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Leafly Canada holiday gift guide: Presents under $25

Published on November 27, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Photos by Jesse Milns

Maybe you’ve got a Secret Santa to buy for at work, or a friendly stoner on your list you want to gift with a cheap and cheerful cannabis-enhancing present. The items on this list will make your bud smile, and many will last quite a while, despite their affordable prices.

Superette lighters

Canadian cannabis store Superette produces four equally-stylish, branded lighters; pair one with your favourite preroll for a quick and convenient gift, or bring a whole handful if you’re heading to a party where the lighters are likely to disappear as quickly as the joints.

Superette lighters, $4/ea

tweed rolling trays
Tweed Tin Rolling Tray

Emblazoned with Tweed’s signature double-entendre, these mini tin rolling trays promise to start every session with a friendly greeting.

Tweed Tin Rolling Tray, $8

Studio A-OK Ying Yang Silicon Stash Jar

This unbreakable stash jar from Vancouver’s Studio A-OK holds approximately 3.5 grams’ worth of cannabis—or as they said in the old days, a half-quarter.

Studio A-OK Ying Yang Silicon Stash Jar, $12

Tweed Mini Sherlock Pipe 4”

A borosilicate glass pipe from the Smiths Falls-based LP, the Mini Sherlock is an affordable gift for the stoner with a penchant for thinking, puffing, and solving crimes.

Tweed Mini Sherlock Pipe 4”, $18

Studio A-OK The Party Tube

The name pretty much speaks for itself—filled with a preroll and paired with a lighter, this doob tube is a party waiting to happen.

Studio A-OK The Party Tube, $18

aurora borealis pipe
Aurora Borealis Pipe

The blue iridescent glass pipe is called Borealis, the brand that makes it is called Aurora. See what they did there? It’s available from Aurora’s newest outpost in the West Edmonton Mall.

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Aurora Borealis Pipe, $25

Tweed Spoon Pipe 4”

This elegant 4” glass pipe from Tweed is a classic that will last well beyond its sticker price. Its inverted cone ash-catcher mouthpiece ensures pure pulls, and its compact size makes it handy for party-hopping.

Tweed Spoon Pipe 4, $18

studio a-ok quarter
Studio A-OK QuarterPype

A sleek one-hitter with a twist! Available in blue or pink-hued glass, the covetable gift comes courtesy of the BC lifestyle brand Studio A-OK.

Studio A-OK QuarterPype, $21

Canadian Lumber The Tray

This timberland-themed rolling tray from homegrown brand Canadian Lumber is both a serviceable joint preparation station and an invitation to explore the vast frontier of the high mind. It’s also durable and easy to clean.

Canadian Lumber The Tray, $18

Abscent Pocket Protector Bag

Anti-microbial—and most importantly, carbon-lined—this small stash pocket from Canada’s Tokyo Smoke promises that any cannabis scents stored within will be kept a delicious secret.

Abscent Pocket Protector Bag, $20

dry mouth
High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges

Say no to cotton mouth with these naturally-flavoured drool-inducing fruit lozenges. Bonus: they’re free of GMOs, allergens, artificial flavours, and sugar, and also kosher.

High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges, $10

Goodwood TW1G

Transporting king-sized joints and blunts can be an ordeal that Goodwood wants to make easier for the sharing, caring kind. This slim TW1G doob tube is handcrafted in the Niagara, ON region, and the company will donate one tree for each product sold. Plus, 1% of Goodwood’s revenue is donated to charity. There’s literally nothing wrong with this present.

Goodwood TW1G, $20

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