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Washington state lawmakers bring bill to ban most cannabis concentrates

January 18, 2020
marijuana concentrate sales limits

Citing concerns about a suspected connection between cannabis and psychosis, a group of Washington state lawmakers wants to slash the allowed potency of all non-medical cannabis concentrates, limiting THC levels to no more than 10%.

The bill would force thousands of legal consumers into the illegal market, which has killed dozens with tainted vape cartridges.

The new proposal, House Bill 2546, would dramatically alter the face of Washington’s legal cannabis landscape by outlawing the vast majority of state-licensed vape cartridges, dabbable extracts, and other concentrated products. Such products are increasingly popular with consumers, lawmakers noted in the bill, accounting for nearly 40% of the state’s legal cannabis sales in 2019.

Experts warn that the move, ostensibly aimed at improving public health, could quickly backfire. Leo Beletsky, a professor of law and public health at Northwestern University, said that a blanket ban on such a large swath of popular products would likely drive consumers into the illegal market.

“There may well be rationale for eliminating some portion of the riskiest products on the market if there’s evidence to support that, but doing that with 40% off the products would make very little sense,” Beletsky said. “If 40% of the market is toward these products and then you ban them, you’d definitely be creating a push towards the black market.”


Vape pen lung injury: Here’s what you need to know

Illegal concentrates led to 57 deaths

And that’s where far more serious health dangers may lurk. Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) officials have concluded that vitamin E oil used to dilute illegal-market vape cartridges has been responsible for nearly all cases of VAPI (also known as EVALI), the deadly lung condition that has killed at least 57 Americans in the past year. Vitamin E oil did not show up in the state-licensed market because potency testing, which is required in legal markets, would reveal cartridges cut with vitamin E oil to be severely lacking in THC—and thus all but unsellable.

Beletsky called the proposed 10% THC cutoff “puzzling” and “arbitrarily low.” Recent studies have indicated a link between cannabis use and psychosis in a very small percentage of consumers, he acknowledged, but the science is far from settled. Some evidence, for example, suggests that patients with psychosis may actually be self-medicating with THC to better cope with symptoms.

“I think there is a reason for concern,” Beletsky said, “but we need far more information and far more high-quality research to try to guide these legal steps.”


Legal vape markets literally 1,000% safer than street

10% pulled out of the air

The bill’s 10% cutoff comes from a study that defined “high-potency” cannabis as products containing more than 10% THC. The study found that regular consumers of high-THC products had higher instances of psychosis. But as Beletsky pointed out, the 10% threshold appears to be arbitrary, borrowed by lawmakers not because of its scientific grounding but simply because it was there.

“They cite this study where they used a 10% number for a cutoff for what they define to be high-potency,” he said. “I’m not sure that is a number that makes sense.”

Low potency would require more diluents

The new bill also raises other questions, such as how to effectively produce such low-potency extracts. Because concentrates are usually made from cannabis flower or trim that itself contains about 10% to 30% THC, concentrated extracts almost by definition contain more. Typical concentrates contain about 40% to 70% THC, while some purified products can approach nearly 100% THC.

To create concentrate products that would comply with HB 2546’s strict limit, processors would likely have to dilute their products or start with especially low-potency plant material, industry experts said.


From ‘Veronica Mars’ to toxic vapes: The rise and fall of Honey Cut

Daniel Luebke, director of marketing and brand for Seattle-based cannabis extractor Heylo, said that to comply with the new rule, concentrate producers would need to blend THC extracts either with other cannabinoids, such as CBD, or add cutting agents to dilute the concentration.

“We’re trying to preserve the chemistry that’s in the flower and just make a concentration of it,” Luebke said. “To cater to the [new 10% THC] legal demand, we would have to be making an inferior product, essentially, and going away from the method we’ve developed, that our customers love.”

‘No measurable benefit’

Passage of HB 2546 wouldn’t ultimately impact consumer demand for high-potency concentrates, Luebke predicted. “It’s a question of whether they’re getting safe products and whether the state’s getting that revenue.”

