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Leafly Canada holiday gift guide: Host gifts better than a bottle of wine

Published on November 28, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Photos by Jesse Milns

Is it acceptable to bring cannabis or cannabis accessories to a party, as you would a bottle of wine? Yes, says etiquette expert Karen Cleveland.

“If you know they enjoy cannabis, bring some along. That said, just like a bottle of wine, assume that you’ll leave it with your host and they’ll decide when to serve it.”

Same goes for the products below—although your host may not choose to bust them out at the moment you present them, they’re sure to increase your chances of getting invited over for future sessions.

Allume x Superette, The Chill Box

In this edition of Allume’s seasonal Chill Box, the Quebec brand has partnered with Ontario-based cannabis retailer Superette. Filled with design-forward and practical cannabis accessories, including a Sackville & Co. gold keychain doob tube, Superette grinder card, and an Allume tote, it offers $67 worth of gifts for a chill $50.

The Chill Box, $50

Tokyo Smoke bong
Tokyo Smoke Mini Glass Bong

Pop quiz: what’s six inches tall and uniquely designed to cool down your bong hits? If you guessed this bong, congratulations! Perhaps you should keep this one for yourself?

Tokyo Smoke Mini Glass Bong, $45

Calla Multi Tool

For the classy cannabis lover who needs help producing a pretty joint, this shiny little tool is perfect for shaping and packing a cone, as well as scooping cannabis and packing it into vapes and pipes.

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Calla Multi Tool, $30

IV & XX Pre-Rolled Cone Collection

This darling set of patterned preroll cones are an even better gift if you stuff them with some cannabis first, but they’re still stellar party starters on their own.

IV & XX Pre-Rolled Cone Collection, pack of 6, $17

roach clip

OHAI J Clip Ring roach clip

What’s a host gift if not a chance to award the person who’s entertaining you with something they’re not likely to get themselves? Enter this golden roach clip. No, no one really needs one, but surely every joint-smoker wants one of these stunners from British Columbia-based OHAI.

Ohai J Clip Ring, $24

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