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‘The Leafly Guide to Cannabis’ Is Now Available for Purchase

December 5, 2017
Here's Where to Buy 'The Leafly Guide to Cannabis' Book | Leafly(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)
“A weirdly fascinating volume … [on] a new kind of cultivated landscape that may soon stretch from sea to shining sea.” —The New York Times Book Review

Leafly is thrilled to announce that our first book, The Leafly Guide to Cannabis, is now available for purchase online and at all major bookstores. Published by Twelve Books, this project has been in the works for nearly two years—and we’ve been accumulating and finessing the information contained within it for nearly five.

It covers many of the topics you’ve learned about on Leafly, along with tons of new and updated material designed with the modern consumer in mind. Looking for a holiday gift for family members or a definitive reference for yourself? Purchase the guide using the following links, and read the book overview from the publisher below.

Where to Pre-Order and Purchase

Here's Where to Buy 'The Leafly Guide to Cannabis' Book | Leafly

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

The Leafly Guide to Cannabis is available online from Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

From the publisher:

A savvy connoisseur’s guide from the editors of the world’s most popular cannabis platform.

Cannabis is at the very beginning of a craft and educational renaissance. It is emerging from the legislative shadows and a second awakening is occurring: people are proactively seeking information about how to properly consume and enjoy it. And cannabis is a wildly diverse product, even more so than alcohol. Consumers can experience not only different flavor profiles, but also different cerebral and body effects; they can consume using different methods, from vaporization to combustion to topical application; and they can pick and choose between an ever-growing number of different strains and products. THE LEAFLY GUIDE TO CANNABIS provides all the best tips to navigating this growing market in a definitive guide that will enhance every user’s enjoyment and high.

Announcing "The Leafly Guide to Cannabis" | Leafly

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Editor’s note: On January 16, 2018 it was brought to our attention that The Leafly Guide to Cannabis contains an erroneous sentence stating, “The number of people who have died from cannabis overdose, in all of recorded history, is twenty.” This is untrue: The number of people who have died from cannabis overdose, in all of recorded history, is zero, as stated correctly in our original copy here. This misprint was caused by a typesetting error which mistook a citation number, “20,” for part of the sentence, causing the word “zero” to be replaced by “twenty” in the typesetting process. We sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have caused—the mistake will be corrected in the second printing of The Leafly Guide.

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Brett Konen

Brett is a former editor at Leafly who loves travel, craft cocktails, and shining a spotlight on unique lifestyle trends.

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  • Kim Hughs Carter

    What is a good strain for anxiety?

    • Jeff Davi


      • Kim Hughs Carter

        When I’m buying the miracle drug, how do I know it’s sativa? I’m in Texas where is illegal.

        • Michelle Vincent

          You’ll have to rely on the seller

          • Kim Hughs Carter

            I’ve been getting what they call gas. It makes my heart pound and paranoid.

          • Lynda Delucas

            Don’t use it if that does that to you! I get some pretty big buds that’s awesome. I never have crap weed. I’m happy with it although I have no idea what I’ll get next year. 😜

          • Lynda Delucas

            Look me up on Facebook if you want to be friends. It’s just my name Lynda Delucas or I have Instagram too same name.

          • Kim Hughs Carter

            Thanks Lynda. I’ll do that.

          • William Bothell

            We still have to rely on sellers.

          • Kim Hughs Carter

            Wish me luck guys!!

          • Abdon Aguilar

            Good luck and let us know what do you find that work for you.

          • Lynda Delucas

            I’m in Pa and our medical weed goes live the beginning of the year. We can’t get it in plant form which is really stupid. It has to be oil, which has to be vaped. I don’t know what they are going to prescribe me. I’ve been smoking it since June and I get mine from a friend. It’s always good! I’m hoping that they have high thc rather than high in cbd. How do you get your weed since you’re in Texas? I have Huntingtons disease which is one of the 17 conditions. I’ve registered with the state and I already have a doctor that will write me a script once the dispensaries open!

          • Kim Hughs Carter

            Oh Lynda, I am so sorry. I pray you can get what you need in January. Keep me posted. I get what my son calls gas. I’m not sure what it is. Smh

        • Don Podlas

          It’s difficult to tell unless you know the the source of the plant. At a young stage I could tell you how to tell a sativa from an indica but in dried form it’s difficult to tell the diff. Young sativa will show much thinner leaves than an indica will show. Jeff is right on suggesting a sativa. Indica’s will generally make you a bit more relaxed and sleepy. Enjoy and be careful there!