Concentrate products manufactured by state-licensed companies are required to undergo lab testing, and may be recalled at the first sign of trouble. New state rules established after the nationwide vaping scare now limit many dangerous additives to vape cartridges and other state-licensed products. There are no such controls over illicit-market products.

Christine Bryant, marketing director for cannabis retailer Hashtag, said passage of HB 2546 “would decimate our inventory.” Even most of the store’s high-CBD concentrates, she said, come in at about 20% THC.

“I think I can even wrap my mind around the spirit of the bill,” Bryant said, acknowledging that the consequences of psychosis are “terrifying.” But she remains unconvinced “that a 10% cap on THC concentrates would provide any measurable benefit to end consumers.”


Amid vape pen lung disease deaths: What exactly is vitamin E oil?

‘You will not feel intoxicated’

Washington’s cannabis laws clearly contemplate adult-use consumers who want to get high, Bryant said. Under the HB 2546, she argued, it’s not clear they’d be able to.

“If you come into the store saying, ‘I want to get high, please give me a concentrate with 10% THC or less,’” she said, “the response is likely going to be, ‘You will not feel intoxicated.’”

Reviving the BHO fire problem

Consumers seeking higher-potency extracts would be pushed to the unlicensed market, she predicted—or, worse, would try to make extracts at home. Home extraction can cause explosions if the volatile chemicals typically used catch fire.

'Why have a legal market if you're going to encourage home lab production of concentrate?'
Christine Bryant , cannabis retailer Hashtag

In the era prior to the opening of Washington state’s adult-use cannabis stores, home extraction fires had become a public safety issue. An Oct. 2013 fire that started in a BHO operation in a Bellevue, WA, apartment, claimed the life of the city’s former mayor, who happened to live in a nearby unit.

“Producing concentrate outside of a licensed producer-processor lab is so incredibly dangerous,” Bryant said. “Why have a recreational legal cannabis market in Washington state if one of the outcomes would be to encourage home lab production of concentrate?”

It’s not yet clear what kind of reception the measure will get in Olympia, but cannabis businesses and trade associations are watching it closely. Luebke, at Heylo, says HB 2546 is one of a handful this legislative session that have put him on edge—and the session only started on Monday.

Crazy week in the legislature

“It’s been a crazy week,” he said. “This is the most significant time that we’ve been concerned that there’s change happening in Olympia that could tremendously adversely affect our future.”

HB 2546’s sponsors include state Reps. Lauren Davis (D-32), Chris Corry (R-14), Brad Klippert (R-8), Jeremie Dufault (R-15), Christine Kilduff (D-28), Paul Harris (R-17), Lisa Callan (D-5), Mari Leavitt (D-28), My-Linh Thai (D-41), Tana Senn (D-41), Sherry Appleton (D-23), Tina Orwall (D-33), Sharon Wylie (D-49), Laurie Dolan (D-22), Luanne Van Werven (R-42), Amy Walen (D-48), Kelly Chambers (R-25), Jenny Graham (R-6), Bill Ramos (D-5), Shelley Kloba (D-1), Gerry Pollet (D-46), and Debra Lekanoff (D-40).

Reps. Davis, Corry, and Klippert did not immediately respond to requests for comment on their bill.

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Ben Adlin

Ben Adlin is a Seattle-based writer and editor who specializes in cannabis politics and law. He was a news editor for Leafly from 2015-2019. Follow him on Twitter: @badlin

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  • Schizophrenics continue to use cannabis only because they are self medicating.
    Without tolerance, thc raises dopamine levels, which could set off a schizophrenic episode. With tolerance however, thc BLUNTS dopamine response, providing treatment.
    Hashish is at 40 percent, and has been used for hundreds of years.
    No schizophrenia increase.

    • Lawng~Dawng

      Self medicated schizo here, can confirm. I switched to using cannabis regularly years ago because the alternative was medication that was destroying my mind and soul. Weed pulls me back from the edge of insanity.

  • pauleywallnutz

    Politicians doing what they do best….screwing everything up with shit science they create out of thin air! Get rid of ’em all!!!

  • John Phillip

    These people are criminals and should be booted from office ASAP!!!

