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Is Cannabis Lube Better Than Mainstream Brands? We Put the Products to the Test

February 11, 2016

“I need you to review this lube.”

This isn’t how we typically begin our editorial meetings at Leafly, but on that particular day, the brand Foria had delivered a little gift to us ladies: arousing cannabis spray. Some of us, being skeptics, wondered whether the special ingredient actually made a difference in arousal or if it was just a novelty, so we took to our bedrooms to investigate a question that most people wouldn’t even think to ask: Can a cannabis oil enhance sex better than traditional lube?

We lined up four different products for this experiment:

  • Foria cannabis spray (oil-based)
  • Swiss Navy (silicone-based)
  • Wet Naturals for Senstive Skin (water-based)
  • K-Y Warming Liquid

Each was selected because it brought something unique to the table: K-Y with its warming sensations, Swiss Navy with its silicone base, Wet Naturals for its all-natural water-based formula, and Foria for – you guessed it – the THC. So which one reigns supreme?

1. Foria

Foria Pleasure cannabis lubricant

Call us predictable, but Foria was the unanimous favorite.

Foria isn’t exactly “lube” in the traditional sense. You wouldn’t just slather it on when you’re ready for business. It’s an oil-based spray — which means do NOT use this with a latex condom — that stimulates arousal. Some of us would argue that it will, so to speak, eliminate the need for lube altogether anyway. But if you still got the Sahara Desert going on down there, it might be a good idea to supplement with a proper lube (keep reading for our recommendations below). You can also use organic, virgin/unrefined coconut oil as an all-natural lubricant if you need a boost.

The first few spritzes from the tiny Foria spray bottle are a mist so delicate and gentle, you almost have to giggle. Its effects aren’t immediate, but in time you’ll start to notice a warm sensation radiating from your lady bits. Sensitivity continues to escalate slowly and steadily until you feel something like a crazed animal in heat. Mind you, the sensations are localized and non-psychoactive unless swallowed (though, let’s be real, that’s a likely scenario for many of us).

The ingredients label lists three items: cannabis, coconut oil, and love. If there are no added chemicals, where does that glorious, warm sensitivity come from? Love? Probably, but also the THC. THC acts as a vasodilator, opening capillaries and increasing blood flow for enhanced sensitivity.

The analgesic properties of THC can also ease pain caused by penetration, and that alone can be quite the game changer for a lot of couples.

2. Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy silicone-based lubricant

Next up is the silicone-based lubricant Swiss Navy. Call us lube noobs, but few brands we’ve tried hold a candle to the amazing slip-‘n’-slide qualities this one has to offer. Swiss Navy is a heavy-duty lube meant for dry-climate vaginas, but it does lack the arousing, warming sensations we loved from Foria. Though much oilier than water-based formulas, Swiss Navy doesn’t feel overly greasy and lasts a lot longer. That’s great news for those of us who enjoy taking more extensive trips to Pound Town.

3. Wet Naturals for Sensitive Skin

Wet Naturals for Sensitive Skin lubricant

With packaging laden with Papyrus font and ’90s-era splash bubbles, Wet Naturals may not look like the most upscale, deluxe lube out there. But don’t judge a book by its cover: This glycerin- and paraben-free lube is the perfect companion for anyone with sensitive, easily irritated skin. Being water-based, it also doesn’t feel greasy or leave an oily mess on the sheets. The one and only drawback we experienced was this lube’s duration. You may feel like you need to re-apply several times, and let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re in the heat of it.

4. K-Y Warming Liquid

KY Warming Liquid lubricant

This K-Y product is similar to Foria in that it’s supposed to bring on warming sensations and is often used in small amounts for arousal rather than as a lube. But, as our canna-sexpert Ashley Manta points out, there’s a world of difference when it comes to safety and quality. The chemicals that cause that warming sensation can cause intense burning, and it also contains glycerin and propylene glycol, which are known to cause sensitivities (and in some cases, infection).

While thankfully none of us experienced the painful burning sometimes reported, we had our own gripes about this one. The consistency is runny and sticky, leaving you and your partner feeling like you just smeared corn syrup all over each other (but even that would taste better than this chemical paste). Some of us did find the K-Y liquid to provide some warm tinglies, but others noticed no heating sensation at all.

Thus concludes our first ever Leafly lube experiment. Needless to say, we’re waiting with eager anticipation for more cannabis-based lubricants and arousal liquids to hit the market and elevate sex lives nationwide. Foria is currently available in California and Colorado, but don’t despair if you’re not a resident of those states; your local shop may carry other cannabis-infused brands, so keep an eye out and ask around.

Have you ever tried cannabis lubes or arousal sprays? If so, what did you think? And if not, what’s your go-to lube for when the hoo-ha is experiencing some post-cannabis dryness?

Image Sources: Foria, Amazon, Amazon, K-Y

  • Bongstar420

    LOL…every product that says “love” as an ingredient, how much love will go into it as their profit margins decline?

    This is the kind of love trumps wives had. 😉

    Foria claims their extraction process enhances bioavailability- nonsense. Thats the terps and MCT oil doing it. Their claims about bacteria are specious as well since the formula its self has antibacterial qualities- You could prepare this stuff in a kitchen and it would be highly unlikely to fail a bacterial test even if you didn’t’ sterilize anything. Finally, any random cannabis plant will not be the same for this application. They need to tell us what cultivar they use and how they ensure its always the proper cultivar.

