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High CBD Products for Medical Marijuana Patients

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A non-intoxicating, highly therapeutic compound in cannabis known as CBD, or cannabidiol, has sparked a revolution in medical marijuana. The wheels of prohibition have been spinning in a decades-long rut, but cannabis’s acceptance is beginning its steady crawl forward as education and testimonials spread.

Studies have demonstrated CBD’s benefits in treating a variety of ailments, including epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, anxiety disorders, and many others. CBD can be extracted and processed into a variety of medications, each appropriate for different needs and lifestyles; this guide is meant to introduce you to just a few.

Hemp Oil

CBD capsules from

The popularity of high CBD hemp oil has lit up in recent years, especially since the CNN documentary “Weed” captured the miraculous story of 5-year-old Charlotte Figi, whose seizures nearly ceased altogether with the orally-administered concentrate. Hemp oil is an ingestible liquid oil made through naphtha or isopropyl extraction, which strips cannabinoids like CBD from the plant material. Other hydrocarbon solvents may also be used to make similar oils. CBD oils can be mixed into things like smoothies to improve the taste, or easily swallowed in a CBD capsule.

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Cannabis Tinctures

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Tinctures are liquid cannabis extractions that are typically applied under the tongue. Soaked in either alcohol or vegetable glycerin, cannabis tinctures were among the earliest forms of cannabis medicines prior to its prohibition in the United States. They tend to be less concentrated than other oil extracts, making them more appropriate for mild symptoms and stress relief. Patients attempting to remedy severe pain and other ailments may want to seek out more potent alternatives.

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Cannabis Topicals

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Cannabis-infused topicals have become a popular item among patients treating a variety of aches and pains. Applied directly to the skin, cannabis topicals deliver localized relief and often contain a variety of therapeutic compounds, not just CBD. Because balms and salves are non-intoxicating, topicals are a great choice for patients needing to treat at work and throughout the day.

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High CBD Cannabis Strains

If you’re living in a medical marijuana state, look out for the following high-CBD strains. Many of these varieties have been bred to contain only trace amounts of THC, so they won’t produce any psychoactive “high” effect, no matter how you consume them.

Which Cannabis Strains Are High in CBD?

Leafly Charlotte's Web sativa cannabis strain  Charlotte’s Web

Leafly Harlequin sativa cannabis strain  Harlequin

Leafly Sour Tsunami hybrid cannabis strain  Sour Tsunami

Leafly Cannatonic hybrid cannabis strain  Cannatonic

Leafly Remedy indica cannabis strain  Remedy

Leafly Pennywise indica cannabis strain  Pennywise

Leafly ACDC hybrid cannabis strain  ACDC

*Note: Not all CBD supplements will necessarily be effective for your condition. Be sure to consult your doctor to ensure that these medications are appropriate for your symptoms.

Image Credits: Wil Taylor, Lollyman (via Flickr)