    • Tundrok

      Dial it back a bit. This doesn’t make them criminals in the SLIGHTEST. I despise this bill as well but it’s not criminal. Also, are you suggesting that only the people backing this bill are criminals and the other politicians aren’t? If so, cite your sources. Are you claiming all the politicians are criminals? 😂🤣 That’s absurd. If true, you think just flushing all elected officials and simply voting for new candidates somehow is a fix? 🤣

  • Tiffany Davis

    Thats not how it works, but go off…

  • Liz Evans

    Please share your story with those that support the bill

  • Eric Knie

    Taraterm you are ridiculous. Smoking pot has nothing to do with living a worthwhile life. Ignorant comment. If you don’t like pot that is fine, but you shouldn’t care what anyone does that doesn’t effect you. My life is worthwhile and amazing. I love my life, and I smoke pot every day.

  • Marie676

    Taraterm 3, go educate yourself before you bring your incompetence to this discussion forum.

  • Dman0975

    Sounds like overreach due to lack of knowledge/education once again. Just because some people don’t find out if they should be consuming something before they try something new. Someone remind me how many deaths are attributed to alcohol (no medicinal value), and tobacco(same). Liquor manufactures be like, Yeah devil weed. *eye rolls* Merica is SOOOOOOO LAME.

  • SirStephenH

    So they read one inaccurate study, didn’t seek evidence to back up the claims in the study, then used inaccurate information from the study in order to formulate a bill that would effectively make 40% of an entire market illegal overnight and by doing so cause far more damage than they’re trying to prevent. And we wonder why the schools are so bad with people like this in charge? Boot them all and vote in scientists and teachers.

  • SirStephenH

    How about you get a life so you can allow others to live theirs?

  • Ian Emory

    How about minding your own business and letting other people decide how to live their own lives.

  • Barbara Murphy

    CBD is good for so many different things and it’s not like vapes like the government thinks cause it actually helps people in so many different ways . It’s also helping people that are addicted to opiates so taking it away is going to hurt a lot off people. I’m voting NO on that initiative and I’m pretty sure that there is a lot of people with me on this

  • Matt Begley

    This is absurd. Most decent flower has more that 10% THC. Yet another example of ignorant people reacting to sensationalized fears about that which they know nothing. I’ve never known of anyone who experienced psyhchosis in any form from using pure concentrates of cannabis. I say that as an expert having produced hash oil since the 1970s. By the way, producing concentrated cannabis products is not “extremely dangerous” unless one is a blithering idiot. Unfortunately, we do have an abundance of those.
    If legislators feel an urgent need to reduce drug induced psychosis, they should start with alcohol, the most destructive recreational drug on Earth, destroying more families and causing more deaths than all of the other controlled substances combined.

  • Grape Skate


  • Grape Skate

    This is a logic fail

  • What a dumb idea! This isn’t Utah (where beer has to be below a certain %) so why dilute needlessly? The bill would simply push concentrate users, like myself, towards the black market or driving to OR for wax. It’s already being regulated, which keeps standards and safety high, so why ruin a good thing? They’d only hurt their tax income and constituents if they push forward.

  • VonnieMJ

    Hear Hear!

  • Phillip Biondo

    Why do we always have to fight for freedom? I absolutely hate these lawmakers and would gladly fight a civil war over marijuana. As far as I can tell schizophrenia is treated by cannabis and that is why users use it and suffer from schizophrenia or the laws prohibiting marijuana cause schizophrenia and psychosis for cannabis users. All a 10% law is going to do is make us smoke more leafy material and inhale more carbon monoxide. Down with communists disguised as health enforcement.

  • Chris Kolath AnWatchMeWork

    What are u even reading this for then??? Trolls

  • okpkpkp

    When California legalized recreational weed the state took away my medical 1000 mg “Black Bar” and capped all edibles at 10 mg and 100 mg per package. What a shitty thing to do.

    • George M Baxter

      I agree. I miss my 1000 mg brownies that I cut into lots of small pieces tthat I use over a week that cost $35. The same amount now in 100mg cost $20 x 10 = $200 not $35.
      There all getting richer via more taxes.

