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How to find the best CBD cannabis product for you

June 25, 2018
A non-intoxicating, highly therapeutic compound in cannabis known as CBD, or cannabidiol, has sparked a revolution in cannabis. Studies have demonstrated CBD’s benefits in treating a variety of ailments, including epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, and anxiety disorders, although it can also be used to alleviate everyday stress and more mild symptoms.

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CBD can be extracted and processed into a variety of forms, each appropriate for different needs and lifestyles. Below, find out which one is right for you, and then head to Leafly’s dispensary locator to find a cannabis provider nearby.

Hemp Oil & Cannabis-Derived CBD Oil

How to buy the best cbd product for you: Hemp Oil & Cannabis-Derived CBD Oil

The popularity of high-CBD cannabis oil has lit up in recent years, especially since the CNN documentary “Weed” captured the miraculous story of 5-year-old Charlotte Figi, whose seizures decreased significantly with the orally-administered concentrate. Using hemp or high-CBD cannabis strains, CBD can be extracted and rendered into a non-intoxicating oil. This oil can be ingested, added to a capsule, or mixed into food or a smoothie.


Will Hemp Oils and Other Hemp Products Test Positive on Drug Tests?

Cannabis Tinctures

How to buy the best cbd product for you: Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are liquid cannabis extractions that are applied under the tongue. Soaked in either alcohol or vegetable glycerin, cannabis tinctures were among the earliest forms of cannabis medicines prior to its prohibition in the United States. They tend to be less concentrated than other oil extracts, but their effects kick in faster than ingestible oils and edibles.


CBD Tincture for Beginners

CBD-Infused Cannabis Topicals

How to buy the best cbd product for you: cbd topicals

Cannabis-infused topicals have become a popular item among patients treating a variety of aches and pains. Applied directly to the skin, topicals deliver localized relief and often contain a variety of therapeutic compounds, not just CBD. Because balms and salves are non-intoxicating, topicals are a great choice for patients needing relief with a clear head.


10 best CBD oil lotions, creams, and other topicals to try

CBD-Infused Cannabis Edibles


Cannabis-infused edibles aren’t always loaded with THC. Many cannabis producers now offer CBD-infused edibles and drinkables that relieve stress, anxiety, and other medical symptoms while sating your appetite.

Vaping or Smoking CBD Oils & Strains

High-CBD strains and oils can be smoked or vaporized for immediate effects with little to no high, depending on the product’s THC content. A strain may contain only trace amounts of THC for clear-headed relief, or it may have balanced levels of THC and CBD, delivering a mild high but potent relief. Inhalation of CBD is popularly used to relieve symptoms like anxiety more instantaneously than ingestible forms.

Explore the menu of your nearby dispensary for a full list of the offerings near you, or browse high-CBD strains on Leafly for an idea of popular varieties to look out for.

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Bailey Rahn

Bailey is a senior content manager at Leafly, specializing in strains and health. She's spent 7+ years researching cannabis products, spreading patients’ stories, and exploring healthy ways of integrating cannabis into daily life.

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  • Linda Eddy

    Hello everyone out there Am Mrs Linda Edward from Miami Florida US. this is a true life story about how my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer on October 18, 2013.If not for the mis-understanding and skeptism my husband would have still been alive today.
    thanks to the email i found on the net:

    We never knew that cannabis oil can cure cancer, if not my lovely and adorable husband wouldn’t have die of his prostate cancer, well all the same i still give God all the glory and big thanks to Dr Rick who provided me with CANNABIS oil for my son liver cancer, after i lost my husband to prostate cancer 2 years later my son was diagnosed with cancer of the liver he under-go many chemo’s and radiation treatment in seeking solution to cure the liver cancer i spent all i have but all to no avail until i mean’t a friend of mine who directed me to Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil via Email:

    I quickly emailed him and in less than hour, i got a feed back from him and he directed me on how to purchase the medication cannabis oil and he told me the delivery logistics which i quickly responded to,after two days of procuring the oil, the oil was deliver to me as he promise me. immediately my son commenced with treatment with the cannabis oil as directed by the prescription manual.

    To God be the glory after using the oil for couple of months (Three months) my son is free from cancer and today me and my son are living happily but it is a sad story that my husband didn’t have this opportunity to survive it,once again you have to be aware that there is cure for cancer diseases today contact him via his


    • Emmie

      I have so many friends with cancer and they will not try this. I had one friend that tried it and it was working beautifully, but she stopped because she didn’t like to sleep all the time. Well being a little sacrilegious, she is now sleeping for good. So Sad.

