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Cannabis tech to make growing weed easier

Published on December 15, 2022

As more US states introduce cannabis legislation, the number of people turning their hand to indoor marijuana cultivation has also increased. Thanks to those changes in laws and the ever-evolving developments in cultivation techniques, growing cannabis has never been more accessible.

We’ve picked out four of our favorite pieces of cannabis tech that can automate homegrowing for either the novice grower or the more experienced cultivator—and save precious commodities like time and money. 

All-in-one grow boxes

armoire cannabis grow box
The Armoire 60. (Courtesy Armoire)

In recent years, one of the most impressive pieces of technology to enter the cultivation market is the all-in-one cannabis grow box. Perfect for the growing newcomer, all-in-one grow boxes are one of the most remarkable developments in cannabis growing in the past decade.

A fully self-contained unit for cultivation, cannabis grow boxes provide growers with everything they’ll need to raise their first cannabis crop, taking the guesswork out of homegrowing to achieve consistent, high-quality yields with ease.  

One of the finest examples available on the market today is the Armoire Grow Box. Elegant, compact, and fully automated, the Armoire comes loaded with everything required to take plants from seed to harvest, and its stealthy and sleek design won’t look out of place in your bedroom or living room. 

The Armoire can:

  • Water plants automatically when needed
  • Deliver the correct levels of nutrients at the proper time
  • Monitor and control temperature and humidity conditions

Making home cultivation easier than ever before, an indoor grow box is also highly discreet, with odor-eliminating carbon filters, ensuring your living space retains its natural scent. In addition, high-quality grow boxes like the Armoire provide a more effective delivery of nutrients to your plants. 

All-in-one boxes don’t come cheap, though—the Armoire retails for almost $2,000. However, for the regular marijuana consumer, growing your own cannabis will prove cost-effective in the long run, and with high-quality yields, trips to the dispensary will be reduced to emergency-only scenarios.

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Plant monitors and sensors

Another exciting piece of tech that can prove invaluable for cannabis growing, or indeed any type of cultivation, plant monitors and sensors allow growers to observe and collect a variety of data on their growing plants.

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Ensuring healthier plants that produce high-quality yields, plant monitors and sensors help save time, water, and energy. With real-time alerts sent directly to your smartphone when a situation demands attention, this sophisticated piece of horticultural tech is an excellent addition to your grow setup. While commonly used in commercial grows, plant monitors and sensors can also prove an invaluable tool for the home cultivator. 

Sensors measure and provide feedback on the environment inside your grow room, and the resulting data can be used to make improvements. For example, the Mendel Air Sensor offers a sophisticated suite of sensors to collect information, and it can easily be hung in your grow tent or grow box.

Most sensors operate on solar power and connect wirelessly to a smartphone or computer. From soil moisture to temperature and lighting, plant monitors and sensors will detect and alert the grower when plants require water or when the temperature is not optimal for growth. 

Some of the more advanced cannabis monitoring setups will also detect changes to humidity, CO2, changes in light, and other essential growth parameters, which can contribute to a cannabis plant’s potency and yield.

Cannabis dryers

cannatrol cannabis dryer
The Cool Cure, from Cannatrol. (Courtesy Cannatrol)

Perhaps the most crucial phases of harvesting cannabis are the drying and curing stages. Once cannabis is ready to be harvested, it is vital to ensure that flowers are dried, cured, and stored in the correct environment. Rapid water loss, fluctuating temperatures, and uncontrolled moisture must be avoided, or you may find your end product is something far from desirable.

Formerly something of a guesswork process requiring plenty of trial and error, drying and curing can be simplified with the use of cannabis dryers. One such piece of tech is the Cool Cure Box from Cannatrol System, winner of the 2022 GrowUp Cannabis Industry Award for the Best Drying and Curing System.

Cannabis usually takes somewhere between seven to twelve days to dry, however, with the Cool Cure, you can dry cannabis effectively in as little as four to seven days. 

Curing cannabis can also be a drawn-out affair, taking well over a month, but the Cool Cure ensures your harvest is ready for consumption in as little as four weeks.

This effective cannabis dryer and curing system utilizes a fully controlled environment that helps prevent mold, while maintaining constant temperature and moisture levels, and maximal airflow, to dry and cure buds safely and evenly. 

Ensuring the protection of your plant’s precious terpenes while enhancing both the aesthetic and aromatic appeal of your grow, the Cannatrol Cool Cure also keeps the harvest free of potential pests and mold that can potentially destroy your final yield.

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Automated control systems for hydroponics

aeroponic cannabis cloner
An aeroponic cloner. (Leafly)

While the novice grower might think that a hydroponic setup is too much, advancements in automated control systems have made hydroponic cultivation easy for those with limited or no growing experience. 

An automated control system can be accessed and adjusted remotely, allowing you to monitor and control your grow setup’s environmental conditions from afar. One example is the Higronics Hydroponics Automation System. 

A brilliant piece of tech, an effective automated control system takes charge of two vital elements of the hydroponic growing process: monitoring and dosing. Using a setup of probes and sensors, the Higronics Hydroponics Automation System measures: 

  • pH and EC levels present in water
  • Temperature and humidity levels

Once the system has accrued the relevant data, it will feed your plants with the required levels of nutrients. 

Removing a lot of legwork, the Higronics system and others allow you to create the ideal climate for optimal growth in your hydroponics setup, without having to physically test variables. Utilizing an automated control system also allows you to create and replicate the same environment for future grows.

While we’ve only scratched the surface of the amazing developments in cannabis cultivation, we’re always keeping our eye out for the latest advancements in growing techniques. Don’t forget to check our in-depth growing section for all the latest updates!

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