  • okpkpkp

    Yeah, Heavy Hitters vape cartridges run from 80-87% here in California. Love them.

    • informativex

      OK and I love salt on every meal. 0.5 pounds of salt is a lethal dose. Concentrates can be risky and everyone instinctively knows this. If a child were to grab someones 87% candy or flask of oil concentrates and gobble them all up, they could wind up in a mental hospital or worse. Nature has the best things but creating concentrates and extracts is a dice roll with most things and should require at least a minimum level of regulation and oversight. Any oversight is unwelcome because we are at the end of a hundred year prohibition I understand that, but the best way to keep cannabis illegal is to jump on the 87% bandwagon back to prohibition. True story.

      • Lawng~Dawng

        Your child can grab the keys to your car or a knife from the kitchen. this is a retarded argument.

      • Tundrok

        Stop. No. The child would vomit a lot, would be cognitively impacted for a few hours, but would be ABSOLUTELY fine in a day. There are plenty of things readily accessible by children in every home that could cause much worse harm and even death

    • Dana Wirth

      We are lucky to have great CLEAN products, no worries here because of product inspection. I’m with you on Heavy Hitters.

  • Bob

    Why not leave people alone and stop vilifying one drug over another. Most who would support the illegality of Cannabis don’t realize how truly medicinal the plant is. These people probably support alcohol and think cigarettes are good for you… lol

  • Robert Battlehammer

    Black market here we come then. They obviously don’t understand anything about oil, cannabis or that we will get what we want anyways and they just wont get their cut.

    • Melody

      Careful. Apparently “black market” is now considered racist. 🙄

  • Jbh Jozza

    Evidence suggests law makers are too stupid to make any new laws.

    • George M Baxter

      Hey that’s there job. Got to do something, let’s make more laws. After all people don’t know what they need. The government does

  • Scott Olson

    Something is seriously wrong with the politicians in washington state. There has never been a more confused bunch of monkeys running anything. Make it illegal again. Get the government out of the marijuana trade. At least we had good weed back then.
    I wish the idiot voters would smarten up and vote out these idiot’s.
    The mayor of seattle legalized pooping on the sidewalks and this public base seems to be ok with it.
    Call in the psychologist, politicians in washington state need it.
    We got the worst mayor in history and the worst governor also and look at our attorney general. What s women…

    My God is there problems now.
    Trump is the greatest president we have ever had.
    Vote out the democrap.

    All Democrats need to move to mexico where they might be happier..

    They want to make cannabis illegal but they made heroin legal. Whst as joke.

    • Melody

      How does that Trump kool-aid taste, troll?

  • pt

    I had no problem with any cannabis product until my son started vaping the concentrates. He was literally high for a period of 2 years. Every aspect of his life was affected, school, sports, social groups, you name it. He would get CHS and still keep doing it! No amount of reasoning or information helped. Of course at 87%, tolerance builds up too after some time so he complemented with other stuff. To this day he is adamant that he will never give it up or switch to the regular stuff. Its been several years of complete misery. I don’t think he will graduate high school now! Its not just him either, lots of kids at his high school are in the same boat. So, what do we do as society? Do we just say “its part of culture so we will ignore it” , like we do with alcohol? I do not really know. Does regular weed still get anyone high these days?

    • justadbeer

      Yes, regular weed still gets you high, but you will build a tolerance to it. I’m not a daily user and sometimes go over a week between use. Some families/people are prone to dependency. I feel for you brother. But parenting plays a big part in this. I’m not saying that you’re a bad parent , but high school age is like 13-14 yrs old. If you can’t control a kid at that age, you don’t stand a chance when older. You appear to be grasping at anything that will help, including a ban, which is understandable. and
      But to be honest, (and I think you know this already) banning cannabis products will do nothing, just as it did nothing when it was illegal. Consider getting your kid into a program. Because, take my word for it, he wont stop at cannabis. I hope I’m not coming off as cold, but I’ve seen alot in my 60 years and things rarely end well. Best of luck to you and your family.