  • Samuel Enyinnaya

    I think the product has proved to be helpful.We will like to get some.

  • Lisa Cote’

    Anyone with Parkinson’s, or atypical Parkinsonism, experience? Which is the best resource for quality capsules?

    • Emmie

      I have read that ACDC is good for tremors. It has not been easy to find, so I can’t give my experience yet. I have noticed an improvement in my typing since I started my CBD capsules. Also my clients have commented that I don’t shake as much. A company in Calaifornia called CannaKids carries a oil in a syringe that is made from ACDC and they use it to treat cancer in children. You could put that in a capsule if you don’t want to just eat it. I just used some right now.

  • ZoeCBD

    Find out what CBD oil is

  • Kim Eliot

    I am just starting to look at cannabis for pain management/healing/improvement in my health. I am 53 and as of right now have been diagnosed with bone on bone arthritis in my hips. But that is not the only issue. Even though the joints hurt, I have some extreme pain in my butt and legs, due to inflammation and muscles tightening up. I lose a lot of sleep, and am limited to how far I can walk, and am using a cane or walker to get around. I have no Health Insurance, but have gone to a clinic to receive an anti-inflammatory prescription, and minimal amount of muscle relaxants… 30 pills for a month, as the doctor fears I will become addicted. Both meds have helped, but I still have lots of pain. Can anyone share their experience on how CBD Hemp oil, or other cannabis products have helped them? I live in California, which just passed recreational marijuana use into law. Would this mean that you can get Hemp oil/ marijuana extract without a prescription? if so, where? So many questions! I know that most days, when I am not sitting down, my pain can reach 8-12 on a scale of 1-10, so I am really anxious to find something that will work! TYIA 🙂

    • Emmie

      You can get a medical card for about $60.00 in California. Cannabis will not be available recreationally for another year. The CBD capasuls are better is you don’t get the hemp. You can get hemp CBD tinctures at your local head shop. I started with that one, but the one from cannabis is just more potent. CBD has saved my life

    • Mark Skinner

      ” my pain can reach 8-12 on a scale of 1-10, so I am really anxious to find something………” Wow that’s some level of pain. If I had pain as you describe, becoming addicted or getting stoned, would be the least of my concerns. I do NOT believe THC to be addictive. Psychologically dependent, yes. Addiction, NO.

      • Dan

        It’s a fine line between “psychologically dependent” and addicted.

    • Good cannabis and a vape pen. It will literally make you 500% happy in your life. i swear to God; who made cannabis…

    • Michael Hanlon

      Hi Kim — I hope you have found some relief over the past three months since you posted. I am 27 and have already been through four foot surgeries for arthritis, and will be having my hip operated on next month. I’ve tried everything over the last 8 years since this all started, and deal with a lot of the same issues you described (very poor sleep, limited mobility, etc.).

      So far, by far the best medicinal relief I have found for my systems is a particular strain of cannabis flower called Harlequin — it contains an almost 3:1 ratio of CBD:THC, which is extremely rare and unique in the cannabis world. There are multiple studies you can find online showing the SYNERGISTIC effects of CBD combined with THC. When they are used together, they are much more medicinally effective than other one is on their own. Most cannabis strains today have zero CBD because growers realized everyone just loves their THC, but the Harlequin strain is a god send.

      • Deane Williams

        Anyone with arthritis should try 8 to 10 mg a day of Boron (a trace mineral). In Israel they have almost no arthritis because the food grown there contains much Boron due to high soil content. You can get Boron supplements cheaply at any good vitamin store or online.

    • Michael Hanlon

      Hi Kim — I hope you have found some relief over the past three months since you posted. I am 27 and have already been through four foot surgeries for arthritis, and will be having my hip operated on next month. I’ve tried everything over the last 8 years since this all started, and deal with a lot of the same issues you described (very poor sleep, limited mobility, etc.).

      So far, by far the best medicinal relief I have found for my symptoms is a particular strain of cannabis flower called Harlequin — it contains an almost 3:1 ratio of CBD:THC, which is extremely rare and unique in the cannabis world. There are multiple studies you can find online showing the SYNERGISTIC effects of CBD combined with THC. When they are used together, they are much more medicinally effective than either one is on their own. Most cannabis strains today have zero CBD because growers realized everyone just loves their THC, but the Harlequin strain is a god send.

