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Leafly Canada holiday gift guide: Cannabis gifts for grandparents

Published on November 28, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Photos by Jesse Milns

Boomers and their parents are the fastest-growing cohorts of new and returning cannabis consumers. Here are some stellar gifts for older loved ones in your life who are known for putting the ‘gram’ in Grammie or Gramps.

A Pretty Dope Kit

For the grandma whose shoes and nails always match her scarf and hat, this odour-trapping bag holds everything she needs to get her weed on, including joint cones and a little rolling tray, all in the same classic turquoise pattern as the bag.

A Pretty Dope Kit, $99

Tweed Sherlock Pipe

Whether your favourite grandude is packing a bowl or smoking out a mystery, he’ll look positively dapper doing it with this chic Sherlock pipe.

Tweed Sherlock Pipes, $30

Pax 3 vaporizer

Medicinal use is bringing record numbers of seniors to cannabis, but who smokes their medicine anymore? Keep grandma on her doctor’s nice list with this discreet, convenient device that allows for healthier—and fast-acting—cannabis consumption.

Pax 3, $249

ohai grinder

Ohai Grinder

When you’re living in an aging or arthritic body, joint rolling can feel like joint trolling, but this smooth grinder with deep finger grooves and smooth turn function makes bud busting feel positively youthful.

Ohai Grinder, $42

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Tokyo Smoke Fluted Bong

Solid, reliable, and multipurpose (seriously, try it as a vase!), this glass bong offers the no-nonsense value every generation should be seeking, but that older ones are best known for demanding.

Tokyo Smoke Fluted Bong, $125

Storz & Bickel Digital Volcano desktop vaporizer

The first medically-approved vaporizing device to be sold in Canada, this desktop vaporizer is an investment piece, renowned for delivering thick clouds of vapour. It’s a lovely gift for the grandparent who wants clean and healthy hauls in the comfort of their own home.

Storz & Bickel Digital Volcano, $750

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