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Comic Books and Cannabis Inspiration With Box Brown

We talked to Box Brown, a New York Times best-selling graphic novelist, about how cannabis inspires his award-winning comic book career.

12 Cannabis Books That Changed the Game

From memoirs to cookbooks to humorous page-turners, take a look at these twelve cannabis books that changed the game.

The 5 Best Cannabis Cookbooks for Homemade Edibles

From herbal cocktails to delicious vegan fare, whip up your own infused creations with these five informative cannabis cookbooks.

‘The Leafly Guide to Cannabis’ Is Now Available for Purchase

Modern producers and consumers have launched a craft and educational cannabis renaissance. Our guide gives you everything you need to navigate the market.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 17: ‘Headband & Chemmy Jones, Sugar Foot!’

This week the WAYS team wraps its head around Headband from Black Label Cannabis, dips into some dabs from Dorado Extracts, and announces the release of Leafly's first book.

‘The Trouble With Pot, Said a Doctor I Know’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

Art Garfunkel gets weird(er) and waxes poetic about the herb, seemingly everyone takes jabs at Jeff Sessions, an economist highlights legalization to reduce crime, and more.

Inside the Groundbreaking Farm That Boasts Three Pounds of Cannabis per Grow Light

Joshua Haupt, the brilliant mind behind the 215-page "Three a Light" grow guide, is reshaping cannabis cultivation with his innovative grow methods and "no a-holes" policy.

Were Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Inspired by Cannabis?

Lewis Carroll wrote a fantastical adventure of a little girl who gets lost in Wonderland. But did cannabis help shape his writing?

The Gonzo Ganja: Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow to Clone His Cannabis

The wife of late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson announced plans to clone strains from his personal collection, which will be sold at cannabis shops across Colorado.

Reading Goosebumps High: A Spooky Trip Down Memory Lane

In my teens, I was obsessed with Goosebumps books. I wanted to see whether they could withstand the test of time—whether cannabis would help or hinder the experience.

Pair These Cannabis Strains With 5 of Stephen King’s Best Novels

If you’re thinking of picking up one of Stephen King's works, these cannabis strains pair well with some of our favorite stories from the King of Horror.

Behind Tolkien’s Books: Is Hobbit Pipe-Weed Really Cannabis?

J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbits love their pipe-weed. What is pipe-weed exactly, and what is its connection to cannabis and counterculture?

Jesse Ventura Wants Cannabis Legalized in His Lifetime

The ex-wrestler and Minnesota governor unloads on the government's war on "a magnificent plant" in his new book, "Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto."

Build Your Own Cannabis Library With These Must-Read Books About Marijuana

We asked Leafly staff what their favorite cannabis-related books were and their responses varied from educational resources to memoirs and even a few cookbooks.

Can Cannabis Change Capitalism? VICE Columnist, Author Thinks So

“Cannabis should transform capitalism, not the other way around," says David Bienenstock. “We have to fight really hard to make this an inclusive industry."

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