    • fayebird7114

      You should check with a doctor about the butt and leg pain, it is also a sign of advanced heart problems

  • Emmie

    I have been looking for the best cannabis for pain, spasms, and depression. I have neuropathy and have had back surgery. IK recently found a CBD capsule that has 35 mg. of CBD and 2.6 mg. of THC. I got mine in Vegas as they accept all states medical card. It is made by Cannavative out of Reno.
    This has been nothing except a MIRACLE
    . I have stopped all other meds and cannabis and take two of these a day as it lasts about 6 hours of relief. I do take a little candy for sleep as the capsules don’t have enough THC to help e sleep. I’m looking into their capsules that help with pain and sleep. Make sure that it is derived from cannabis flower and not hemp;. The hemp works, but not as well as cannabis.

    • Weedclectic

      Which dispensary did you find the Cannavative products?

  • Ozzie

    Where can I find cbd capsules in Southern California. Been watching Weediquette and they we’re talking about it and am now interested.

  • Paul

    Hi all
    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,chronic pain and arthritis a few years ago. I suffer 24/7 with pain all over my body. I’ve also been diagnosed with type two diabetes last month . I’m at my whits end with everything,the amount of medication and the things I’ve had to give up. A doctor over heard what my condition was and suggested i try cbd as it doesn’t contain thc and could be quite beneficial for me. My trouble is i’m in the UK and our law is very outdated and cbd isn’t as easy to get hold of. It’s not like i can just walk into a chemist and pick some of the shelves. Can anyone recommend someone or somewhere i can obtain this cbd to try and see if it helps me. I’ve been told you can get it to put in an ecig which would be useful as i use them. Thank you and sorry if i dragged on
    Regards Paul

    • Seekingrelief

      Medipen.Co has been highly recommended, unfortunately I’m not in the UK and they don’t ship to the US. I’m understanding is that it’s legal because it’s CBD oil. I have heard works well for pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
      Again, I haven’t tried it but have heard from numerous people that it works well. Good luck.

    • Anese Cherqaoui

      Dear Paul,

      I too have severe fibromyalgia, DDD (degenerative disc disease in my back), rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, as well as all the symptoms that coincides.

      In the last 6 months, I have been experimenting with CBD & THC to treat the aforementioned. It’s been an expensive experiment with some improvement, just not enough relief from the pain. I’m currently using 75 mcg of fentanyl transdermal, 30 mg Oxycodone 5x daily, muscle relaxers, arthritis pills, etc and they still don’t get me out of bed most days.

      So far, I’ve found that in order to feel a marked improvement in pain relief, I need a high dose of CBD (which I have yet to determine due to the unavailability and expense). However, I have found that (edible) THC has allowed me to fall asleep faster and longer compared to prescriptions such as Ambian. It also gives me a feeling of well-being. I went from only sleeping 2-3 nights a week for no more than 4 hrs per sleep, to sleeping 8 hrs per night. This alone is worth using cannabis. As you know, lack of sleep can seriously impact your pain level.

      Personally, I don’t use THC during the day because I need a clear mind for religious reasons. Also, THC seems to aggravate my fibromyalgia pain, in particularly the nerve sensations in my legs. Even though I do experience an increase in pain, I fall asleep just as I notice it. So to me, it’s worth it. Keep in mind, your experience may differ.

      More experienced cannabis users can make better suggestions, but I thought I would respond to you because I’m in a very similar situation. I sincerely hope you find resources and products to help alleviate your symptoms, as horrendous as they are.


  • Millie Lobdell

    My name is Millie, my son has liver cancer. Stage 4 . He hasn’t taken any kind of pain treatment.
    We have talked to people who had the same liver cancer as well as others with other types of Cancer a. The are clear!! One lady has been clear from cancer for 9 years now.
    I have been told he will need 30 mg. three times a day for three month’s or more.
    Now question, whom would I get in touch with to get that for my son, how much do you know what it would cost.
    We need to get started yesterday, last year when he found out.

    • you need the kind available in medically legal states. it needs to NOT be hemp oil, it needs to be cannabis. Good Luck!!!

    • Michael Hanlon

      Ken is correct — any product derived from hemp will not have nearly the strength necessary to combat what your son is unfortunately going through. Cannabis-derived CBD should would be much, much better. What state do you live in??

      • Dixie Martin

        Dixie Martin

        • Dixie Martin

          Hi I have stage 4 liver cancer I’m about at the end I’ve been doing a lot of research on CBD and I was also told that I need it manufactured from the bud itself I live in Florida what you believe now is a medically State I don’t know so new to me if anybody knows anything about how much it would cost could you please reply back to me thank you

          • Kay Deely

            You need CBD oil from marijuana not hemp.
            Move to a state that allows marijuana.
            If you’re able to travel fly to Colorado as anyone can legally buy it there.

