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Leafly’s favorite weed gear for 420 

Published on April 8, 2022 · Last updated April 15, 2022
Leafly’s experts pick out what’s fresh in grinders, papers, bubblers, dab rigs, clothes, and more for an epic 420 in 2023. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)
Leafly’s experts pick out what’s fresh in grinders, papers, bubblers, dab rigs, clothes, and more for an epic 420 in 2023. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)

Weed hardware and accessories can transform your relationship with the plant into a celebration. So for 420 this year, we decided to revisit some of our favorite products from the past year.

Whether you’re smoking, dabbing, growing, or rolling, these product spotlights are fit to make this 420 a memorable one.

Smoke Roses’ Gogi Berry Cones

smoke roses goji berry cones rolling papers
(Courtesy Smoke Roses)

While scouting the market for our Buyer’s guide to weed rolling papers, we stumbled upon Smoke Roses’ Goji Berry Cones. Admittedly, it was their flagship rose petal packs that drew us in, but it was the goji berry sister product that won us over at the tastebuds. 

As the name implies, these are cones made from a pulp of organic goji berries. We ordered a four-pack of the speckled, orange-hued curiosities and filled them up with a flavorful cut of Rainbow Belts

The smoke was a tale of two citruses: Imparting a subtle, sour-fruit tang onto the Rainbow Belts’ Zkittlez-dominant flavor profile, Smoke Roses’ Goji Berry Cones reinvigorated our curiosity and sense of exploration for cannabis culture’s novelties.

While it might’ve been the most surprising find of our research, we are also fond of several other inventive paper products: Highlights include King Palm’s terps-on-demand palm leaf rolls, and the king-sized ultra thins of Shine’s “Blaze” imprint, commonly known for their 24K gold papers.

Hydrology9 NX

Hydrology 9 vaporizer
Hydrology 9. (Courtesy Cloudious)

The Hydrology9 NX by Cloudious9 is the follow-up to a vapor bong called the Hydrology9—Cloudious9’s first crack at a water-filtered vaporizer. 

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A few years back, we favorably reviewed the original Hydrology9, offering a caveat: When heating herb, the vapor bong produced a tasty hit or two before culminating in a burnt popcorn bouquet. 

For folks who’ve used flower vapes, this will probably sound familiar. Very few herbal vaporizers are able to preserve weed’s aromatic and gustatory compounds past a few hits. A distinctive, burnt-popcorn flavor is common across a broad chunk of the category.

Which is why the NX is such an achievement. At low settings, we were able to express the flavor of our weed for roughly a dozen draws, taking in the subtle character of the flower for a while before even producing visible vapor. Delicious! 

Featuring interchangeable heating chambers for flower and concentrates, the NX can function as a gentle herb oven and also a Puffco Peak-style e-rig. To toggle between dabs and weed just swap the modules.

Like its predecessor, a transparent water chamber is accented with colored LED lights, casting a dramatic glow upon jets of bubbles when taking a rip, like a lava lamp that can effortlessly vaporize concentrates or flower without sacrificing either experience.

EVRI by Dip Devices

EVRI vape battery
EVRI vape battery. (Matt Stangel/Leafly)

The EVRI by Dip Devices, makers of the original electronic dabbing straw known simply as the Dipper, is something like a Swiss Army Knife for concentrate and extract consumption.

Using a system of swappable modules, the EVRI accepts 510-thread cartridges, JUUL-styled pods, and loose extracts via a miniaturized Dipper attachment. There’s even a Nectar Collector accessory and all attachments magnetically couple with the main battery unit, making for quick scene changes.

Even with all the modular attachments, the EVRI can be stowed in a shirt or pants pocket with room to spare. And it ships stock with a neoprene zip-up case, roughly the size of a pair of sunglasses, making it easy to keep all the bits and pieces in one place.

If you’re looking for a new cartridge battery and the EVRI sounds like more than you need, see our Buyer’s guide to weed cartridge batteries for standalone options.

MOLTN’s Signature Series Triple Bottle Perc bong

moltn bong
(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

MOLTN Glass is a California-based glass brand that caught our eye when researching our Buyer’s guide to Bongs last fall. Designs like MOLTN’s Triple Bottle Perc, pictured above, are understated and accomplished—unique in form, seemingly indestructible in build, and nonchalant in outward appearance. 

The Triple Bottle features two bottle-shaped percolators nested and suspended within an identical larger bottle. With three successive bottleneck constrictions, smoke contracts and expands in stages, cooling off just a touch each time. 

German-made Schott borosilicate glass provides industry-leading durability across MOLTN’s lineup, while their fusing techniques make for a “zero vibration” build. We’ve even conducted an unintentional stress test—butterfingers!—and the piece came back up without a scratch or fracture. Whew! 

Between durability, unique design, and standout performance, we aren’t shy to call MOLTN one of the most promising names in American glass. Find them online or at a head shop near you.

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five Daily Buzz Gummies

five cbd gummies
(Leafly/five CBD)

The most buzzed-about product in five’s lineup of CBD+THC gummies and tinctures, Daily Buzz Gummies make it easy to get your daily dose of relief. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD, 5mg of THC, and the highest concentration of minor cannabinoids. Turn to these full-spectrum wonders whenever you need a joyful lift. As a big 420 bonus, you can get 40% off + free shipping site-wide from five on 4/20-4/21.

The Trident laser bong by Hitoki

Trident Hitoki laser bong
(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

“Laser bong” may be all that some folks need to hear to fall in line behind The Trident by Hitoki, while others who’ve been dazzled by weed-toy concepts, only to be disappointed by their execution, won’t be blamed for reserving enthusiasm. 

But Hitoki’s Trident is no futuristic gimmick or geek-gadget pandering. Featuring an “aircraft grade aluminum exterior,” the Trident is a battery-powered bong with a real-deal laser built right into the tube.

Both the size and shape of a Pringles can, the Trident lights up a coffee table with a thick blue rope of concentrated light, viewable through a little radiation-blocking window located midway up the tube.

Created by and for weed lovers, the Trident offers multiple heat settings: the highest instantaneously drills into a nug, while the lowest delivers a more gentle roast before initiating combustion. The quality of smoke is clean and free of added flavor—akin to a solar hit, when weed is ignited using a magnifying glass to amplify sunlight.

According to Hitoki, the Trident is good for 280+ sessions on a single charge, delivered via a USB-C cord in under 2 hours. Hits are drawn through a whip or an interchangeable silicone sidecar tube. Come cleanup time, the air path and water reservoir disassemble and the ceramic bowl unscrews to be replaced or soaked in rubbing alcohol. 

AC Infinity’s Cloudline Series grow tents

ac infinity CLOUDLAB 866 grow tent
AC infinity’s CLOUDLAB 866 grow tent. (Courtesy AC Infinity)

Ventilation and horticultural equipment manufacturer AC Infinity recently swept our updated Guide to grow tents thanks to their industry-leading materials, forward-thinking designs, and ultra-competitive pricing. 

We tried out AC Infinity’s Cloudline 866, a 5’x5’ grow tent that features best-in-class 2000D fabric, an all-steel frame capable of supporting up to a 150 lb. payload, as well as smartly placed ducts, irrigation ports, and electrical pass-throughs—plus the usual windows, passive mesh air intakes, and diamond mylar interior. The ample ducts and ports enable both HID and LED lights, as well as hydroponic and automated irrigation systems, plus countless electrical configurations. 

We also tried AC’s Controller 67, an app-supported ventilation and inline fan system, made smart by probes that enable programmable temperature and humidity settings. The controller affixes to the tent’s exterior and can respond to environmental changes that could threaten a garden’s health. 

Though initially skeptical of the almost-too-good-to-be-true $199.99 price point (then $189.99), after testing AC Infinity’s Cloudline 866, we found ourselves struggling to come up with reasons why consumers might want spendier brands once considered industry leaders.

It’s no wonder why AC Infinity’s completist approach to affordable home grow equipment is attracting brand loyalists and selling out the Cloudline lineup.

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I Love Growing Marijuana Sour Diesel feminized seeds

cannabis flower

Sour Diesel seeds are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a get-up-and-go cultivar to their garden. The hybrid is known for its energetic, fun high with an energy kick that will have you clearing the day’s to-do list in no time. Just want a fun day of feeling good? The fuel-forward, funky strain is great for that, too. The seed-smiths at I Love Growing Marijuana are celebrating the season with their biggest sale ever, so right now you can buy ten seeds and get ten seeds of Sour Diesel fems free, and a huge selection of other strains.’s Living Soil grow kits

The Bud Grower's Dual Power Kit grow tent
The Bud Grower’s Dual Power Kit. (Courtesy of The Bud Grower)

There’s a moment that most, if not all, first-time homegrowers experience: The moment it becomes clear you neglected to acquire a necessary piece of equipment. And that oversight will cost you. 

When embarking on a home cannabis cultivation project, the buy-in can be a little nebulous. Enter companies like, who provide absolutely everything except the seeds or clones: Tent, lights, ventilation, fans, filters, temp/humidity/moisture sensors, fabric pots, plus all the connectors, hardware, and harvesting tools, as well as nutritionally rich soil—enough for a maiden grow. Additionally, plant care instructions are included to improve a newcomer’s chance of success. 

We got a chance to try out the Dual Power Grow Kit. It comes with everything described above, including a 2’x4’ tent, two modern LED lights, as well as living soil: Just mix and layer the included Fox Farm soil with the mix of biological additives and organic amendments concocted by California Super Soil, then water as described.

What’s great about growing with living soil is that 90% of the work is front-loaded, meaning, after mixing up the dirt and amendments, there are no chemicals to mix for plant food, no confusing feeding schedules, and so on. Just hydrate as needed and the soil food web will take care of everything else. 

After spending some time with The Bud Grower’s grow kits, we think it’s a great option for folks who don’t have time to thoroughly research gear decisions or who aren’t quite sure about what all they’ll need to pull off their first run of homegrowing weed.

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