    • George M Baxter

      Sounds like you failed at parenting. What is a junior in high school doing hooked on drugs? How is he getting his drugs? Where’s the money coming from?
      This could be the same story then for alcohol if that’s what he had chosen.
      Hell it could be starter fluid from Auto zone.

  • Same state that doesnt allow us to play fantasy football yet either, it might be dangerous for ‘college kids’ lmao. I hate Wa government Bunch of snowflakes.

    • justadbeer

      They’re afraid you may get a brain injury playing fantasy football.

  • Duane Stewart

    Recreational use is one aspect, Medical is another aspect. The two aspects need to stay separated legally. Medically using high THC or CBD doses are still better that using narcotics. Limiting to 10% is folly when most flower strains are over 10%. Smoking is incredibly bad for some medical conditions, The inability to legally travel across state lines with MMJ doses needed to stay off narcotics, dictates the need to buy oral MMJ dosages wherever the patient is.

  • Brittany Davidson

    I would rather smoke cannabis than destroy my liver taking Ibprofin and tylenol all day for pain. Is smoking cannabis making my life worthwhile? Yes, because I can spend more time with my loved ones rather than trying to sleep my pain away. Your comment is just very ignorant, and I believe you should just mind your own business if you have nothing productive to say.

  • Elc

    Believe this is bull I don’t smoke pot anymore and I know it does not cause psychosis the fact is all the people smoking this in college are strung out from adderall over use have all done a study on that if I had to pick I believe it be the adderall causing psychosis not the weed and maybe you should be banning that instead looking outside the box there are many things people be doing worse for there body and brain

  • Ezee

    Always pulling lame laws out their _____, I swear! It’s frustrating they are saying Vitamin E oil is bad. High amounts of Vitamins can be harmful, but don’t bash or blame a good Vitamin because manufacturers didn’t know how to mix the proper amounts. It’s scary the chemicals they have to use, but figure a solution, don’t take away something that is helping a lot of people that want to stay away from the Pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Justin Wilkes

    Sounds like you are absolutely clueless and judgmental. Just because someone makes the choice to smoke marijuana doesn’t make their life not worthwhile. I would say with your narrow perspective your life isn’t worthwhile;)

  • Salt Fist

    Another over reach by Joe schmo and others hellbent on control and power

    This is why you have to pay attention to politics because every once in a while some idiot writes a terrible bill to ruin your rights these people do not deserve to be in any sort of position of power over the population ill informed unintelligent morons who are pushing bills to get money in their pockets I guarantee all of these people have some sort of tie that will make money off of this bill

    None the less before concentrates became legal thousands of people were making them in their own garages OK people were buying shit from Texas and having it flown to their house overnight let’s be realistic here what they are proposing is a complete push into the black market for these products you don’t legalize a product on to society and then make it illegal especially on the false pretense that if you vape you’re going to have these problems well the problems with the vape came from illegal black market cartridges so you’re pushing more people to the black market therefore you want this to happen to more people

    Not to mention that concentrates and cartridges are not the same thing most people who dabbed concentrates arent throwing them in cartridges unless they’re gonna go to work and do that shit at work most people who do dabs can tell you that putting that in a pen is garbage it doesn’t have the same effect anyway and concentrates do not allow the vitamin E cut like those cartridges were and the state already doesn’t allow it because of the health risks

    So yeah this bill is completely fishy it was probably written by pompous twatt’s who are mad that the population is smoking instead of buying their crapy underground products that I’m sure that they are all tied up in let’s not pretend for a second that the majority of these leaders are making money and every way they can hand over fist whether it’s selling out your rights in a bill or pushing illicit drugs in the background

    I have faith that the majority of the people will vote against this terribly written and uncomprehensive bill that was clearly created by someone who does not have the knowledge or the know how of the industry someone thought they were being smart and wrote a bill and they look really dumb now

  • ToxicBluePro

    Man, FUCK the GOP.

    • NewWorldOrderCitizen#1138

      The bill is sponsored by almost exclusively democrats and one repub.