          • SH

            The initial doc visit for state card is about $300. I spend about 100 per month on product.

    • Chandon Banning

      You need RICK SIMPSON Oil. Look it up.

    • KJ B

      I don’t know if they also carry 30mg caps – but you can buy natural 20mg CBD caps in bottles of 30 by Miss Envy here (I don’t know if they also carry 30mg caps – but you can buy natural 20mg cbd caps in bottles of 30 by Miss Envy here. They’re made in BC, hemp based and vegan friendly!

  • Michael Hanlon

    For anyone still stumbling across this article…….try the Harlequin strain if you have access to it. It is close to the ideal 5:2 CBD:THC ratio that studies have shown to work synergistically together for maximum medicinal relief. Neither CBD nor THC is as powerful as the two are together, even though THC is getting thrown under the bus in some places as people try to “compromise” for CBD products in the legalization battle. CBD and THC are partners meant to work together.

    • Tracey

      Hi where would I be able to purchase the above mentioned? 👍 Thank you

      • Michael Hanlon

        Try searching on it will show you if it is available in your area (as long as you are in a medicinally legal state of course.) I wish you the best of luck. I used CBD without THC and it was NOT effective without th THC. Together, they have helped tremendously with my rare genetic illness. I hope your son finds relief!!

        • Tracey

          Thank you so much 😊

  • Tracey

    Can anyone tell me if this is good for extreme IBS and if so what is the best one and should it contain both CBD and THC ? Also what is the strongest/best oil capsule to use? Where to purchase? My son started using CBD only oil 3 days ago and nothing has changed in he’s symptoms which makes me think he needs THC as well? Can anyone help I’m desperate!!!! Many thanks

    • Ozlat Ozlat

      CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory and each IBS patient will have differing effects… some need lower doses whilst others require higher dose, usually the chronic conditions require the higher doses for a therapeutic effect. You may like to take a look at:

      • Tracey

        Thank you have just seen your reply I’ll take a look

    • John

      Hey Tracey, here is an article that shows how it has helped some patients. They are also doing some trials on using CBD oil for Crohn’s

    • ZenZephyr

      Hello Tracy I’ve been a nurse for 14 years. Some strains of cannabis can have amazing effects for patients with severe IBS. Most people find that a full spectrum product containing CBD, CBG, CBN, as well as active plant lipids, phytochemicals and a small amount of THC is most effective for calming the bowels and treating pain. It is usually the sum of all these active parts TOGETHER that creates something called the entourage effect and the most efficacious cannabis for treating a disease state such as IBS.

      Outside of CBD I would ask however have you tried having him change his diet? If the IBS is food allergen related, as some studies are starting to show, CBD and the like are only effective at calming some of the symptoms. The most effective treatment is aimed at figuring out what is causing the issues to begin with by starting a food diary and instituting dietary changes. Look into a diet called “The Whole 30” to see if it’s a particular food or food type that is causing aggravation of symptoms. For many people things like Gluten, Dairy, Meat, and/or processed foods are the offending culprits and cutting these out of the diet can result in greatly reduced symptoms and improved quality of life.

      Beyond the dietary changes look into the entourage effect and full spectrum CBD products to learn more about each of them. Finding the right product can take some experimentation to figure out what works best as every patient is different.

      • Tracey

        Thank you so much for your advice I’m looking into it all 😊

        • ZenZephyr

          You’re welcome! I really hope that you can help him narrow down the root cause and find ways to lessen the symptoms and deal with the resulting pain and discomfort.

          As a healthcare professional I have realized over the years that most physicians and our healthcare system in general are all set up to focus almost entirely on symptoms and the disease state as a problem to treat, not prevent unfortunately. The training that most physicians receive is almost completely pharmacologicaly focused and consequently they treat patients almost as if they are a car to be fixed rather than as a living breathing being.

          Over the last few years however I’ve seen more people taking a more active role in their care and treatment looking towards more alternative therapies and a more holistic approach to health which is ultimately in my view a very good thing. As much as western medicine has figured out there are still many things that they do not actually understand and just throwing more pills at the problem sometimes just makes things worse. Some of my close friends and even an employee that struggled with their IBS have had amazing success with making some dietary changes and finding the right cannabis based medication that worked for them.

          Good luck on your journey and may your son find some relief.

          • Tracey

            Bless you and thank you so much for your time xx

          • Michael Hanlon

            ZenZephyr is correct is all they say! A full spectrum cannabis product will help tremendously, and also have him go for full allergy testing. I cut out some dairy years back for my tummy and replaced milk with soy milk… Found out last year I am allergic to soy!! And rice and other things that I was eating often.

      • Gabi55

        Where can I find the CBD product with the entourage effect such as a full spectrum product containing CBD, CBG, CBN, as well as active plant lipids, phytochemicals and a small amount of THC? I would like a full spectrum product that comes from the medicinal marijuana flower plant and not the hemp plant?

    • Michael Hanlon

      Cannabis has stopped my IBS since high school (I am 28 now). It stops my pain, IBS, nausea, insomnia and hyperhidrosis all at once. Best medicine there is.

      • Tracey

        Thank you Michael and I wish u continued success

      • stephanie 🍕

        Is there a certain strain that helped you the most? Or is it just CBD/THC in general?

    • Veronica Coate

      Tracey, I had MAJOR IBS problems: too embarrassing to post. I was prescribed Bentyl for the severe, sudden, and uncontrollable stomach spasms that came before the mad dash to the bathroom. Ask your doc for that for your son. It will help even if you have the other.
      It helped so much I barely have issues with it anymore. Life saver.
      I am actually going to talk to my Dr TODAY, about the process of getting a medical marijuana card for my other problems though. I kid you not: my chart stacks up about 3.5 feet high if not more. I am sick of being sick. I look like a pharmacy with all the meds I am on.
      Never tried CBD oils or weed before but I am desperate for relief.
      VA is super strict on what veterans can take or benefits are stripped.

      • Shelly Conrad Ray

        I’m prone to IBS-D with reflux, had been severe for 15 yrs. Get some highest CBD hemp RSO (paste concentrate), cocoa butter and taped at bottom smoothie/milkshake straws and make 30 mg suppositories AM and PM. Still using (CW Hemp’s Advanced line) CBD sublingually and methylcellulose (non-gassy fiber caplets) before meals. For an idea of what it takes: I eat white rice w lean chicken and turkey and some oil at beginning of lunch and dinner meals, #2 baby food vegetables, nori, smoother (regular, not lignan) flax oil, bananas, white rice cold cereals (chex (has some cornmeal), rice squares and krispies) with alternative milks with hydrolyzed (dissolvable) collagen gelatin for higher protein, “Just” brand blueberry and pomegranate juices, at least 8C purified w added trace minerals (no chlorine while taking probiotics) consistently throughout day. Smaller frequent (6) well chewed meals, 3 are snack meals. Sublingual vitamins. Did not like Bentyl. Extremely drying and zapped concentration. I am at normal weight for years now. Stress and insoluble fiber screw up my progress.

    • Miss Juliana

      Have you heard of the FODMAP diet? I’m trying it to reduce inflammation concurrent with MMJ (medical cannabis) to lessen all allopathic medications for neuropathy. My Dr. recommended FODMAP which is typically for IBS. A handy app (free) is FODMAP A-Z. Biofeedback and breathing techniques are also helpful for musxle control and relaxation. Best wishes to you and your son. Toni Bernard’s book “How to Be Sick” was life-changing, helping articulate medical oddessey and family support systems.

  • zac

    There is a new product out called KJL Compounds that offers 3 different ratios of CBD to THC in 4 different applications, see for the full line and story behind it.

  • Edward Richardson

    I was Diagnosed with stage 3 non small cell lung cancer and have been Told that the CAR oils can help fight against the growth and even kill the cancer cells it’s self! This excites me that I may have a fighting chance to beat this cancer! My problem is ! Where do I order it? There’s no order forms or anything on here! Please help!

  • Robyn Hemingway

    I live in Utah so I have no way to get Harlequin CBD. Is there anything even close to that, that doesn’t need a medical card to purchase. There are so many BS CBD hemp companies that are not trustworthy and I don’t want to waste anymore money trying to find something. My son loves his school or we would have moved already. Help! I need a legit CBD hemp company to buy tincture and capsules. Leafy is my go to because so far all the info always checks out.

    • Kay Deely

      Drive over to Colorado and get some CBD from marijuana. It’s much more effective than hemp CBD oil. You won’t find Harlequin in a CBD Hemp product only in marijauana CBD products.

