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Get to Know a Cannabis Strain: Permafrost

Published on December 23, 2013 · Last updated July 28, 2020

With Christmas around the corner and winter already in full-swing, we’re kicking off December’s strain highlight with Permafrost, a sativa-dominant hybrid popular in the Pacific Northwest. This rendition of Permafrost comes from Cesar’s Salad in Seattle, WA.


Sativa-dominant hybrid


Trainwreck x White Widow


It isn’t hard to imagine that Permafrost was named after its compact pine-green buds frosted in icy trichome crystals. The hairs are a subtle brown color, almost camouflaged under its sugary coat of green hues. The dense buds are somewhat dry and difficult to crack apart, but stick to your fingers in a promise of potency.


As earthy as its name suggests, Permafrost has a subtle aroma of pine and pepper that bleed into its taste as Permafrost is inhaled. A cool, frosty menthol taste underlays the dominant evergreen flavors, adding to the tundra-like qualities that define Permafrost.


Beginning with a small dose, Permafrost takes the edge off after a long day and chips away at built-up stress. True to its hybrid genetics, Permafrost’s relaxing effects are balanced between mind and body, but sensations become more cerebrally-focused in higher doses. The coherence of this strain allows makes it enjoyable for social or creative engagements.

Moderate to high doses demonstrate the strain’s potency as sensory detail peaks, attention becomes transfixed, and a full-body calm takes over. Permafrost may improve focus in small doses, but too much can interfere with productivity as it tends to cause some sluggishness and hyper-awareness of detail.

Small doses may be helpful for patients treating ADD/ADHD and anxiety symptoms, and others have reported its success in treating arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and gastrointestinal disorders.


There’s little to complain about here, but some consumers might experience dry eyes and drowsiness with late night use.

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