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Enjoy the ride with Cycling Frog this Green Wednesday

Cycling Frog
Presented ByCycling FrogPublished on November 20, 2023 · Last updated November 30, 2023
cycling frog seltzers
This article is sponsored by Cycling Frog. Image courtesy of Cycling Frog.

Celebrate the big day with free gummies.

Cycling Frog wants to help you pop the top on a good time this Green Wednesday. They’re offering a free 10-count bag of their best-selling hemp THC+CBD gummies, you just cover the cost of shipping. These delicious gummies are available in Passionfruit 1:1 THC+CBC with 10mg CBD and 10mg hemp delta-9 THC per piece and in CBD-dominant Huckleberry with 25mg CBD and 5mg D-9 THC per piece. All you need to do is click the link below, and you’ll be on your way to teaming up with Cycling Frog to make this Green Wednesday ever greener. Don’t wait!

Whichever free gummy pack you choose, don’t forget to check out Cycling Frog’s famous THC-infused seltzers while you’re there so you can get stocked for the holiday festivities ahead.

Cycling Frog hemp THC-infused seltzers are the hangover-free alternative to booze that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. With a wide variety of flavors and potencies, Cycling Frog seltzers are an ideal replacement for the post-work beer or the glass of wine with dinner.

Infused seltzers are also easily customized for those with varying THC tolerance levels. Lightweights can content themselves with half a can and save some for later, while experienced cannabis consumers can keep enjoying more of the fantastic seltzer flavor and the buzz that comes with it. With Green Wednesday options like these on top of free gummies, Cycling Frog might just become America’s new favorite amphibian. 

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Cycling Frog
Presented ByCycling Frog
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