    There are certain essential oils that you can buy for $25/oz which will make you horny. Why pay some dummie to put THC into a fancy package? How can these people relying on ignorance and subjectivity to do good things with their profits? …and if your problem is with bloodflow as the product claims, youre going to get much further with Cialis or Viagra though there are also other herbs which are much better at increasing N2O levels…

    • Triggered

      I have a feeling your a man. This product is meant for women. Their “parts” have much higher absorption ability. Also it’s pretty obvious you haven’t tried the product or your partner hasn’t tried it (if you have one). Hung up on the word “love”? Issues there? Then politics in a lube article comment? What? Also their product is scentless so good luck whipping it up in your kitchen. If I had a successful product I surely would not reveal the strain I used in it, that’s called bad business. Lastly, why would their profits decline? Anyways I just don’t like seeing negative, ignorant comments so this was a must, sorry. IMO I’d LOVE to try this with my gf.

      • Monica Myers

        I have to agree wholeheartedly, Triggered. My first thought was, this has to be a man, and why is he commenting on a womens’ product? The makers of this product certainly do not have to give up what strain they use, and, yes, that in itself would be bad business. Lastly Viagra and Cialis are not prescribed for women. Foria sounds amazing to me, especially after winning the Leafly experiment!!!

  • Kathy Blume

    I’ve done a lube with coconut oil and cannabis which I made in my Magic Butter Machine. It’s lovely, it keeps a long time, and it does the trick of providing Lubey Goodness! Does it get me high? Don’t know. But it definitely enhances sensation, and in my book, that’s good enough! It is, I will say, rather pungent. But if you don’t like the smell of concentrated cannabis, you could add some essential oil to make things a little more nasally serene.

  • Kacey Schaefer

    Awesome article! It was really informative. I’m considering giving this a try but still not sure because it’s so damned expensive. I’d really like to hear about how the lube feels from the men, too. Do the analgesic properties of THC decrease stimulation for guys? Also, I’m a trans woman and… well to be blunt.. I only have anal intercourse. So I’m wondering if it works well for that, too. Probably way too much info to give out on here lol but any insight is much appreciated.

    • horsemannv

      If you can make your own, cannabis lube for sexual activity of any kind is a great, new experience. If works equally for men as it does for women in as far as it heightens the senses and depending on the oil used can be used sparingly for a massage oil too. The preferred oil for “cooking” your cannabis is coconut oil. But be ware!…if you are on a septic system and not city or township sewage disposal, you are asking for trouble. Coconut oil solidifies at room temperature, generally believed to be around 70 degrees F. Underground temps. stabilize at around 55 degrees F at 6 ft. below ground level. So a septic system in any rural or semi-rural areal is going to solidify your coconut oil into a big, septic cistern and leech field blocker or plugger-upper. Just FYI. Do a google search on non-staining or lower solidifying temperatures for oils. Now, back to great sex.
      One can use cannabis infused oils for great vaginal or great anal sex. Whether man or woman, if you are dry down there cannabis oil will benefit you greatly, unless there is an underlying medical condition. Cannabis has already been determined to be beneficial in the treatment of colon cancers and vaginal cancers of lower gradings. So no problems in research of potential problems that could result from cannabis oil lubricants. As for how to make them, it would be the same recipe as making cannabis infused oils for cooking brownies or cookies let’s say. The same cautions should be used: pick a good oil, no oil that is hydrogenated, only natural oils, extract at relatively low cooking temps. no higher than 200-225 degrees F. The lower the temp. the longer the cook, up to 8 hours. Only use enough cannabis that will benefit you, not stone you out of your gourd. Lastly, read, read, read and then research some more. There are literally hundreds of ways of preparation and administering your cannabis lube. Ladies, if your man is into butt play, DO NOT dose him with 2 tablespoons of cannabis lube oil, without him douching. To do this, use a SMALL fleet like plastic enema bottle with tip. Squirt water, cold or warm, NOT hot water, up his bung hole…5 times, sit on the toilet and evacuate. It only takes a half hour and he is minty clean ;-). Do this 5 times and 95 percent of the time you can have super clean fun when you administer the lube. 5-10 milliliters is all you need. If you are practicing the more advanced butt play, where bigger is better, then a more thorough clean out is advised and should take about an hour to two hours to complete. Do some more research. This response is my opinion only and is NOT intended to be medical advice or to substitute for medical advice and/or evaluation. Please, think logically and with a clear mind and research extensively before advancing. Happy Adventures!

  • Cunning Minx

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been curious about cannabis lube and will give the Foria a go.

  • Tigerpond

    I made my own with a 15% CBD 15%THC strain. Worked like MAGIC. Anyone with severe vaginal pain during sex who has given up hope should try it. I used 1/4 ounce cannabis with 8 ounces of MCT oil in Mason jar. Put jar in crock pot turned 8 hours to low and then pour boiling water in until jar is nearly submerged. Every hour or so pick it up and shake it. After 8 hours, let it cool, strain through coffee filter