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Headed to Life Is Beautiful in Nevada? Hit These Cannabis Dispensaries Nearby

Published on September 18, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Las Vegas has enjoyed five years of legal cannabis stores, but the industry still has room to grow (bluejayphoto/iStock)

Taking place between September 21st to the 24th, Life Is Beautiful is a yearly event in downtown Las Vegas in the east Fremont neighborhood, where the casinos and businesses harken back to an earlier time in Vegas history.

The event encompasses over 18 city blocks and embraces the beauty of art, music, food, and ultimately, a celebration of life.

Catch Thrive's free shuttle from Life Is Beautiful to Cannabition!Getting there and knowing what to bring are important considerations for attendees—especially those ready to seize Nevada’s recreational cannabis while on the way to the grounds. However, on-site cannabis consumption is not permitted, so don’t assume you’ll get away with blazing one out in the open. Attendees should also note that all bags larger than a small purse or fanny pack need to be transparent in order to be allowed. All outside food or liquid are prohibited.

Now that the nitty-gritty is out of the way, here’s your guide to the dispensaries that have the most convenient locations around Life Is Beautiful (and some additional suggestions on which cannabis products to look for).

Dispensaries Close to the Las Vegas Boulevard

(Courtesy of Essence)

If you’re staying at one of the resorts on the Strip, stop by Essence: the only dispensary with a Las Vegas Boulevard address, so keep in mind that the foot traffic here is extremely high.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find a huge selection of pre-rolls, and anyone hunting for flower should try their house label Desert Grown. Given the parameters of the festival, Cannavative’s discreet 10mg capsules may be your best option. Sold in packs of 10, you can take one on your way there and save the rest for later.

Check Out Essence’s Menu

If waiting in a stanchion maze is dampening your mellow, walk around the corner to Las Vegas Releaf. Relax in their plush waiting room with a sample of beer by Two Roots. Beer with cannabis may sound familiar, but unlike previous products that are brewed or “hopped” with hemp, this beverage is an actual beer that’s fortified with sublingual THC.

Grab a 6-pack and you and the squad can walk the remaining length of the Strip without drawing attention—as long as it’s in a plastic cup; drinking alcohol in public is permitted in Las Vegas.

Check Out Las Vegas Releaf’s Menu

Dispensaries Close to the Park and Ride

The festival will be running a free a park-and-ride shuttle, with a stop at the World Market Center west of the Arts District. Take a 20-minute stroll over to Canopi after parking, where they’re known for their killer deals on flower and edibles.

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I picked up an Incredibles Rainforest Crunch Bar for $5 the day I stopped in, but every day they run a different special discount. Vegan consumers will be glad to know that Wana Gummies is always in stock (and available in nearly every flavor you can imagine).

Check Out Canopi’s Menu

Dispensaries Close to the Bike Share

(Courtesy of Medmen)

Las Vegas’s BikeShare has a station right in front the new MedMen location on 3rd Street. Touch screens with helpful information are adjacent to various products displayed under glass displays, and the all-black interior is reminiscent of shopping at a hip electronics store.

High rollers may be here to pick up Caviar Gold cones and moonrocks, but the Matrix Evolution OG Disposable Pen would be just as discreet. If you can fit a breath mint container into your pocket, consider adding in some edible mints by Altus.

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A unique destination on the way to the festival is the cannabis “farmers market” located in the underbelly of Acres Cannabis. The smugglers’ tunnel entrance leads to a sensational high-ceilinged room decorated with Day-Glo graffiti and real trunks of cars. You’re allowed to casually browse whatever products or brands happen to catch your eye.

Quarter-ounce “monster pre-rolls” for $100 are sold only at the Underground.

However glitzy the Underground may be, make sure to explore the entire building. Take in some history and education in their cannabis museum and purchase the treats they create in their elegantly decorated dispensary—that includes a huge menu of products from brands sourced throughout the state. While it’s not the most discreet option available, the Lady Silvia pre-roll 2-pack from Willie’s Reserve is something you shouldn’t pass up.

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Stacey Mulvey
Stacey Mulvey
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