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This delta-8 is built for party vibes

Presented ByActiv-8Published on October 27, 2021 · Last updated July 14, 2022
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Delta-8 syrups and shots designed for sharing.

There’s nothing quite like kicking back with some friends and a cold drink in your hand. Even better, you’re not limited to beer or punch in that cup. The flavor masters at Activ-8 have a line of syrups and shots in feel-good flavors featuring the very excellent vibes of delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 is standard THC’s chiller cousin: It still has those psychoactive, euphoric effects that people look for in cannabis, but without the tendency for paranoia or sleepiness. It doesn’t take center stage at a party; it just keeps the good times rolling. Because delta-8 is derived from hemp-based CBD, it’s legal in more states, even some that don’t have recreational markets yet.

Delta-8 syrups
Courtesy of Activ-8

Delta-8 usually comes in packages designed for solo consumption, like tinctures and gummies. Activ-8 took a different approach, creating bold syrup flavors designed to mix right into your favorite drinks, especially (but not limited to) non-alcoholic ones. Because delta-8 occupies that chiller sweet spot between standard THC and CBD, sipping on a double cup of your favorite flavor combo is great for partygoers new to cannabis and for folks who love traditional bud.

I tried delta-8 THC: Here’s what it feels like

Whether you want a new backyard BBQ staple or an on-the-go party starter, here’s how to invite a little extra flavor to your next hang.

Shareable syrups

Activ-8’s line of syrups includes six classic and sweet-drink flavors: Cherry, Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Grape, and the super-nostalgic Blue Razz. Each bottle contains around 50mg of delta-8— enough for two generous servings or five lighter ones—and includes a measuring cup for easy sharing.

They’re even available packaged with two Styrofoam cups, so it’s all you need to get the party started. Just pour them in with a favorite beverage and let these tasty syrups work their magic. You can take it extra easy knowing that all the latest lab results are right on Activ-8’s website.

Delta-8 syrups
Courtesy of Activ-8

Let’s fill that cup

Activ-8 syrups are made for mixing into your go-to drinks. Just get your favorite flavor and add a little color to any beverage. If you need some ideas, here are some tried-and-true combos.

Syrup and soda:Add any syrup to standard club soda or seltzer to get straight-up flavor with some spritz.

Cherry-lime fresh: Mix up some Activ-8 cherry syrup with your go-to lemon-lime soda. It’s like a Shirley Temple on the wild side.

Slushy with a twist:Just like the kind at the convenience store. Grab two sealable plastic bags. Fill one with Activ-8 Blue Razz syrup and cola. Put that bag in the other bag along with some ice cubes and salt. Shake the bag for a few minutes until you get the right texture for a frosty treat. You can also skip the ceremony and blend it with ice if you’re in a hurry and don’t need to nail that texture.

Piña Col-8-a: Blend up some coconut milk and Activ-8 pineapple syrup with or without ice for a beach day delight. If you want to go lighter or nix the blending step, try adding the syrup to some coconut sparkling water for the same flavor experience.

Delta-8 syrups
Courtesy of Activ-8

Double orange:Sometimes you just want more of one good thing. Activ-8’s orange syrup is epically juicy and begging for its perfect match in some fizzy, orange-flavored soda.

Activ apple pie:Add some Activ-8 apple syrup to a glass of your favorite ginger ale.

Classic for a reason:You’re stopping at the store to make sure you set the party off right. It’s time to go with the no-nonsense classics that are guaranteed crowd favorites. Grape syrup + lemon-lime soda, cherry syrup + cola—like your tightest friends, these combos won’t ever let you down.

Shots on the go

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly sharable or just one hefty solitary serving, Activ-8’s shots offer the same flavors for sipping on the go. Each one packs in 20mg of delta-8, getting you well on your way to party city or giving you and a friend a little boost.

Bring them along the next time you’re turning up with friends and simply swig straight from the bottle to get the good times going. Bring an apple shot along on fall outings, like a crisp walk through the leaves or to relax a bit before your friend throws on that scary movie. For an extra festive treat, sip on a pineapple shot as you’re sunbathing on the beach, or pack an orange shot for brunch for an extra-special “mimosa.”

Ready to bring delta-8 to the party? Head to Activ-8’s website, decide which flavor is calling your name, and have your cups at the ready.

Delta-8 syrups
Courtesy of Activ-8

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