  • Gerald Wikan

    I am interested in finding a cannabidiol pill, capsule, or gelcap of at least 15mg to use as a nightly sleep aid. I hope to find one with a THC content of 1.5mg or less that I can purchase in quantity to keep the price per dose as low as possible. I live in Washington State, where marijuana in all its forms is legal for those 21 years or older. I am curious if anyone knows whether buying this type of product is less expensive as a medical prescription in Washington than it is when purchased over-the-counter. I am also interested in possibly purchasing on-line a product that meets the criteria mentioned above, if any of you know of such product. Please share anything you know that can help me.

    • Klamath Windwalker
    • Gabi55

      Did you find the cannabidiol pill you were looking for? If so, where? Was it effective as a nightly sleep aid? Thanks!

      • Gerald Wikan

        I tried a high CBD caplet with no THC. Unfortunately, I found it to be ineffective as a sleep aid, although it eases my chronic pain. Therefore, I take it when I arise for the day. I found an over-the-counter (Washington State) tincture called “beauty sleep” is working for me as a sleep aid. It costs me about $3.00 per night. It tastes yucky, but it works. I put two droppers full of the tincture under my tongue and keep it there for as long as I can before swallowing it. I am able to sleep about 7 hours per night with only one interruption to use the bathroom. This tincture contains 57% THC, which I was trying to avoid, but it is worth it. I do not use it to fall asleep, but to stay asleep. I wait to take it until I am really sleepy. It takes about 90 minutes for it to take effect, which is when I am already sleeping. Without it, that is about when I would be waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. If I take it before I am really sleepy, it just gives me the munchies and I do not need the extra calories. I feel kind of stoned when I wake up to pee, but I get back to sleep a lot better than I did before I started using the tincture. I have not built up a tolerance to it (so far) which is a concern because I do not want to be needing increasingly more as time goes by.. I have been using it for about four months now and am hopeful that it will continue to be effective without needing to increase the dosage. Maybe BEAUTY SLEEP will work for you. It sure has improved my quality of life. Now I am not so narcoleptic and low-energy during the day. Good luck finding a solution to your sleep issues.

        • Gabi55

          Thanks Gerald – I have to avoid THC due to a preexisting medical condition that THC can exacerbate. I was hoping to find a full spectrum cBD product for sleep – from the marijuana plant not hemp. Thanks for your help and good luck to you.

  • David Ronald DeLeary

    …..i have an aggressive form of heart disease (atherosclerosis) and my on-line research into medical marijuana has uncovered that there are 2 main forms of canabidiol, CBD 1 and CBD 2. Current research is indicating that CBD 1 promotes the growth of arterial plaque while CBD 2 inhibits this growth. Thus, I would like to use a strain that is high in THC and high in CBD 2 with no CBD 1. Is there anything out there with this combination (THC/CBD2) ?? Thanks !!

  • Big Red fan in big D

    I have been a Type 1 diabetic for over 25 years. I am a 54 year old male. I live in Texas ( no jokes, as I am living one here in Texas) and of course we are not allowed any medical marijuanna. Friends of mine in San Fransico have told me CBD is very helpful for their neuropathy.
    Can anyone tell me the best type to use,( CBD with no THC, CBD with some THC, etc.) and is salve better or some sort of ingistible? I am pretty desperate, as the numbness in my feet has spread to my shins and probably higher.

    • Joni O’Grady

      I also have neuropathy. Mine is caused from Lyme, I have both Burgdorferri and Bartonella bacteria. First my feet went numb, kind-of. I guess I would describe it as feeling like I am walking on pebbles. Then my shins started. It is so painful and, of course, the doctors think I am lying so that I can score drugs. I am 65 years young. They also keep testing me for diabetes. My Hgb A1C is, and has always been, normal, along with my glucose levels. My shins were so painful that I would wake up frequently during the night. Soooo, I got myself some high CBD and low THC leaf. (Medical marijuana) I have tried rolling it and smoking it, I bought a small pipe and smoked it,
      but the best way to get it is by having a vaporizer. It makes the temperature perfect for retrieving the CBD’s. AND yes, it works very well for the neuropathy.

      • Trudy Gaff

        does it interfere with any other med?

        • Joni O’Grady

          No. Not at all. I take many supplements as well as pharmaceuticals. I am on HBP meds, inhalers and I’m stopping my pain killers (codeine) gradually. I take antibiotics too, heavy doses,
          because I am fighting several Lyme bacterium.

          • Trudy Gaff

            good morning Joni and thanks for this info!

          • Trudy Gaff

            does anyone have any idea of dosage?

          • Dosage can be hard to answer as there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. Start slow and low (10-15mg) and gradually add to it each week until desired results are achieved. If you are currently on any other medications, be aware that CBD can cause interactions. Hope that helps!