          • Kim Hughs Carter

            Have you ever heard of gas? It smells like a skunk. I have no clue what it is as far as a strain. UGH

          • Don Podlas

            Usually a gas like odor will denote a diesel type of strain. If your stuff smells like a skunk and a little gassy, you probably have some pretty good shit to smoke….enjoy!…Peace from Oregon…

          • Abdon Aguilar

            Kim find me on fb. I may have something for you to try it free.

        • moedad21

          Berrykush is a great one for it

    • William Bothell

      Try many varieties. We all are different. Relax and have fun.

    • William Bothell

      Most are, give it a chance.

    • Loren DeVries

      #ChemDawg #OGKush #SourDiesel #AK47 @ More..

    • Onekjones

      Gorilla glue #4, sour diesel and BlackBerry kush has done good by me but BlackBerry kush should be used only at bedtime it’s a straight knockout strain.

      • Michael Milstead

        Gorilla does well for me as does Grandaddy Purple for day time use a stavia is bet indica at night any kush is knockout I do like Sour Diesel also

    • Michelle Vincent

      Catatonic, sour diesel, I like pineapple kush too

  • Alan Kreider

    What strain is good for pain but without a high

    • Pekka Papu

      You should try 100%indica. Hindu kush, Maple leaf indica, Ortega.

      • Rick Pauley

        I guess you missed the “but without a high” part.

        • Brian Woodworth

          Try AC/DC strain. I just recieved some from ANNCANNMED.COM

    • Jim Goodrich

      I’ve been on CBD for several months and it has worked better than any doctor recommend drug. I suffer from Polymyalgia Rheumatica a rare and painful inflammatory rheumatism. CBD has no side effects that I am aware of and contains no THC. All doctor recommended drugs (and there are not many of them) have side effects and do not work as well. CBD is also legal in all states.

      • Michael Milstead

        CBD oils have worked for me but only one brand from hemptation…..two others nothing…half CBD and half THC vape with work will work well for pain…Maryland despensery will have soon

        • Jim Goodrich

          My state(Georgia) is not legal for THC but keep my fingers crossed.

      • Michelle Pixley

        You didn’t answer Alan Kreider with a strain

    • Michelle Pixley

      Either contact Leafly by phone or your local weed shops. They can assist you.

  • Susan Rogan

    The branding isn’t congruent with this book. “Handbook for the Modern Consumer”, with a plain white cover, plain font, little coloured squares, then described using words like ‘craft’ and ‘connessieur’ (I can never spell that!). It looks like a very corporate book. The corporatization of marijuana, using (lifting) information and techniques developed over decades by marijuana afficianados. (have a hard time spelling that one too)

    This book probably has a lot of how-to information in it but judging from the cover, I’ll bet it’s missing its heart. My guess is that the corporation Leafly is appealing to what they believe to be the average person. A person afraid of being associated with classic marijuana culture. That’s all okay with me. Each to their own and just like jazz and blues clubs back in the day weren’t for everyone, neither is true connessieur marijuana culture. (I’ve really got to figure out how to spell that word.)

    I would happily look through this book for the information diligently gathered and presented.

    • I appreciate your perspective on this.

      • Vince W

        My “issue” is the cover is boring.

  • What a great coffee table book!

  • My aunt is loving the cbd rich oil, which is helping treat her depression and anxiety that she’s been taking prescription meds for her whole life. Off her old meds and is a WHOLE NEW PERSON. She loves that there are no side effects.

  • Zoey Thompson

    I’ve just bought cannabis oil from them. The salesperson was nice and the order process is simple. Many thanks to their staff for their stealth packaging

  • Accordion Granny

    The Leafly Book was a very good starting place for me. I know ZERO about this stuff and I just wanted to get the pain relief that everyone else is experiencing without the highs. It’s a little pricey but worth it’s weight in gold for beginners. The first time I went into a shop I was clue less. Now I make my list at home and I know what I’m asking for. Am learning that different strains act differently on different people, so what works for one person does not always apply to the next but it’s a learning adventure. Just be diligent and keep a log on what you have tried and the results so you can remember as you are going along what works and what doesn’t.

  • Becky Barnes

    I’m thinking about trying this for pain relief I have had 3 bad surgeries and I also have nerve damage in my leg and foot that is painful … I can not take pain meds ,, they make me sick so I suffer and I want to find relief but don’t know which product to buy , I’m not looking to get stoned just need the relief from this pain I have every day … and I would like to know if any of these products go against what I’m currently taking for depression And Anxiety .. can someone please help me with some info .. and your out come with this product .. Thank you

    • Brad Yale

      You can checkout ANNCANNAMED.COM for more infor and medical purchase. Their Cbd Rich oil has literally changed my life. I was able to abandon some strong opiates, and my health is doing just fine.