    • Melody

      I hate to say it, but most of the sponsors are Democrats. Makes me sick.

  • Indenial

    What is wanna, a little punctuation would also help.

  • Thretosix

    I don’t see the government doing this to alcohol and people are dying every day to alcoholism.

  • Indenial

    Explain! What makes your life worthwhile in the first place and why those who use cannabis responsibly are not living a life worthwhile.

  • Robert Cooper

    This is absolutely rediculous!!! I’m a medical grower and consumer and know how to make the concentrates such as RSO and kief. How to make it is easily found on the internet and would just make people search out black market concentrates.

  • Pete Workman

    Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson would file a suit to over turn the will of the people just like they’re doing with our $30 car tabs.

    • samnsara

      not on this issue.. they are with us here. They understand this would drive up the Black Market..

  • Pete Workman

    For some people that’s exactly why they smoke, vape, dab or eat edibles so they can function and make life worthwhile by not being in pain.

  • DennisB_usa

    I’ve been there, called EMS on myself like a dope, yes the psychosis can be a thing. But as a then new user of cannabis I learned from it and never repeated the mistake of overdosing.
    People that make laws don’t realize NOT publicly educating people how to responsibly use it after legalizing, they themselves are the ones at fault, not the substances.
    We have pharmacies and a medical system that guides people on how to use their meds. There are all sorts of references on how to use alcohol responsibly.

    Cannabis doesn’t have to be a total s***show Olympia. Educate people.

    • Tundrok

      I find it hilarious how people talk about their first stupid experience with cannabis as if it was some crazy dangerous thing yet refuse to recognize just how stupid they were when they first started drinking alcohol. Most people who drink and have a license have driven under the influence at least once but won’t admit it, and that’s SO much more dangerous for them and the general public, yet we never have bills to ban alcohol

  • Highway 69

    We’ll get right on it!

  • landren13

    From the article it seems all non-medical would be restricted, so the medical grade stuff would remain and if you have the medical card to get it you would still be fine.

    Not saying this is a good idea because it is completely a stupid idea. It would drive people into the black market that caused all the vaping problems in the first place.

    • Patrick Ray Smith

      Please note Landren… How many ”Medical” shops do you see floating around WA anymore….?

      • Steve Burger

        as soon as the law pass every shop will suddenly become Medical.

    • Steve Burger

      and give up your gun rights.

  • UsedKarGuy

    and pushing the business into the black market. Why pay more?

  • Asmodeus1971

    Simple fix I will vote against anyone who votes to support these bills. I will go to protest like I did to legalize it and support people that are for stopping this…

  • Denys Allard

    Research shows that cannabis is turning out to be the most beneficial plant on earth (without the side effects of pharmaceuticals) but these ignorant politicians want to destroy an industry and put the screws to the many people that it helps.The rest of us need to get high just to put up with the low intelligence morons in Washington.

  • Duncan20903

    How about minding your own affairs?

  • informativex

    25% would make a lot more sense. The thing I have issue with is this. They are talking about THC isolated and not Cannabis (Big C). The science supports that THC without nature’s accompanying host of CBD’s and CBG’s (etc) is significantly more likely to cause paranoia and psychosis. As everything else in life oranges are very good for you but concentrated orange juice sugars will give you diabetes. Whole Cannabis plant extracts should never be illegal in any way. The plants themselves self-regulate to the limit of somewhere around 30% and this should be the logical legal safe limit imposed by nature!

  • informativex

    Beer is only 5% to 10% alcohol. 100% alcohol is 200 proof. They also made creating concentrated alcohols (distilling) illegal (without a permit that costs $100,000) probably because it is harmful. Not disagreeing with you just pointing out that they use the laws to make things safer and then people always cry about it and then they remove the laws and people die and they cry why doesn’t someone do something to prevent these deaths?

    • Tundrok

      *eyeroll* you can purchase 100 proof alcohol legally today and alcoholism causes a LOT of deaths. Nobody is seriously pushing to ban it. Drinking a bottle of it in a short period would very likely cause alcohol poisoning and kill most people. Children can die from it. It’s still legal. Children haven’t died from legal cannabis concentrates and they won’t. Your argument is idiotic

  • Steve Burger

    I feel that this is one way that the state can ban gun ownership in the state. Once this bill is passed the only way to even get flower above 10% is with a medical card, Once you have a medical card then the you will be able to buy cannabis flower and concentrates above the 10% limit :), But you also loose your gun rights 🙁

  • Steve Burger

    you will still be able to get and use your RSO, but you have to be will to give up all your gun rights. Get a medical authorization and card, buy you high % THC.

  • Steve Burger

    They know what they are doing, removing gun rights

  • Stephen Stillwell

    “The study found that regular consumers of high-THC products had higher instances of psychosis.”

    What the study found, was that people with psychoses use cannabis regularly, and pretty much all of that is more than 10% THC

    it’s the same distortion of studies they’ve been using since, ever.

    “Perhaps less importantly, but more immediate, is my concern for the lies, and distortion of science, used to further the continuing criminal enterprise that is called “drug war,” but acts as an attack on genetic variants that contain instinctive attraction to the herb cannabis.(Contrasting models of genetic co-morbidity for cannabis and other illicit drugs in adult Australian twins).

    This fact is ignored, obscured: “No research or study has proven that Cannabis causes any significant harm to users or society.” This simple and verifiable fact should, in a rational world, end the hateful prohibition.

    Characterized by a conflation of associated with caused, this deception capitalizes on the fact that these genetic variants accompany a predisposition for the divergent thought conditions, including major depression, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, schizophrenia, and the autistic spectrum. (Genetic predisposition to schizophrenia associated with increased use of cannabis.) (Neuroinformatic analyses of common and distinct genetic components associated with major neuropsychiatric disorders.)

    Since any group of cannabis users will necessarily contain a disproportionate number of individuals affected by these conditions, an association between cannabis use and any number of psycho-social harms associated with these conditions is assured, while also not being able to provide proof of cause, for more than four decades.

    While the literature is encumbered with prejudicial POV, like “risk of using cannabis,” as opposed to predisposition, or instinctive attraction, the science is still generally valid.”

    Stupid ideological legislators are just the worst…

  • Joe H

    People have psychosis before they ever dabbed a concentrate, not because they smoked high thc concentrates. It’s not acid for God’s sake. It’s called “self medicating”. Alcohol has been used for self medication forever. Never made laws about alcohol levels.They’d be ALLOT more nutcases running around out there if the concentrates caused psychosis! These lawmakers in Washington have psychosis. They all need extensive therapy!

  • Joe H

    Crazy…….isn’t it? 30+% tax. Damn black market is cheaper. Also, only medical patients can legally grow their own pot in Illinois.
    Still, even with the high price + tax, Illinois dispensaries can’t keep enough recreational use pot in stock. But they get fined $20,000 if they keep too much stockpiled. WTF?

  • Joe H

    You sound like someone that tells people suffering with anxiety disorder “don’t let it bother you, just forget it”. Everybody doesn’t have the ability to “make their lives worthwhiled in the 1st place” you obviously have had. Go look up the meaning of compassion. Then practice it!!

  • axlaws

    a bunch of politicians that don’t have the sense God gave them.
    I thought legalizing was to put crime in its place, guess they want more crime

  • RyanMooney

    Is this bill really based on ONE single study?

    Ignoring 57 deaths and focusing on this one piece of information that has yet to be verified by research form other independent parties.

    A picture of an ostrich comes to mind, this single study would be the proverbial dirt… =[

    Concerning. !!

  • Leslie Newman

    Let’s face it, politicians are only doing what they want to push their agenda of making themselves succeed. Anybody that knows how to take it Advantage of the benefits of Cannabis are going to continue to do so. Cannabis still needs to be a grassroots movement and we need to educate each other (like strangers ) on the benefits of it. I’m not going to worry about stupid bills, once everybody knows about the benefits of it, the political money mongering so called democracy is going to have no choice but to bend to the will of the greater, which is the benefits of cannabis. I think all of these politicians clearly don’t understand the advantage of cannabis, otherwise they wouldn’t be making these stupid bills.

