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How Discover CBD got ahead in CBD safety

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Presented ByDiscover CBDPublished on November 25, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Courtesy of Discover CBD)

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Before the 2018 Farm Bill solidified the reality of having CBD in homes across the country, states like Colorado blazed trails for cannabinoid products. Discover CBD’s Colorado roots are responsible for the brand’s sturdy footing in the CBD landscape.

With multiple in-state locations, locations in Texas and Illinois, products in more than 200 stores, and availability in 10 countries, Discover CBD is consistently finding new ways to evolve. The company uses its house brand, Active CBD oil, as an avenue for research, development, and innovation.

(Courtesy of Discover CBD)

“We took what we learned from consumers and medical professionals in Colorado and applied it to our products,” said Melinda Bloch, Chief Operations Officer. “The result was CBD that is potent and affordable, which is the base of our brand and what we are most proud of – caring about what people are putting in their bodies and putting quality above profits.”

Building a foundation in CBD safety

Discover CBD has always had an innovative team of people seeking solutions on behalf of CBD consumers. Before it was the norm, they played an integral role in establishing the placement of QR codes on CBD packaging for easy access to third-party test results. When that was done, they took the concept one step further and instilled batch testing on every product run- not just an annual audit like many others.

Their dedicated consumer safety measures paid off, and they experienced the fruits of their labor firsthand when they became one of the only brands ready to meet the demands of the state of Indiana, where rigorous standards required the QR code system to already be in place.

“We were one of the first in the industry to institute CDPHE licensing, QR codes on each product, batch testing with a third-party lab, and implementation of an ISO 6 Clean Room manufacturing facility. We want to ensure that people feel safe when buying and using our products,” Bloch said.

(Courtesy of Discover CBD)

While having a particularly clean room for manufacturing CBD products might sound like a good idea, having an ISO 6 Clean Room is an especially proactive idea in order to achieve effective quality and sanitation standards. With few safety certifications in place for CBD manufacturers, Discover considers these actions as a reflection of their commitment to the future of clean and transparent products.

“The federal government is likely to step in and stamp a regulatory framework into this industry and we want to be ahead of that. That is why we have made sure to institute things like QR codes and our newly finished, custom-built ISO 6 Clean Room. It maintains extremely high standards, customer confidence, and consumer safety,” Bloch said.

Creating new CBD products for a global market

With their sights set on introducing CBD into more markets, Discover CBD knows that they must stay competitive while constantly improving their safety processes. Their high operational standards have indirectly led to innovation in the lab, including the creation of water-dispersible CBG and CBN tinctures. CBN, or cannabinol, is believed to help with inflammation and provide antibacterial support, while CBG, or cannabigerol, shows promise as a cancer-fighting agent.

(Courtesy of DiscoverCBD)

By offering each, Discover CBD hopes to show their consumers just how much they believe in quality cannabinoid research and bringing the safest products possible to the market.

“Though we’ll always strive do things differently to stay ahead of our competition, we ultimately want to see an overall safer CBD industry that people can trust,” Bloch says. “High standards of safety opened the doors for us in the United States and all over the world. The standards that we have put in place for our products are great, not only for our company as a whole, but for every single one of our customers, and we’ll continue to seek out innovation on their behalf.”

Discover CBD
Presented ByDiscover CBD
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