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10 Glass Brands Bubbling to the Top of Your ‘Must Try’ List

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Presented BySmoke CartelPublished on February 12, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

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We all know that 2015 is going to be another big year for the cannabis industry thanks to the tireless efforts of cannabis activists and legislators as they work to spread legalization and access to more areas. Cannabis accessories are also experiencing an exciting renaissance as more consumers bust out of the cannabis closet, eager to try out new products.

With a flood of brands emerging and all vying for your attention, it can feel a bit overwhelming (and expensive) to pick out a piece that’s right for you. Fear not, glass aficionado! Here are our top 10 glass brand recommendations based on innovation, quality craftsmanship, and plain ol’ beauty.

Boom Felazi

Boom Felazi glass brand

Formerly partnered with Envy, the main glassblower at Boom Felazi decided to branch out on his own and focus entirely on the Boom product line, which means we’ll be seeing a lot of awesome work coming from Boom Felazi this year. We’re excited to see them evolve both their glass models and their company. There’s a lot of room for Boom to make a huge appearance in the glass scene right now, so we’re patiently waiting to see what comes about from their new branding.

Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks glass brand

This young company has been a hit from their inception because of their attention to detail and good prices. Empire Glassworks actually started out doing figurines for Disney, but moved into glass and took their sculpting skills with them. A lot of their colors are custom mixed in-house to get the perfect shade. With Adventure Time rigs and other delightful characters, Empire appeals to different fan bases as well as those looking for beauty in their glass. Every character, flower, and swirl is carefully done and each piece is near flawless. This is glass perfection.

Hi Si

Hi Si glass brand

These guys really take smoking seriously. From design to production, each Hi Si piece is thoroughly tested and designed for optimal water filtration. The “geyser perc” is their original design. Hi Si has done the scientific look just right and the water pipe science to back it. Pulling on a Hi Si piece is more similar to inhaling than smoking since the filtration is done so perfectly.

Honey Supply

Honey Supply glass brand

We’re really excited about this brand because they just launched on February 2 at the Champs trade show and we were able to get exclusive first dibs on their entire line. Honey Supply focuses on American-made glass out of Los Angeles, and everything in their new line was designed for the current face of the smoking world. Think thick joints with polished domes perfect for concentrate users and flower users alike, state-of-the-art percolators, and high-quality glass that is super affordable, especially when considering the thickness and quality of the glass. Clearly Honey Supply is here to push the envelope a little.

High Tech Glassworks

High Tech Glassworks glass brand

The glass brand for the millennial generation. They’re fun, they’re hip, and they’re on to all the latest pop culture trends. High Tech Glassworks made a name for themselves with their signature designs that are fast becoming widely shared and recognized. Their style is unique to them and reflects highly of their company culture.


Illadelph glass brand

Illadelph has been a coveted brand for a long time now. Their model is based on being the highest-quality glass you can get. To buy an Illadelph, you must shop with one of their authorized retailers or risk buying a counterfeit Illadelph. Yes, Illadelphs run pricey, but once you hold one you’ll know why. Their basic line starts at a 5mm standard thickness (which is typically considered thick glass) and goes up to a 9mm thickness. They also have custom magnetic or plastic keck clips instead of the standard plastic clips. Illadelph often does limited production on a lot of their items, as they’re constantly coming up with new custom glass pieces ranging from strange to hardcore to sweet.

Burner Glassworks

Burner Glassworks glass brand

West coast brands get a lot of attention, but on the southeast side of the country is Burner Glassworks in Asheville, North Carolina. Burner uses German Schott glass (the premium high-end glass material which is cleaner and heavier). Their unique perc designs include the rachett disc, their signature honeydomes, and collaborations with their in-house artists. Their scientific production line is incredibly consistent, boasts thick-quality glass, and feels like it’s something that’s going to last you a while. The amount of craftsmanship and effort that goes into every single item is immediately apparent. This is the glass you put on your wish list.

JM Flow Sci Glass

JM Flow Sci Glass brand

Out of Riverside, California, JM Flow is an industry leader in unique designs. Jose started the company just a few years ago when he was broke and living in his studio. He poured his heart and soul into the company and it became extremely successful because of their innovative designs and percolation techniques such as the sprinkler perc, cross perc, mushroom perc, and octopus perc. The company continues to innovate with their new giant recycler designs and are hoping to bring some awesome new styles in the coming year.
 With JM Flow, it’s clear that glassblowing is much more than a job — it’s a lifelong passion that is reflected in each piece’s gorgeous craftsmanship.

Pulse Glass

Pulse glass brand

These guys take a very friendly approach to glass by considering everyone their family and developing that relationship with their customers. Pulse Glass is made here in the USA, and they’re always adding new designs every few months.
 Their staff is a passionate group of people trying to add a bit of fun to the glass world with clever and creative innovations that are both functional and stylish.

Nexus Glass

Nexus Glass brand

Nexus is a brand that’s pretty new but is making big waves in the industry. They haven’t even turned one yet but are already pushing out quality glass with a more playful feel. Their puck designs (such as the Nexus Puck) have been picked up by big name artists such as Wiz Khalifa. Innovation is clearly at the heart of Nexus and it’s clear they’re attempting to try a variety of glass techniques, mainly innovating for the concentrate scene.

Do you own or have you tried any of the products listed? Which are your favorites and which are you adding to your 2015 wish list?

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