  • justadbeer

    Haha. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Lowering alcohol in bear may cause a nationwide panic. I like it!

  • justadbeer

    We got my wife off of MS Coden by using RSO. It took almost a year, but it works.

  • John Keller

    The dangerous psychosis is in Olympia, Washington State’s capital. Control Freakism, namely.

  • justadbeer

    Other than trolling, why would you sub to this site if you’re anti cannabis?

  • BruceIshikawa

    Making any product illegal is generally a bad idea, this will not stop it. Maybe removing stupid testing of a natural product is more sensible. Weed should be as related as lettuce.

  • bob

    Hell if lawmakers are on such a mission to make everything illegal that could potentially harm you why not make the sun illegal? or Dying? Yeah like that will make things better. Not to mention that most people probably smoke weed, aside from pain relief and other benefits, to escape reality anyways. Always some more bullshit… Maybe Privatized prisons should be banned and then they would be less willing to make stupid laws to lock everyone up. Frustrating…..

  • samnsara

    i agree..there would be so many lawsuits!

  • samnsara

    wtf? Im a 70 yr old gramma with a Masters in Psych….and you?

  • Theresa Middlebos

    Oh geez are we back to the it’s so bad and comparable to coke or something like that?? Are we serious? Wth. But let’s have all these idiots over use pain meds ( making it so people who actually really could use them CANT) because they abuse them and all these people becoming alcoholics how nice. These things are far worse then someone who uses weed. People need to really do some research and truly dig and see the truth whether they like what they read or not. This is absolutely people realize what they are doing? just going to cause more people to go back to having 6o buy from people off the street.

  • Dana Wirth

    I am a chronic pain patient living in California where, at the moment, outrageously high taxes have eliminated the concentrate vape cartridges from my treatment and I am left with the miniscule amount of opiate prescription medication I am allowed since that has now been criminalized by the CDC and FDA and ignorant government hacks. O ur doctors started taking away our meds when the politicians got involved in dictating what was safe or not and that has driven many to street drugs, accidental death, and suicide.
    I hope Washington state lawmakers see the damage this bill will do and come to their senses. They obviously need to do some personal research. When I do buy concentrate carts, I am not concerned because I buy respected brand names whose products have passed very strict inspection and I buy from good dispensaries, not on the street. If their law passed people will have to turn from the legal products they now use to the street. Your politicians can then watch their troubles begin. Good luck.

  • Dana Wirth

    As I mentioned that is what has happened to chronic pain patients whose meds have been brutally withdrawn. It almost happened to me but I found a doctor just as my prescriptions ran out. People have turned to street drugs in desperation trying to control their pain, others have killed themselves. Politicians do not belong in decisions like this, they are ignorant fools.

  • 360dunk

    Well what happened to MY psychosis? I’ve been using concentrates for years now and all I’ve experienced is pain relief and a good night’s sleep. If these Big Brother types want to tell me what I can and cannot ingest, I’ll take my business elsewhere and stay away from the dispensaries. I’d rather pay taxes and support my local community, but not if government become too restrictive. It’s called freedom of choice and they’re trying to take that away from us.

  • Don Podlas

    I’m right there with you! I’ve been in Oregon for about 15 years and have been using cannabis for over 50 years….btw, I’m now off Methadone only because of this states dedication to sell concentrates that contain high levels of THC …the ones to consider when treating severe opioid addiction….

  • Phillip Biondo

    Make us smoke crap? People with schizophrenia (labelled crazy ideas) like to smoke cannabis? Communist health enforcement? Anti-progressive? Ugly Flower? Haters of medicine? Hippy haters? Anti-environmentalism? Pseudo-psychiatrists? This is very WRONG!

  • Tundrok

    This is blatant BS. This is not about public health at ALL because the legal concentrates are not linked to any deaths. This is about preventing access to getting high, which if that’s honestly the goal, then the bill should be banning alcohol since it is much more dangerous from a public health standpoint. I don’t think that should happen at all, btw, but let’s at least be consistent in our BS