          • Trudy Gaff

            thank you, where do you order yours online please?

        • Rich Holmes

          Sorry–I know this is a dinosaur reply….but clearly, none have answered your question properly…someone else might need this information, too. Here’s what I’ve learned:
          Medical Marijuana [MMJ] has its own receptor sites, separate/different from opiate receptor sites; one can use both, and therefore decrease how much opiate one uses [for those in serious pain].
          MMJ works best for chronic conditions, less well for acute problems…but still, can also help with those, if proper form and dose are used.
          MMJ works differently, chemically, than most prescription drugs, so generally, MMJ should be OK to use… can have additive effects to some drugs.
          MMJ, depending on how much THC and how much CBD, can affect breathing, heart rate, and Blood Pressure…So,
          ….IF you take BP meds, it can be “additive” to the effects of the BP drugs..might need to adjust-down the pharma drug;
          ….IF you take breathing meds, might need less to open up airways [like inhalers, etc.]….
          AND, MMJ does Not increase heart-rate the way pharma drugs do;
          ….IF you take a prescription drug to slow your heart-rate, you might need less of that drug.
          THEREFORE: you might want to consult with an MMJ-savvy Doctor, to make adjustments as needed. Just understand, many Docs are clueless and/or biased against, MMJ; OR, are mandated by the clinics they work in, to avoid discussing the subject.

          • Whiskey Tango

            I’m a combat veteran that suffers from PTSD, Trigeminal Neuralgia, TBI Symptoms and Depression. Thankfully I was reintroduced to Cannabis after 20 years in the navy, and another 5 after that, because I am now completely med free. No more narcotic pain meds and antidepressants, much less frequent migraines, and PTSD/TBI symptoms seem much better. I have found Dutch Treat and Doloto to be the most effective, but do you have any recommendations whether CBD or MMJ strains that I might add? Mostly for the Trigeminal Nerve Pain.

      • Zoey Thompson

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        • Thomas Jordan

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          • E. A. Becker

            Straightforward website, got my meds on time. Will use them again

        • Linda Adam

          AnncannMed is a scam website for criminals ripping off sick people. I should know…I was duped for over $500.00

      • David Fielding

        Look up Chris Shade (quicksilver scientific) on YouTube, specifically a webinar entitled ‘Cannabidiol: The Full Story pt.2’. He is a brilliant biochemist who has been studying the biochemical effects of cannabidiol. He says that CBD has the potential to be more therapeutic than THC as it up-regulates/down-regulates gene expression in over 400 genes each way (up and down). A great balancer and extremely helpful in treating Lyme, more specifically allowing for more aggressive detoxification of the Lyme and co-infections. There is also considerably symbiosis with heavy metals, molds, EMF’s, etc. so you must also address those aspects. It’s supremely complex and even most Lyme literate docs don’t deal with all aspects. Antibiotics are often counterproductive with persistent Lyme as the spirochetes protect themselves with a biofilm that must be broken down (Interfase Plus). Protocols must be comprehensive in order to make progress. If you have not checked your CD57, do that. It’s a marker for natural killer cells commonly associated with Lyme (a simplistic explanation). The reference range is 100-300. First time I had it checked 2 years ago, it was 48. Despite modest attempts to boost my CD57 with some of the Nutramedix products, I only got 6-7 point increase per year. In April of this year, I got more aggressive with a homeopathic regimen, taking a variety of the Cowden (Nutramedix), Buhner and other products. The next time I checked CD57, two months later, it jumped 70 points… remarkable by any measure. My western blot also went from 2 bands to 5 bands as my body as finally able to mount an antibody response. I can’t say for sure which products had the biggest impact, but if I had to guess, it would be the Biocidin LSF (liposomal) and perhaps DesBio Lyme Plus. But I was also taking Samento, Burbur, Cumanda, resveratrol, glutathione, phosphatidylcholine, NanoMojo, and a variety of other things and a good supplement regimen. There is no one product answer. Cannabinoids can help with the symptoms and support a more aggressive regimen, but addressing the Lyme must be a multi-faceted effort. Be very wary of pulsed antibiotic protocols with doxycycline. It’s not out of the question, but decimating your microbiome is counterproductive.

        • Barb Parsont

          David, You are so on point I hope everyone heeds your information and warnings about antibiotics. I have been fighting lyme for a long time and I finally got my CD57 to 70 also!! it’s an uphill battle and we need to do all that we can to keep these bugs under control. I am taking moringa and CBD oil 2x a day.

