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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Homegrow Hero

Published on November 17, 2020 · Last updated November 3, 2021

The holidays are fast approaching, and we only have one more goal to accomplish with the Leafly 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: to help people grow more weed.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to get started or improve upon your current homegrow set-up.  Growing nature’s medicine is one helluva hobby, and we support all the homegrow heroes out there discovering the invaluable lessons that growing cannabis can teach you.

Whether your cannabis grow is big or small, you’re helping to keep this plant, it’s amazing culture, and its natural benefits alive. Happy holidays to all the home growers out there. This one’s for you!

Fabric grow bags


Leafly staff members swear by these grey fabric grow bags. Not only do they attract less heat than black grow pots or bags (preventing your precious roots from scorching), but the fabric also allows for more air to reach your plants’ roots.

With more air, there’s less of a risk of infection in your plants, and a higher probability that tender plant babies will grow healthy and strong. Get them for any grower you know that refuses to go down over some rotten roots.

The Grow Planner


The best thing about growing cannabis is building intimacy with the plant, learning what it does and doesn’t like, and deciding how you can help it along. Goldleaf’s grow journal is the perfect place to scribble notes about your crop and take down all of the details that may influence your grow.

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Designed specifically for home cultivation, this journal will be a hit for any homegrow heroes you know. They can keep it for years to come, refer back to their notes, and use it to find their sweet spot as a cannabis gardener.

Growing Weed in the Garden


Know anyone who’s curious about growing weed, but wants to read up on it first? Johanna Silver’s Growing Weed in the Garden is the perfect gift for them!

A friend or family member will thank you for this photography-rich book laden with tips and tricks for growing at home. And who knows? Maybe they’ll let you do some good ol’ quality control testing after their first harvest.

Infinity Jars


Once your favorite grower has harvested their crop, they need a place to put those precious buds.

Enter, airtight, lightight, smell-proof Infinity Jars. These jars help maintain the quality of homegrown weed by protecting it from ultraviolet light and extending its potency for six additional months. Help your hero bring their crop into the new year and beyond with these screw-top jars.

King LED grow lights


Anyone growing in a small space or below ground level knows the struggle of making sure their plants have enough light.

The small but potent 1200w King LED grow light is just what any small home grow needs, without making the energy bill jump sky high. These lights also come in less expensive 600w and 1000w options, in case the grow is truly teeny tiny.

Black Dog LED Complete Grow Kit


Growing cannabis is both an art and a science. Black Dog’s complete grow kit will help both the art and the science flourish while taking the guesswork out of growing one of the world’s most precious plants.

This 2.5×2.5 LED kit has everything you need to get growing, including a grow tent, fans, cans, filters, trimming scissors, a drying rack, extension cords, and more. If you don’t feel like scouring the internet for each piece individually, this kit should be your go-to. The price is hefty, but what your homegrow hero will gain is priceless.

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