort HAS ALWAYS been a far left liberal movement. From Hempfest, NORML, etc etc. These have always been movements for social justice. If anything legalization has been infiltrated by corporate greed and “libertarians” looking to make a buck.

      5. You named pretty much every credible news source. Let me guess, drudge, breitbart and other fringe sites are the only place you consider “credible”.

      6 If these news outlets are part of some vast liberal conspiracy, when did the conspiracy start? the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s? Was it happening during the Reagan or Bush years? DId it start under Clinton? What caused this vast consipracy to take hold? Take over of the media conglomerates by Soros or other “elites” or “bankers” ie.. whatever code word you righ wing nut jobs are using for Jews these days? Or did these newspapers and media outlets just suddenly become so liberal and anti-american just before Trump was running for office? It’s very curious.

      • Mike

        Troll? Unfortunately, name calling is not a valid argument. I believe in free speech so please, provide some evidence to counter my statement.

  • william johnson

    So self defeating….you want cannabis legalized and no issues w/current administration, right? Roger stone can probably offer some useful advice. Stone can help with government issues…w/o that there’s no legalization.

  • stewdad11

    Wow this country goes down the shitter more and more everyday!

  • rantoff myback

    The use of marijuana is non-partisan. It is a civil liberty issue. For these organizations to take positions against each other over Roger Stone is ammo for the opposition. It feeds Mr. Stone. The consumers of marijuana are the most diverse crowd of anything on earth. Mr. Giannotti and MCBA are demonstrating their grasp of the toxicity of social media, that which Mr. Trump thrives upon. Both organizations have forgotten who use cannabis and seem to be only feeding their self-interest rather than fulfilling the end goal of ending prohibition. I have been an advocate and organizing leader for 15 years, this type of leadership bickering is not uncommon and these type of people don’t last long in their roles. Good luck, stay focused… end prohibition, use each others specialties as the vehicles necessary to stop the drug war on people.

  • JunkMonkey

    Keep it up, and you’ll all but guarantee a Trump re-election. This is a very bad idea. You shouldn’t push away powerful advocates simply because of a gross misrepresentation of what a President said. You’ll only push others away from you.

    • disqus_demMJl6uTu

      Wrong. Trump has REPEATEDLY shown he is a racist, all the way back to not allowing black people to rent in his building in Queens. Either you are ignorant, not paying attention or a Russian troll.

  • medcannabis1

    The cannabis community was founded upon compassion for the sick and suffering. Roger Stone represents NOTHING COMPASSIONATE and has supported Richard Nixon, thank you schedule 1 and supports Trumps policies of racism and bigotry. As a gay man I have cared for Neo Nazis and KKKristians on their deathbeds and I can assure you pain relief and peace is all they are seeking and our economic engine can still be compassionate as it moves into the world of big business and BOYCOTTING the event because of their support of this fascist Stone is appropriate .

  • disqus_demMJl6uTu

    People are really lining up behind Roger Stone as a standard bearer for this industry? I’d rather have pot be illegal and my livelihood depends on legalization.

    Don’t forget, Leafly is owned by Privateer, who has it’s own connections to the Trump administration through Peter Thiel.

    If legalization isn’t about social justice,then what is it for? So people can get high on corporate pot? No thank you.

  • disqus_demMJl6uTu

    Like every other message board, the Pro-Trump trolls are out in force. Anyone who is anon or using stock footage is a Russian bot.

  • disqus_demMJl6uTu

    That includes me

  • Elfwood

    What a bogus article… Go on, believe whatever you want. Lemmings!
    “Defending white supremacists and neo-Nazis” That’s far from the truth, but it seems so easy to call someone a racist these days.
    “Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves.” ~ D.H. Lawrence
    Attempting to destroy out of hate or the ego often ensures that it will be preserved and disseminated forever. All ideologies are idiotic, whether religious or political, for it is conceptual thinking, the conceptual word, which has unfortunately divided man. Healing does not mean capitulation to socialist, self-destructive, anti-american ideology. This is what happens when the “tolerant” left doesn’t get it’s way.
    Have a nice day ✌