    • barbara

      In the smoke shops they have cbd gummies try them

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  • Bryan

    Please could anyone tell me if this would help for Systemic Lupus? There must be someone out there who has some information for me that would allow me to help my mum.

  • Dave Orvis

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    I live in Florida and I’m looking for the best CBD pills available for my wife who suffers from seizures sometimes Grand Maul seizures like every 4 or 5 weeks.

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    Having both I would be interested to hear any sucess stories.

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    If money is no object for you, it doesn’t mean for EVERYONE TOO!

  • fayebird7114

    I am not sure how to get CBD supplements, I don’t want to smoke it but I would like a tincture or oil, I have severe arthritis and Fibromyalgia and could use some relief.

    • Kay Deely

      It depends on where you live. If you are out west go to Colorado, where anyone can buy it. I live in Arizona and just got some CBD s-oil to try. I also have fibro & arthritis and suffer from chronic pain. Beware the CBD oil made from hemp rather than marijuana because it is not very effective.

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  • Bill

    I use CBD oil daily, but today Alabama news, here in N.Ala, says it’s illegal to sell or buy. They will prosecute. That’s Alabama. No surprise. Moving this winter to Illinois, the next place to go recreational.

  • Bill

    Be careful to check the nutritional info. On back of bottles. While some brands boast of high mg.s that is for the whole bottle. I use a brand that is 2 oz. 100 mg. Pet dose. A dose is 3 drops. I’ve seen some boast of 700 mg. Or more, but you read on back that a dose is 20 drops for 10 mg. Of help oil. That 700 is the whole 1oz. Bottle and cost twice what I pay for a 2 is bottle.

  • Kathryn Jenkel

    My husband has Alzheimer’s. His symptoms started 6 years ago when he was age 55. He has short term memory loss, he becomes easily anxious, frustrated and agitated, he has problems with language, plus other middle stage Alzheimer’s symptoms. Within the next few weeks my husband will get Medical Cannabis Card and I will be his Cannabis Caregiver. Medical Cannabis is new to us. All Cannabis information about your experience with Alzheimer’s would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for an interesting read. I did not know about CBD infused cookies before, I must try them, sounds tasty and healthy. Hope this will help with my insomnia. CBD strains seems like the best way to get it into your system, will have to try that too. Keep it up.

  • Farrah Daigle

    Hi, I just got diagnosed with breast cancer and am trying to get informed about what’s the best options with cannibus. I already take cbd for my ptsd, which is amazing but I need to knock out this cancer. Any info is appreciated.

  • Mavis

    There is virtually no standardization of any of these CBD products, so it is buyer beware. My skeptism was proven right when a medical marijuan vendor, told me that CBD does’t work if you are skeptical. That was really all that I needed to know. CBD has been a hugely profitable offshoot of marijuana industry, and most buyers are being ripped off. Selling hemp oil for 30 buck and ounce, often adulterated with unknow herbs or contaminates should really be aginst the law, but due to the failure to regulate the marketing as a health product,a dn the incredibe greed and ignorance of the industry, people need to be cautious. The highly commercialized peddling of these products is very often decpetive and misleading. The use of patient testimonials is miselading too. It is too bad the marijuana industry employs the same deceptive tactics as the rest of the quacks and fraud practioners. Of course the adverse events are not tracked by design.

  • Jill Johnson

    Important note- Charlotte’s Web CBD labels do NOT specify the amount of CBD in their products- just the total cannabinoids. I went through hell this year, as CW is known as a CBD source- that’s why people buy it. I base my micro-dosing of THC on having accurate info- but found that I was getting about HALF of the CBD as I thought the label specified. I’m now going with companies that specify the CBD dose- not the lock, stock, and barrel of compounds listed as one dose encompassing all. I like the other compounds – but I NEED the accurate CBD dose.

  • Justin Toombs

    Hello, my wife has been having back pains for many years and it is now getting unbearable. We have never tried any kind of marijuana, but have heard all the great testimonials on non-intoxicating cbd oils and topical treatments. Are there any suggestions for us to try? Also, my wife still breast feeds, are there any negative effects? Thank you.

  • Robin Levene McGregor

    Hi! My husband is taking 50 mg of Nexcell CBD oil per day to in aid his treatment of prostate cancer. I have been told by their rep that this is the cleanest oil out there, yet it isn’t on any of the lists of best. Which one on the market do you believe is the purest cbd and why?

  • i just smoke i dont mine which one works for me or not .. hahah

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