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7 Classic Strains You Can Still Find in California

The most sought-after heirloom strains are as hard to track down as rare vinyl records. But that makes the search more fun and the rewards all the sweeter.

Quality Vape Pens: How to Choose the Safest and Best Vaporizer

Not all vaporizers are created equal. These are the five most important factors to consider while shopping to find the highest quality product.

Stop Calling Cannabis Suppositories ‘Weed Tampons’

Foria Relief, a cannabis-infused suppository that's designed to help ease menstrual discomfort in women, has been called a "weed tampon" by lazy media outlets.

Try These Cannabis Strains That Are as Sweet as Honey

Leafly has over 60 cannabis strains that taste like honey, so check out some of these honey-flavored strains that will make your taste buds smile.

Top 10 Cannabis Strains on Leafly and the Best Vapes for Each

VaporNation paired the top 10 cannabis strains on Leafly with 10 vaporizers to see which worked best with each strain flavor. Find out the results!

Batman-Themed Strains and Products for Caped Crusading Cannabis Lovers

We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Batman and his enduring pop culture relevance than by sharing these Dark Knight-themed cannabis strains and products.

Meet the PAX Era and PAX 3, the Newest PAX Vaporizers

Discover and learn about the PAX Era and PAX 3, the newest additions to the PAX Labs premium loose leaf and oil vaporizer portfolio.

New Strains Alert: Space Cream, Mother’s Milk, Pink Lemonade, and More

This week’s New Strains Alert is a full house of hybrid buds that reach toward indica or sativa dominance but don’t quite hit the mark.

Pair These Cannabis Strains With 5 of Stephen King’s Best Novels

If you’re thinking of picking up one of Stephen King's works, these cannabis strains pair well with some of our favorite stories from the King of Horror.

Cannabis Product Deals: Bubblers, Stash Containers, and Carb Caps

From storage containers to amazing color-changing bubblers and carb caps, here are some of the best cannabis product deals offered this week.

The Leafly Canna-Calendar: Here Are All the Reasons to Try a New Strain in September

Most cannabis consumers don't need an excuse to smoke, vape, or eat an edible – but an extra reason to try a new strain this September never hurts.

Cannabis Product Deals: Vaporizers, Dab Mats, Canvas Prints, and More

From wall art and t-shirts to vaporizers and dab mats, here are some of the best cannabis product deals offered this week. Don't miss out on some super savings!

New Strains Alert: Tuna Kush, Tina Danza, Emperor Cookie Dough, and More

This week, we've added Tuna Kush, Nina Limone, Al's Dream, Lemon OG Kush, and many others to the Leafly strain database.

Firefly 2: The Dynamic Convection Vaporizer Pushing the Industry Forward

Find out how the Firefly dynamic convection vaporizer concept was conceived, and learn more about how the Firefly 2 will continue to revolutionize vaping.

Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite? Try These 10 Cannabis Strains to Help Induce Hunger

For those of you who consume cannabis as a natural appetite stimulant or to help calm gastrointestinal distress, here are some strains that can help make you hungry: