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What Is Bhang? A History Lesson and a Recipe

Learn about “bhang,” an edible cannabis preparation that has become an integral part of Indian culture after being in use for thousands of years.

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Learn how to pair different foods and drinks with cannabis to complement the flavor profile of each, and find pairing tips and recommendations.

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What better way to get lost in the massive world of Skyrim than playing while you’re high? Try these Washington edibles for your next session.

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Try these recipes for fall-inspired fruit punch drinks infused with cannabis strains that complement the fruity and flavorful tastes of each punch.

The Shake: Chong Gets Burned by Bernie Campaign, Canada to See Same-Day Delivery

Cannabis crowdfunding is here, a GOP congressman admits to using while in office, and should you be brushing your teeth with bud?

A Twist on ‘Craft’ Cocktails: Drink Recipes with Cannabis Cocktail Syrups

Mix up some cannabis-infused cocktails with these small-batch cannabis cocktail syrups from Washington state. All four seasonal drink recipes are perfect for summer cannabis sipping.

5 Great Cannabis-Infused Mocktail Recipes

These five cannabis-infused mocktails are adapted from a traditional cocktail recipe, only we've replaced alcohol with cannabis tinctures.

Recipe: How to Make Cannabis-Medicated Mexican Hot Chocolate

The only thing better than staying warm on cold days is staying warm and medicated with this cannabis-infused Mexican hot chocolate drink!

Pot Poseurs: 5 Products That Wish They Were Cannabis

In the past few years, non-cannabis companies have began to use cannaculture in marketing techniques. Take a look at these wannabe cannabis products trying for their 15 minutes of fame.